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Rossignol & PIQ Ski Tracker a Wearable Turn, Jump and Trick Analyzer

Much more than a simple tracker, embed the power of the PIQ ROBOT on your boot to identify your key strengths and leverage the collected data to win with the PIQ Ski Tracker.

  • TRACK EVERY DETAIL: Much more than a simple tracker, the PIQ-Rossignol ski sensor is your guide to taking your speed to the next level with never-before-available analysis: carve angle, transition time, G-Force, jump height, downhill speed, rotation and air time. Cool and helpful for amateurs or pros.
  • JUMP ANALYZER: When you’re on the slopes, the PIQ-Rossignol sensor will analyze your jumps too. Capture rotation, air time and G Force at landing. Use this sensor with friends and get a little competition going.
  • WINNING FACTORS: Learn more about your run with PIQ’s Winning Factors. See instantly what you did well and where you need to focus your practice. Capture these pointers after each run and tailor your training to improve faster.
  • DATA WITHOUT THE HASSLE: Just strap the sensor to your boot, sync it and forget about it as you jump, twist, turn and tear it up down the hill. Finish your run, sync to the free Rossignol-PIQ app on your smartphone and analyze on your own or with your coach to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • PARTNER WITH THE BEST: Rossignol has been designing the best ski equipment since 1907, straight from the French Alps. With its gold-winning team of athletes and its unique expertise, the Rossignol team creates the most amazing skis and boots on the world stage.

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PIQ Rossignol Wearable Ski Sport Tracker - Turn, Jump and Trick Analyzer
PIQ Rossignol Wearable Ski Sport Tracker - Turn, Jump and Trick...


Get ready to transform your skiing experience with the PIQ Wearable Ski Tracker! This unique device is designed to optimize your performance on the slopes, providing you with real-time feedback on key performance metrics like speed, angle, and G-force. Unlike other ski trackers, the PIQ is ultra-compact and lightweight, making it easy to wear and use while you ski. With its advanced AI technology, this tracker can even recognize and analyze different types of skiing activities, giving you customized coaching tips to help you improve and elevate your skills. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, the PIQ is an essential tool for anyone looking to take their skiing to the next level. So why settle for guessing at your performance metrics? Experience the power of the PIQ and get the insights you need to elevate your skiing skills today!



The PIQ Wearable Ski Tracker is the ultimate accessory for every skiing enthusiast seeking to perfect their performance on the slopes. This compact device attaches to the ski boot and provides real-time data feedback on all aspects of your skiing, from carving to jumps and stability. Equipped with advanced sensors, the PIQ ski tracker captures crucial skiing metrics such as speed, turns, airtime, and G-force, and provides instant analysis through its mobile app, allowing you to assess your strengths and areas for improvement. The device also allows for comparison of your skiing with other skiers around the world, thus creating more opportunities for competition and collaboration, as well as sharing data through social media. The PIQ Wearable Ski Tracker is lightweight, water-resistant, and can be used with various ski types, making it ideal for skiers of all levels, from beginners to professionals. With its advanced tracking technology, the PIQ Wearable Ski Tracker offers a unique opportunity for skiers to improve their performance, while also providing an exciting gameplay experience for those who enjoy the competitive aspect of skiing.


SizePIQ & Rossignol Wearable Ski Sport Tracker
Manufacturer Part NumberPIQ & Rossignol Wearable Ski Sport Tracker
Size: PIQ & Rossignol Wearable Ski Sport Tracker
Manufacturer Part Number: PIQ & Rossignol Wearable Ski Sport Tracker
Brand: PIQ
PIQ Ski Tracker
released on August 18, 2016


PIQ Wearable Ski Tracker

Rossignol & PIQ Wearable Ski Sport Tracker – Turn, Jump and Trick Analyzer Much more than a simple tracker, embed the power of the PIQ ROBOT on your boot to identify your key strengths. Leverage them to win.

PIQ | Sport sensors that talk your language

Discover our latest product – Everlast and PIQ – and track your workouts! Read More . Connected gear. Meet the first ever connected ski and kiteboard. Read More . SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW FRIEND: PIQ ROBOT™ Far more than just a sensor, PIQ ROBOT™ is a powerful nano-computer that analyzes thousands of datapoints in real-time.

PIQ ski boot sensor tracks performance out on the slopes

Continuing the wearable invasion on sport performance tracking, French company PIQ is teaming up with ski equipment company Rossignol for a sensor that straps onto your ski boot. The waterproof...



3 Reviews for PIQ Ski Tracker

  1. Joel

    Nice device. It’s not as widely used as the WOO, but the real time display is really cool. It took me a little to get the device to actually activate, but everything else seems to work as expected. LED display is plenty bright enough to see in the daylight. With the real time display, I think a lot more people with make the transition for WOO, and the leader board should expand. The United States leader board had only 3 riders yesterday, which I’d bet is significantly lower than the WOO leader board. In any case, I purchased it for the live readout, not the leader board.

  2. Bidibibu

    Works great and is fairly reliable. What I like is stated below.What I don’t like: Over a two month span it did not record one session and it lost a second session while syncing. Support is slow and had to solicit an answer which came but did not solve the problem and I did not get a feeling that the issue was taken seriously into consideration for future upgrades. They could make some interaction with the app more explicit and add more features to the unit. It would serve them to create the community by enabling the contact to other users. This said, the set up is extremely simple and straightforward, the graphic enjoyable, the syncing immediate. Lots of potential.

  3. Igor Petrenko

    I had to buy this twice. I thought I got a bad one the first time. Well at least I paired it and could see some of the functionality. Decided to give it another chance. Really like the that they promise that it shows jump height. Better then Woo in theory. Woo does not have it. Well the second one I am not even able to pair. App says it is paired piq says it is not. Now: in order to access the app you have to get an SMS with a code that will eventually come but be patient it may be a few hours and few dozens of attempts. Looks are good, very promising. UX horrible. Really wanted piq for the additional feature of display. Was willing to sacrifice being the only one among my friends with a Piq instead of a Woo. May be not very well developed yet. At this point getting a Woo while they are still on sale. I had no issues with those when I borrowed my friends Woo’s. Will definitely buy Piq once they will work as advertised. Great design of the sensor, was worried about a battery given it’s small size but tested ok on the first one I bought although I had to keep my eyes on it as it would turn itself off every 10-15 min, hence a return. Mount is a bit bulky but better then Woo’s rubber bands that require twizzers, app is really bad.

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