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The Cube Key Finder is a Smart Bluetooth Tracker

The Cube Key is perfect for tracking Dogs, Kids, Cats, Luggage, or your Wallet. All you need is the tracker plus a phone app.

  • Attach CUBE to anything and use CUBE Tracker App to find your Item fast
  • Taking family photos? Use CUBE as a shutter button for your phone camera
  • Lost your Phone? Use your CUBE to locate your phone with ring, vibrate, and flash, even if the app is not running
  • No need to replace CUBE each year. Just replace battery yourself once a year. Extra battery included
  • Simple CUBE Tracker app will show last known location on a map, uses Bluetooth to tell if you are near or far, press find and CUBE will ring. Also has a separation alarm to alert you if you left something behind.


Cube Key Finder Bluetooth Waterproof
For sale is a Cube Key Finder (Bluetooth/waterproof). The item is open but new. The item will ship USPS First Class Mail. Let me know if you have questions and thanks for looking!
Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth for Dogs, Kids, Cats,...
Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth for Dogs, Kids, Cats,.... Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.
Cube Pro Key Finder/Smart Bluetooth Tracker Device
Cube Pro Key Finder/Smart Bluetooth Tracker DevicePairs With PhoneApp Can Be Used to Track/Find Anything Clipped to Device
Cube Key Finder/Smart Waterproof Bluetooth Tracker with Replaceable Battery
With Crowd Find Attach CUBE to anything and Let the Cube Community be your Search PartyTaking family photos? Use CUBE as a shutter button for your phone cameraLost your Phone? Use your CUBE to locate your phone with ring, vibrate, and flash, even if the app is not runningNo need to replace CUBE...
Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker - 2 PACK
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PRODUCT INFORMATION AC2- 00272 PACK BRAND NEW SEALED Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker for Dogs, Kids, Cats, Luggage, Wallet, with app for Phone,...


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Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker for Dogs, Kids, Cats, Luggage, Wallet, with app for Phone, Replaceable Battery Waterproof Tracking Device
in stock
2 used from $19.98
as of February 25, 2021 7:30 am
Free shipping
Cube Pro Key Finder Smart Tracker Bluetooth Tracker for Dogs, Kids, Cats, Luggage, Wallet, with app for Phone, Replaceable Battery Waterproof Tracking Device
in stock
as of February 25, 2021 7:30 am
Free shipping
Cube Shadow Item Finder Ultra Thin Tracker Rechargable Battery Wallet Remote Control Bluetooth Locator
in stock
1 used from $35.75
as of February 25, 2021 7:30 am
Free shipping
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Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker
released on August 28, 2015

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8 Reviews for Cube Key Finder Smart Tracker

  1. Whitney Brenan

    This is actually a life saver. I’m always losing either my phone or my keys around the house. Sometimes my phone is weird and it won’t make a sound but it will light up saying my keys are trying to find it. However, every time I use my phone to find my keys, it finds them. I recommend it if you’re like me lol

  2. Amber Wright

    Love this! I orginaly got a pixel for my keys but it broke within 2 weeks. Lucky for me Amazon let me return it. When i mentioned it on a ad on Facebook i got a reply from pixel saying that they are for “light use” .. Really? Who lightly puts therre keys down? So then I got the cube. Its great! I was worried it would be to large on my keys but found it was not much bigger then a key. So far it has lasted a few months and has helped me find my keys at least 50 times. It also has a much better range then the pixel and is louder. Plus its cheaper! All in all I would say if its for ur keys for sure get it!

  3. Sloan

    This is the 3rd cube we bought. This was a gift but out loyalty and satisfaction with this keeps us coming back to this brand. I like that the opener fit right on the key ring with it. The ease of use and the app are all very user friendly and not difficult to learn or use. I can’t go without these magic cubes and know more future purchases are in store.These are a must have for the person that randomly sets their stuff down, drinks too much and forgets their phone, has to much junk in their purse and needs the noise to find their keys, you name it! This will connect to your smart phone and can find either keys or your phone. You must have either your phone or what you have the cube attached to to find the other.

  4. Sophie Frampton

    Often loses contact with phone even when next to it. When connected to phone and press ‘find’ in the app, the cube alarm does not go off. The only useful part is that you can see where the cube was last connected to my phone on a map.

  5. Emma

    love this. I bought this to use on my dog. I plan on a trip. there will b a lot of dogs.the Cube is great. Use your phone Cube app (easy) push, the Cube lights up and beeps, you can hear where she is. You can also see on your phone where the Cube is. In the even that you can not find your phone, use the Cube to find the phone. There is a button on the Cube, push it, the phone will make a horrible beeping sound.Note: I only use the Cube on my dog’s harness, not on her collar, she’s too small, and I only have her where it when she’s working. She’s a Svc dog. Thank God for her ;)Hope this helps you. Use the Cube on your keys.

