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MYNT Tracker to Find YOUR Stuff

Use the MYNT Smart Tracker as a key locator, wallet tracker, phone finder, and remote control for your phone. The MYNT tracker makes it easy to find your valuables no matter where they are!

  • Award Winning – Won Best Design Award of Red Dot 2016
  • World’s Thinnest – 1/8″ thin tracker that gives you a warning when you lose your key, wallet, and phone.
  • Durable & Strong – Better impact resistance than all other trackers with steel casing
  • Universal Smart Remote – Control your smartphone to make selfie shots, play music, and control PPT on MacBook.
  • Long Battery Life – Battery lasts up to one year under standby, will last 3-6 months under normal use

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ES Smart Bluetooth Tracker - end Your Searching for Keys, Wallets, and Things (o
ES Smart Bluetooth Tracker - end Your Searching for Keys, Wallets, and Things (o. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.
MYNT Smart Locator Tracker Remote Control Item Finder Key & Wallet Slightech
MYNT Smart Locator Tracker Remote Control Item Finder Key & Wallet Slightech. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.
MYNT Smart locator TRACKER : Item Finder, Key & Wallet Finder (Lot 19 units)
Total inventory of 19 units, 9 units containing a gold color + 10 silver-colored units. Packaged as shown. (These items are sold as stock only and it is not possible to buy a single Mynt unit) -Buying a stock has the advantage of...



MYNT Tracker
released on November 30, 2015


Mynt tracker review • GadgetyNews

Mynt is a decent tracker. It works as promised and looks good whilst doing it. I like the replaceable battery so that you don’t have to keep on replacing the device. While the added remote control smarts are a nice touch, it isn’t going to be the reason to buy it.

MYNT for Android - APK Download

The description of MYNT MYNT – The thin and powerful smart tracker and finder. By working together with its smart phone app, MYNT can remind you not to forget important items, remote control your smart phone camera to take pictures, wirelessly control your smart phone to play music, and control PowerPoint or Keynote presentations on your Mac.

MYNT Smart Tracker and Finder - Apps on Google Play

MYNT – The thin and powerful smart tracker and finder. By working together with its smart phone app, MYNT can remind you not to forget important items, remote control your smart phone camera to...


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10 Reviews for MYNT Tracker

  1. JJMel

    I understand that for the price it’s a nice little gadget. However, it needs some improvements. Within the app there’s a setting for Safe Zones. This means that when you are home it’s not going crazy if you step outside of range and it can’t connect to the phone’s BT. However, this doesn’t work. Every time I go in the app it asks for me to set it up again as a new place. Did it three times and still doesn’t work. It’s not a deal breaker, just annoying since any time I walk to my porch I can hear the alarm go off.Another reason is that sometimes it doesn’t actually connect to the phone. Then before you know it you lost your keys but it still has it recorded the keys being in the last place it actually did connect. This is kind of the most important reason for buying this gadget. It doesn’t need to work 80% of the time, it needs to work always. If not, it’s just another item not needed in my keyring.The good…very slim and light. Seems solid. Battery life so far OK. It would be better if the Safe Zone thing would work. I’m sure the constant searching for the signal at home or the office is causing the unneeded decrease of the battery life. However, in a positive note, it does include an extra battery! And the overall packaging is very well made. Not some cheap made in China looking box. Before I forget…I did notice that the instructions and inside the app there’s a lot of grammatical errors. Like someone used plain Google translate. Hey MYNT, I’m more than willing to help with the errors if needed.All I’m sure it needs to become a five star product is some minor software fixes. The item itself seems well made. Overall I hope these things will be fixed in future updates. Once it’s fixed I will increase my rating.Note that I paid out of my own pocket for this item with sweat and tears. I did not receive any incentives or freebies. I’m just a normal Joe with a regular government job. I also do not work for any kind of technology company or competition.

  2. MyHarpoon

    This thing blows. The features looked pretty promising (replaceable battery, ability to locate your phone, phone audio playback controls), but this thing only worked for about a week.It took several attempts to pair the MYNT with my phone, and once I did, it constantly loses connection.Not only that, but the batteries are proprietary so you have to buy them through Slightech (who makes the MYNT)..Finally, the little plastic tray that holds the battery inside apparently just fell out while in my pocket and broke which renders the MYNT useless.I’m not going to waste my time with this company anymore and try the new device from TrackR instead.

