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Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors create an A.I. GPS Rangefinder for Golf

Set of 14 Sensors and Bundle with PlayBetter Portable Charger. Track your golf game with Golf GPS Live Auto Shot Tracking with Distances.

  • Winner of four-straight Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Awards for “Best Game Analyzer, ” Arccos Caddie is golf’s first and only fully-automatic performance tracking system. It features 14 sensors, one for every club in your bag.
  • Access to the award winning Arccos Caddie app, golf’s Smartest Caddie.
  • Automatic shot tracking, hands-free fully automatic data capture.
  • A. I. Powered GPS Rangefinder, first-ever rangefinder that adjusts in real-time for wind (including gusts), elevation, temperature, humidity and altitude providing the most precise yardage in the game the Arccos Caddie Number.
  • Personalized Caddie Advice that leverages A. I. to provide you with your optimal strategy.
  • Smart Distance Club Averages, know how far to actually hit all your clubs so you select the right one for every shot.
  • Advanced Analytics powered by strokes gained providing personalized performance breakdowns to guide practice and equipment choices.
    Includes a 1-year subscription valued at US$99. 99.


Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors with Grips
Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors with Grips. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class. 13 Used (Working fine upon removal)5 New (Still have individual sticker covers intact)4 Cobra Connect grips to get you started
NEW* Arccos Caddie Link wearable short tracking device
NEW* Arccos Caddie Link wearable short tracking device. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors x14 Completion Kit - Golf’s Smartest Caddie. New!
Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors x14 Completion Kit - Golf’s Smartest Caddie. New!. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Will ship ASAP! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.


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Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors
released on January 31, 2020

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11 Reviews for Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

  1. Stephen Ryan

    My wife got me the Arccos system as a Christmas present a couple of years ago and I loved it pretty much from day 1. I love the stats and data it provides and how it’s helped me be smarter about club selection and figuring out how I should spend my practice time. I also love going back and re-living my rounds whenever I’m not able to get out on the course.In fact, I love Arccos so much that when my clubs got stolen out of my car recently with the Arccos sensors attached, I had to buy it again (hence the review title) as I just can’t go back to playing without it after having it these past few years.

  2. S. Ghaemi

    Originally I saw a demo of this product at a trade show but it had not shipped yet. The demo at their booth was amazing. I fell in love with it from the first experience I had. I finally ordered it and have used it for at least 5 rounds and I love it even more. It showed up in this beautiful packaging. It was very easy to setup. The instructions can’t be any easier. The sensors are extremely accurate and on point. The club tracking and caddie features are extremely helpful and then you get these awesome reports to give you better ideas on club selection and preparation for the next round. Every golfer should own these sensors. I love it!

  3. SRG

    Before I jump right in, I am a mid handicapper and by no means an expert.Set up and installation: This was a breeze, download the app, register, attach the sensors and then pair them. Total process is about 10-15 minutes.Usage: Too many features to go into but I let’s start with the GPS. I love the fact that I can be on a hole and you see a top down of the hole with hazards. You always get the distance to the front of the green, middle and the back. (new feature allows people to tag where the actual hole is for others).This thing keeps so much useful data to help you understand how you play. This way you know where you need improvement. Just before you tee off, open the app, play around and place it in your pocket and it will do the rest.As you hit the ball and go to where it laded and hit your next shot it will add the distance of your last shot and record which club was used.Summary: For those of you who love stats and want to use them to better your game then this is for you. It’s not a swing analyzer just to be clear. 100% recommend this.