  6. rick

    This week I lost my keys by somehow putting them into a chip bag that then went into the outside garbage can. Luckily, it wasn’t garbage day. For two days I tore my house apart looking for them. I was frantic because the key FOB for my car was on the ring along with my house keys. When you don’t know where you lost your keys, good security sense says that you have to prepare for the possibility that some one has them that may want to break into your home or steal your auto. You just can’t know otherwise. That would have cost me $350 for reprogramming my cars electronic locking system, the remaining FOB and the new one. I would have had to re-key all of my home doors and mailbox. I would have been out upwards of $500 if my wife hadn’t had the thought that Mr. Magoo may have mindlessly tossed ’em in the trash and gone “dumpster diving”.This was the worst and most stressful “near miss” I’ve had. Usually, I find the keys in one of the 3 or 4 places that I usually “lose” them in. But, not always…and each time is a hassle. So, I started looking at key finder technology. I found a lot of companies make these things and began searching for reviews. Without a doubt, the most well received unit is the Tile. But, they last for a year before their battery dies and the battery cannot be replaced! Tile will sell you new ones at a discount, but I’m not one to be tied to a company’s cash register just because of a battery. Each of the other key finder products had their share of good and bad reviews, but I chose The Cube. Let me tell you what happened then.After ordering, but before receiving The Cubes, I had already installed the app on three devices..two smart phones and a Samsung Tablet. A short time ago, The Cube could only be used on one device. That has changed. I had already created a Cube login so that I could see my devices on The Cube’s web page and I had logged on with each of my three devices before the two Cubes arrived (one for my wife and one for me). When The Cubes got to my home, I associated them both with my wife’s phone and then tested them. I then turned on my phone and tablet, opened The Cube’s app and voila!…there they were…no extra hassle. I tested them with each device and they worked. I rang each of The Cubes, used each of them to ring the phones and tablet and used them as a remote shutter release to take photos with on my devices. There are some things you’ll want to know about how they work.They only associate with one device at a time. If my Cube is associated on my cell phone, when my wife looks at The Cube’s app on hers, it tells her that my Cube is in use on my phone. She cannot ring my Cube. It can only be done from my phone. But…if I turn my Bluetooth off on my phone, take my phone out of Bluetooth range or turn it off, within a minute or so, my Cube automatically affiliates with her phone. Now, she can ring my Cube and find it if it is lost. I did have one of The Cubes “disconnect” from a phone once with no apparent reason. The Cube was actually touching my phone. I think the Bluetooth receiver may have been “swamped” by the transmitter in the phone. This is a not uncommon radio occurrence. When I separated the two, my phone found the Cube within a minute or so. It was not instantaneous. This is important, because if you loose your keys while your phone is distant from The Cube, they will be disconnected. As you look for the keys, you need to proceed slowly so that the two have time to reconnect. Also, some folks complained about The Cube’s volume. It isn’t screeching, but it will audible unless the surroundings are quite loud. Also, the little button on the unit lights up when it goes off in the even that you’re looking for it in the dark.I think the update when I affiliated The Cubes to my device apps may have fixed a lot of what others may have complained about. One, each unit can now be used with different devices, although not simultaneously. The Cubes now have a network so that others can find your lost item if you report it to “The Cube Community” through the app. I’ve been testing these things all day and they seem to perform as advertised. And, next year when the battery dies, I’ll simply use the little tool that came with The Cube to open the case and insert the spare battery that also came with it. If I discover anything not to like, I’ll update this. Today is July 14, 2018.

  7. A

    Didn’t want to pay 120 for a cat specific tracker with active GPS because my cat is a house cat, however I would always get scared whenever I couldn’t find her thinking she ran away, or if I needed to find her to put her away. She’s sneaky kitty. So with the cube I can walk around and the Bluetooth signal shows stronger or weaker as you get close/far. Also if there’s at least one bar of closeness you can make the cube do a ping sound and you found your cat. Lol.

  8. Kyle B.

    After I lost my keys for like the twentieth time this week I decided I needed something that could help me find them. I looked for something like a remote finder and I found this product and some of it’s competitors. I chose this one because it’s black, not too bulky, and you can replace the battery in it. I got it today and had it set up in minutes. I tried it out a few times and let me tell you this thing is loud. I can’t imagine losing my keys again with this thing and God forbid I lose them somewhere other than home it actually GPS maps the key’s location on a map in the app. Pretty pleased with it so far but this is the first day I’ve had it. I’ll update this review if anything negative occurs.

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