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YEPZON 4G Smart Tracker

Combined with the technological development by Yepzon, the new Smart Tracker by Yepzon has more capacity, reduced size and adjustable battery life. Super easy to use: just connect your Yepzon tracker to a smartphone, attach the tracker to anything and follow the moving target easily with the mobile app, even from across the world.

  • Wearable WiFi and Bluetooth Tracker with Sensor Technology; connects to GPS* outdoors and WiFi signals or Bluetooth proximity indoors to define location – Android and iPhone compatible!
  • Small and lightweight wearable device is Waterproof (IP67, i.e. splashproof) and shockproof, to be worn on wristband or keychain, with SOS button that directly alarms family members; built-in collision and temperature sensor
  • Real-time tracking or updates within time frame of your choice, change settings and follow each tracker on your Yepzon App; geo-fence feature to manage traffic in and out of a chosen area
  • Affordable service plans starting at $12.99 a month (with 12 month service-pack), first month free – Device is paired in 10sec to Yepzon app that collects no personal data, requires no account nor login
  • USB-C and Wireless Charging, included accessories: protective pouch, keyring, carabiner hook attachment. *Battery life may vary according to operating conditions, available networks, connection interval settings and device activity.


Yepzon One GPS Tracker for Children, Cars and Dogs with 2G, GPS and Bluetooth

Features: Best possible positioning with combination of three different tracking technologies2G always gives an approximate location, GPS accurate tracking outdoors, Bluetooth helps finding within 50m reachBattery life up to months! (depending on user settings)....

Yepzon Chil GSM GPS Tracker

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Yepzon One Personal GPS Tracker Locator

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Yepzon Chil GSM GPS Tracker

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8 Reviews for YEPZON Wearable Locator

  1. Aicha Nakamura

    Battery runs out way too fast for it to even be effective in tracking anything

  2. Matt Gomez

    I purchased this item despite pretty negative reviews, just to see for myself. Initially, I was able to charge it to 100% and sync it with my phone. The app was a little challenging to use, and the sync mode settings were not very intuitive. I also didn’t need a push notification every time the device re-synced (which was every 10-15 mins). Satisfied that it worked, I set it aside for the night. In the morning, the app was telling me the battery power was critically low. I went to charge the device but it would not charge using any charger or cable, including the one provided in the kit. The device would not power on, and the small LED would not light up for any reason. I emailed Yepzon support and got no response. So this item really does seem to be as worthless as the other reviews say. I returned it for a refund and will look for a different solution.

  3. NK

    Unfortunately I have to return this item because the battery doesn’t even last half a day. I recharged my Yepzon late one night but early the next day I received a low battery sign. I thought maybe I did something wrong, but I read all the instructions and I didn’t. I had the same issue every time I charged the unit. In addition to the battery issue, when I first received the Yepzon and attached it to my keys, the band that connects to the keychain broke within a few days and I almost lost the unit. I did test the unit several times for accuracy and it does work, but I don’t have time to constantly recharge it. I gave Yepzon a few weeks before I decided to return it, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it needs work and is not for me.

  4. Ahappy

    So the app is fantastic. It reminds you to charge it, etc. The battery doesn’t last long. It’s been a bit of an issue but the other parent is on it. The accuracy takes a few minutes to update. And sometimes is just wrong and then fixes it self. That’s frustrating because the battery runs down. This is great for my parent who doesn’t leave their phone on—I live in Texas, lots of cell towers but overall, we’re pleased and keeping it for now. It would for a kid and theme park too but it’s pricey for that.

  5. Anthony Torres

    Find the Yepzon within a few feet. That’s all I needed. Works perfect for my needs. Would buy again.

  6. Anne

    Accuracy is great. I would haveLiked a little better battery, but it lasted the whole day each time I used it. So no big complaints.

  7. Nick Bordelli

    Accurate tracker for Dementia Patients

  8. Little CeeCee

    I found the battery life and ease of use to be unsatisfactory. we also had problems turning it off without activating the sos button. it would take 4 to 6 hours to charge it up and in only lasted about 12 hours. I was trying to use this to keep track of a handicapped person who is prone to walking off and getting lost.

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