  4. Rubicon10

    I have dabbled with various swing sensors that I’ve used at the range but never used something like this that tracks actual gameplay. A buddy had a garmin watch which he showed me that does some similar stuff. After comparing watches to this system, I decided to try the Arccos and pair with my Apple Watch.Installation and pairing went smoothly and I was done in about 10 minutes. I played my first round yesterday and the app easily found and downloaded the course I was on. I started the round on the first tee as the instructions said and I was off. The GPS function worked flawlessly. We compared the numbers to others using 18birdies and watches as well as laser rangefinders (I have one of those as well). The front/middle/back distances were spot on and the ability to zoom in and get distances to the pin was very nice (assuming you could see the specific location of the pin). I will say that while this helped, I still used my laser range finder to get more precise. Combining the two was actually awesome. In cases where the pin was near the back, I was able to use the specific distances from my range finder and then use the Arccos GPS to tell me how far to the back so I could determine which club to use. The place we played has massive greens so it does matter. Sometimes 2-3 club differences.Shot tracking itself was a blast. I know how far I hit stuff on the range but this brings real life play into perspective. First, other than 1 shot that did not register, it picked up all shots including putts. As long as you address the ball for tap ins, it will register. I was mostly hitting 3 wood off the tees and was playing with guys that looked to be bombing their drivers. Yet, I was keeping up with them with my 3 wood. I was getting distances of 260 to 290 yards with my 3 wood. Having these types of shot distances actually helps you understand ball flight a little better in my opinion. My 3 woods were high boring shots vs the other guys in my group that were hitting lower shots with their drivers. Over time, when you are looking at distances for clubs, especially your woods, I think your ball flight will start to show where some issues are coming from. Maybe help you select a different shaft or loft to alter your ball flight. maybe..we shall see.The scoring worked well and I only had to make one adjustment for the missed shot. The app is easy to use to go in and edit stuff like missed shots, putts or penalty strokes. and if you need to edit an actual location of a shot you can do that as well. It is very easy to use..After the round I started digesting the numbers and stats. Most of my irons look to be in the range of what I believe I hit them but it is still early. The greens in regulation and fairways hit, etc…will be more telling over time. I will say that missed fairway locations was not surprise to me.I have 4 more rounds to go to unlock the caddie feature. this will supposedly give me advice on what club to hit as well as other course related info. looking forward to that.For now, this has been a great training aid and I actually shot the lowest round in over 5 years. I have to give this credit because it did make me think before making stupid mistakes.For the record, I used to be a much better golfer with a handicap as low as 6 but now I am lucky if I break 90 (bad shoulder and 2 kids will do that to you!). Last year I only got out 5 times and all of my rounds were between 87 and 89. Consistent but way off what I remember from “back in the day”. Yesterday I shot an 83 on a difficult course and that was with taking 2 penalty drops to avoid hitting out of really thick rough. I was quite pleased.

  5. Dale Z.

    Pretty good, your gonna edit/add shots regardless, sometimes it doesn’t register then hit, but its a pretty cool system.

  6. Andrew Hopper

    Great product! High quality. Worth every penny.

  7. Jhnalxndr

    I am sending this POS back! It is SO frustrating. It misses shots taken (and YES my phone was in my pocket, as much as I hate having to keep it there). So, it missing shots is annoying, but what’s even MORE ANNOYING than that is trying to edit shots. The editing starts from the pin (from what I could tell) which makes NO SENSE when you need to “edit” (more like ADD a missed shot). And no way am I going to wait to get home to try to edit it. Why wait and try to remember exactly where the ball dropped hours later?? Please. This POS system us do frustrating. And dealing with the B.S. WHILE ON THE COURSE just throws the entire round off. The Arccos caddie isn’t worth the distraction and frustration. I’m very sorry I wasted my Father’s Day gift on getting this. Awful choice!

  8. Robert Mears

    Follow instructions and you will be satisfied. use mine to track stats mainly, shorts, up and downs, GIR’s, lefts and rights

  9. Jess Davis

    My husband loved and kept him busy for a few weeks during summer, I love how happy he was to show me his performance during the day

  10. Shane

    The screw in sensors are fantastic. The free app that the sensor pair to is laid out logically. Having all your stats at your fingertips is a game changer. Once you played 5 full rounds the app opens up and becomes a personal caddy suggesting the club you should use – it gets more accurate with more rounds (data). What more could you want!

  11. James Roberts

    Just played my first round with this and I was shocked how unobtrusive it is to use. Only shots I had to add were a couple duffs. I also have an Apple Watch which really adds to the ease of use. One small thing I noticed is putt counts definitely need to be watched for accuracy, I had a couple times were it registered a shot when I used my putter to pick the ball up. I almost found it bizarre to not be counting score but at the same time it puts it out of mind and just enjoyed the round. The stat tracking is very impressive even after just one round. Really looking forward to the full experience when the caddy function kicks in after a couple rounds. I was a little concerned with having to have my phone in my pocket but I really didn’t notice it at all, also from what I understand I won’t need to do that after a couple rounds my Apple watch will take over. I really can not recommend this enough, very impressive!

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