  3. Chad Baldwin

    Day 1 with the MYNT:Okay, so here’s my first day impression. I’m using the MYNT for my wallet. Fits perfectly in my wallet. I already have a Tile for my keys, but I like this for it’s thin profile (and the replaceable battery is pretty sweet too).The app is really awesome and I LOVE the features it offers. I like that they support click, double click, triple click, hold and click+hold. And the ability to assign different actions to each click type is great. I also have a Flic that I carry around, and the major downfall of the Flic is if you want to use the music control features, you have to choose which app to control. Whereas the MYNT app just plain works….whatever app is open and playing music, it is able to control it. I also tested out the shutter control, and that also works WAY better than the Flic. Flic requires you to use their own camera app…but MYNT will work with any camera app that supports taking a picture with the volume button (which my Samsung S7 does). Also Flic only offers Click, Dbl Click and Hold. Though I won’t be replacing my Flic with a MYNT any time soon because I like being able to feel the Flic from the outside of my pocket (I often use it to control music while riding my motorcycle).OKAY, now onto the separation/lost alert…this definitely needs some work. I mean, if your MYNT is always very close to your phone all the time, then this will work well for you. However, even when I was maybe 10-15 feet away, I was getting non-stop notifications, even after I adjusted the sensitivity on the MYNT in the app. Eventually I found the safe zone feature and set up my home wifi to be one of my safe zones. It helps, but if you have REALLY good wifi, you could be all the way at the end of your street before your phone finally disconnects (phones tend to hang onto that connection for a few seconds even though you’re totally out of range) and then it finally notifies you that your forgot your wallet. I currently have a Tasker (android app) rule set up to disconnect my wifi when I connect to my cars bluetooth, so that resolves my problem most of the time, unless were taking my girlfriends car or I’m taking my motorcycle, then I run into that wifi problem again.The finder feature…this works well, can’t really complain too much. The speaker is not nearly as loud as the Tile, but it gets the job done. I have not yet had time to compare the connectivity range to the TileOne other tiff I have with the MYNT is every time it connects to my phone (Samsung S7) it has a popup that says “Bluetooth Keyboard Connected” if you’re borderline within range of it where it’s constantly connecting and disconnecting, this can get kind of aggravating, though I don’t know if that’s a complaint against the MYNT or Android.————————————————————————————————————————————————–Day 2 with the MYNT: Using as a car finder in big parking lots it works great.So I haven’t really had a chance to legitimately test out the separation alert feature. However, I went to a concert last night and we had to park our car in the middle of nowhere so I left my MYNT in the car. The building was a giant circle and everything looked the same, so when we went to leave, we walked out into the parking lot thinking we were going in the right direction, we couldn’t recognize anything, so I brought up the MYNT app on my phone and it pulled up the last GPS location of my MYNT only for us to realize we were in the completely wrong spot. Using the MYNT we were able to EASILY find the car….it didn’t take us directly to the car, but we were within 30 feet – 50 feet or so, because the MYNT took a while to disconnect from my phone. But using the cars remote we could easily find it. This alone made the MYNT worth the purchase. I’m upping it to 4 stars. I will up it to 5 if the separation alert usefulness improves.I’m now considering getting one just for my car!! I have a Tile as well, but I’m really liking the fact that this offers replaceable batteries, rather than buying a new Tile every year.————————————————————————————————————————————————–Day 8 with the MYNT:I’m still liking it about the same. Haven’t really had a chance to legitimately use the separation alert, but the time will come, I’ll forget my wallet eventually. However, the other day, I was apparently borderline within distance of the MYNT at home and it kept connecting and disconnecting over and over and over. I have my home wifi set up as the safe zone so I wasn’t getting notifications, but the “Bluetooth Keyboard Connected” pop up was getting really freaking annoying. Especially while texting, every time it popped up it caused my keyboard to go away.

