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The Game Golf Pro Golf Tracker

Incorporating autonomous-grade sensors used by top automotive Brands such as Tesla, GAME GOLF Pro features the industry’s most advanced shot-tracking technology, enabling golfers to instantly track every shot in real-time hands free. Taking advantage of the industry’s most advanced shot-tracking technology is this easy: arrive at the tee, turn on GAME GOLF Pro and play. Unlike earlier iterations, there’s no need to tap the GAME GOLF Tags on your clubs to the hip device. All you have to do is play golf – and every shot, distance, and Club used is automatically tracked.

  • Industry’s most powerful sensors
  • No phone Required
  • Hands free/no tagging

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Game Golf Pro



GAME GOLF records every shot as you play and NEW GAME GOLF LIVE provides REAL-TIME shot tracking, as you play, for more fun on the course. Tracking happens in the background so you can stay in your game. SEE. Progress begins here. From tee to green, GAME GOLF collects every stat to give you a comprehensive overview of your golf game.

Game Golf Pro

Game Golf Pro Incorporating autonomous-grade sensors used by top automotive brands such as Tesla, GAME GOLF PRO features the industry’s most advanced shot-tracking technology, enabling golfers to instantly track every shot in real-time hands free.

Game Golf

Game Golf PRO is Golf’s Most Powerful & Accurate GPS Shot Tracker, designed to help you shoot lower scores. We track every shot, yardage and club hit, even giving you recommendations as you play. Our sensors allow for fully automatic shot detection to play with absolute freedom.


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8 Reviews for Game Golf Pro

  1. Mike’s Main Page

    I have been using Game Golf Live for about half a year now and really like the data that it collects. I thought the PRO version would be more convenient and seamless, but the opposite is true. It took over an hour to register my clubs to the device (medallion), the tags that screw into the butt end of the club is bulky and noticeable. On the course I had to restart my phone and the medallion several times before it synced properly. On many holes the medallion sensed multiple putts which I did not make. It gave false positive “hits” when the driver was grounded firmly. It missed several shots and did not record them. The most annoying thing was it asked me to verify the number of putts made after each hole. Although you do not need your phone for recording you certainly need it to verify that the medallion records everything correctly. I spent more time editing my shots than I took making my shots. This unit is definitely not ready for prime time.Follow-up 2/28/2019: Game Golf has been VERY involved with making sure that my needs have been met. Adam from support went over all my concerns and addressed them individually. Part of my criticisms above were due to my misunderstanding of how the product operated and part are due to Game Golf trying to develop a perfectly seamless golf tracking system. I have been using Game Golf Live with much success and am a big fan and would highly recommend this company. I will be continuing to use Game Golf PRO and report back.I would like to thank Adam from support, Lauren from sales, and David from marketing. Good people from a great company.

  2. Robert

    Product was not straight forward to set up , hell from Game Golf Customer service very poor & product still does not work 100%

  3. Adam Wedgbury

    Can some one assist on how to access the free year subscription to smart caddie I had no code on order and golf pro are not helping me

  4. Cope413

    The software had some bugs that seemed to be getting better, but the batteries in the tags died after 3.5 months. I’ve been waiting for replacement tags for 2+ months. I initially contacted support on May 25. The customer support has been extremely slow. As of August 12, I still do not have replacement tags.

  5. Mrs Tracey Andersen

    Endless issues with the product, has never worked well since day one and took weeks to get replacement parts which now also do not work – needs much more development. Not worth £30 let alone £300

  6. Buckeye Student

    Before you buy this product, PLEASE go read the reviews from 2019 on Game Golf PRO (specifically) on golf message boards.-The tags that go on the clubs very often do not work. I have one tag out of the 14 sent that is defective.-You need the latest software on those tags, and they refuse to update. Customer service doesn’t help.-The tags only catch about 60% of your shots on the course, so basically you have to do EVERYTHING on your phone anyways every hole. The whole point of this system is that you shouldn’t have to use your phone on the course.-The product was released in the “beta” stage of development … it shouldn’t have been released. There are things that you NEED TO KNOW that aren’t in the user manual.-Customer service is non-existent. They take weeks to respond to emails, they make promises of shipping you new equipment and then just don’t … it’s just stall tactics to make you go away. They try not to give refunds even when they’ve shipped you defective equipment that needs to be replaced.-They have an F-rating on the Better Business Bureau … the reason is that they just simply refuse to reply to complaints.-Based on a lot of these factors, many in the golf community are speculating that they are about to go under.Again, please read the reviews on golf forums before buying this product. I’m trying desperately to try and get my money back now.

  7. Mike

    I really wanted to like this but, the product and the company made it impossoble. The setup was a little touchy but, not a deal breaker. Took about an hour getting the tags installed and paired. I used these for 5 rounds May 3rd through June 7th and for the most part it picked up the majority of the shots. It only missed 2 or 3 per round which I could live with. On my fourth round I started having issues with a few tags. They stopped registering shots and would show as not paired. I reached out to support for some assistance on 5/22 and although the response was pretty quick the actions eere ridiculous at best. On May 27th they responded with some steps that I had already tried from help section of their webpage. I was a good sport about it and tried the steps they had sent me with no improvement. 5 clubs still would not pair so I replied the same day with my results and again on the 27th they asked for my address so they could send new tags. I was pretty impressed with how quick this was being handled but, then the days started passing and emails sent checking status on the new tags being sent. This went on for a few months and about a dozen emails telling me they were expediting my shipment. Finally on 9/23 I received an email that my tags were on their way and I actually received them a few days later. I paired all of the sensor and have it all set up now. Only problem is that the golf season in the northern states ends around October. This is the best review I can give for this product – worked good enough for 3 rounds. I wanted to return it at one point but, I was told the 30 day window had expired even though I was waiting for the replacement tags. Sadly I can’t recommend this. I really wanted to like this but, turns out it was just a bad investiment.

  8. Chris Golfs

    Game Golf Pro had a lot of potential. I upgraded from Game Golf Live which was pretty good, but after several years the battery just gave out. I transitioned to the Pro version that was initially working well. However, the tags stopped working and downloading updates didn’t seem to correct the issues. I tried to replace the tags. After several attempts, I just gave up. Customer support was virtually non-existent. Very disappointing to say the least. Save your money, time and sanity. Golf can be a frustrating sport, no need to complicate it with gimmicks or devices that don’t work to support one’s game improvement efforts.

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