  4. Alex D

    I have a hopeless short term memory and am always losing things; this device seems made for me. I actually have two, one attached to my keys, one I keep in my wallet. The good news is, the device broadly does what it’s meant to; helps you find lost things. It works via a useful smart phone app which allows some customisation in relation to alerts. You can have multiple MYNTs and assign them to different things within the app, such as keys, wallets, cars and even kids and pets.If you lose something with a MYNT attached, you can activate the alarm from your smart phone and follow the sound, providing you’re still within Bluetooth range. This also works the other way: if you have the MYNT but have lost your phone, you can press the button on the MYNT and play music through your phone, providing a noise for you to follow. The button also has other features, but I won’t comment on these as I’ve yet to try them.If the losing of the MYNT is more severe and you’re not within Bluetooth range, the MYNT should report its last known where abouts on the app, so you can go and get it. If this isn’t enough, when reported missing MYNT will also let other MYNTs know of its location if they happen to pass it (which will then be conveyed back to you), but I wonder what the odds of this happening in reality actually are, as I don’t know anyone else with a MYNT and am not sure how many there are in circulation. Still, the battery lasts many months, so who knows.The smart phone app is also customisable and will alert you when things are lost. The default settings are somewhat over zealous though; I kept getting alerts every time my keys were out of Bluetooth range, even when I was well aware of this. After a while I switched the alerts off.Although its stated battery is a year, my personal experience was around 8 months before I had to change it, but as the app lets you know (and the battery status is visible via your smart phone) when to change, and this is a cheap and easy process, I consider it no great inconvenience.My biggest gripe with this device centres around when I use it most: when I’ve misplaced my keys at home and need to find them. The alarm is just too damn quiet. You have to shush the whole house and really concentrate just to hear it. I’ve had RF key finders in the past and they were much louder. The MYNT does its job, but it’s more work than it should be. Finding it becomes a weird treasure hunt that can take 20 minutes or more (hotter, colder, hotter… you get the idea). If the MYNT is in a bag or drawer, it can become almost impossible to find. I’m assuming the low noise is due to engineering pressures, maybe the MYNT people couldn’t get a big enough speaker in. I would also recommend you don’t buy a water proof case (unless you’re planning on regularly submerging yourself), because the rubber casing only makes the MYNT even harder to hear. Anyway if you’re really hard of hearing, maybe consider something else (I consider my own hearing to be average to poor, if that helps).So to summarise, here are the positives:*Does what it’s meant to – helps you find lost things in and outside the home*Battery lasts a long time and can be changed*Looks great*Great app, fully customisableNegatives:*Speaker too quiet

  5. Christian

     Have you ever wonder how to find your key when you are in a hurry and you can never find it? Or when you lost your phone somewhere in a coffee shop or around your house? Well, after I tested this device for myself, I can successfully tell you and I am going to use this device and probably get a second one for a friend.It is a simple device which you can add to your key ring, small, lightweight and easy to use. There is not much to say, just download the app, pair it, and tell what it should do.The usability is great, it is super straightforward! Look at my video how to set it up and you cant go wrong. You even get a spare battery!

  6. polo99

    Lovely idea but Mynt need to understand that this type of technology needs to work every time and just not occasionally. Supplied batteries need to work for more than a fortnight and the device needs to notify when they have failed BEFORE you need the device to work for you. Now neither device works at all even with new batteries. Even account login is not working on the website (password renewal does not even recognise the email address they wrote to me with). The 2nd device is far harder to open and close for new batteries than the first, so they clearly have a quality control issue. Nice idea, needs to be made to work. In the meantime, suggest you do not buy. It is flawed and bordering on a rip-off. I had a Tile for a year and, while I decided the renewal costs were not worth it, it always worked on demand when I needed it.

  7. Steve

    I have three of these, for the car, my wallet and keys. First off I had connection issues, but these resolved themselves after I added a profile in Tasker to tell me when they are connected/disconnected now they reliably reconnect after disconnecting. The only time they don’t always is when rebooting the phone you have to turn Bluetooth off and on. However i am reducing this to three stars as when they connect they connect as Bluetooth input devices (ie. an external keyboard) which means i loose predictive text, auto capitalisation etc on my Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 keyboard.

  8. Ayman

     I ordered this smart tracker after I misplaced my car key fob. This tracker is packaged very nicely with an extra battery, double-stick tabs, etc.Downloaded the app on Android Phone and followed the setup which went very easy and smooth. It tracked my key fob thru the app both remotely by location on the map and in close proximity with visual and audio and I love how you are able to configure the settings on an app to your liking.The great thing is that it does more than tracking. It can also be used as a remote camera shutter or powerpoint clicker. I just tried out those features, but don’t really use them much right now but It’s great to know it’s there.One thing I did not understand is that the app works logged in from one phone at a time only. I tried to set it up on my iPhone but my password was not working as I tried to set up the second phone. I emailed CS and received an answer and explanation very quickly – it allows only one login on a phone at a time for privacy reasons to prevent spying on your MYNT locations. But you can just log in or out of the app on the phone of your choice.Overall. Am Very pleased with this little device, Will surely recommend to all my friends!!

  9. James B

    As someone who is forever losing their keys, this is something I really needed! It took no longer than five minutes to download the app and get everything working and it’s worked perfectly ever since.Having not read the description properly when I bought it, I was really pleased to find that it’ll also call your phone if you lose it, and it even makes the phone right when it’s on silent.Overall this is a great bit of kit, and perfect for forgetful people like me!

  10. Joe

    I’ve had this tracker for a couple of days now and have been very impressed. I purchased the tracker for the simple fact that I’m always putting my wallet down somewhere in the house and forgetting where I put it.It’s really simple to set up, and I was genuinely suprised at the amount of additional features this device has. As shown in my attached photo, this device can also be used as a controller for your phones music, camera, or even to control a presention display.Overall I’m happy with the purchase and am planning on buying another, for my keys this time!

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