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goTele GPS Tracker is a Portable Off-grid Realtime GPS Tracker

goTele is an off-grid outdoor tracking device specifically for outdoor enthusiasts and their friends, families, and pets to experience safe and exciting adventures. With the goTele GPS Tracker everyone can check all (at most 30) group members’ real-time positions and trajectories in one map, communicate with each other by sending SMS texts, send SOS signals in an emergency, etc – all without using any smartphone service and data!

  • No Monthly Fee, No SIM Card, No Network Required – this outdoor gps tracker allows users to communicate directly from goTele to goTele without cell service or Wi-Fi.
  • goTele Functions – Real-time Tracking, SOS, Geo-Fence, Off-line Map, Message, Waterproof, Shockproof, Anti-fall, Dust-proof.
  • Applications – Suitable for Outdoor, Hiking, Hunting, Wading, Boating, Fishing, Exploration, Camping, Climbing, Skiing, in harsh environments, perfect for keeping children, elders and pets Safe. You can use goTele gps tracker to monitor loved ones, pets, or anyone to keep them safe no matter where you are.
  • Connection Distance – 3-5km in suburb; 1-3km in downtown. It may be affected/disturbed by mountain terrain/weather/building/forest/electric equipment.
  • Important Note – compatible with iOS or Android devices, needs at least two devices to work.

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(2) goTele GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee No Network Required Mini Portable Off-Grid
(2) goTele GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee No Network Required Mini...
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goTele XQUAD GPS Tracker Hiking Maps Handheld Hunting Off-Grid Real...
Lot Of 2- Gotele GPS Tracker, No Monthly Fee No Network Required Mini Portable
Lot Of 2- Gotele GPS Tracker, No Monthly Fee No Network Required...


The goTele GPS Tracker is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone looking to stay safe and connected. It allows you to stay in touch with your group or loved ones even in areas without cell service, thanks to its long-range communication capabilities. The device is compact and rugged, making it ideal for hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activity. Its real-time tracking feature ensures you always know where you are and can share your location with others in your group for added safety. Additionally, it has a built-in SOS button that, when pressed, sends an immediate distress signal to emergency services or your designated contacts. The goTele GPS Tracker is easy to use and can be paired with your smartphone via the goTele app, offering you peace of mind and enhanced communication capabilities no matter where your adventures take you.



The goTele GPS Tracker is a versatile tracking device that is designed to help you stay connected with your loved ones or keep an eye on your valuables. The device is highly compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around, and it comes with a built-in satellite antenna that ensures uninterrupted tracking even in remote locations.

The goTele GPS Tracker offers real-time tracking and location sharing, allowing you to stay connected with your friends, family, pets, or even vehicles. You can create a group on the goTele app and invite others to join, allowing all members to see the location of one another on a map. The device also features a built-in SOS button that sends an emergency alert to all members of the group in case of any danger.

One notable feature of the goTele GPS tracker is its off-grid communication capability. Unlike other GPS tracking devices that rely on cellular networks that may be unreliable, the goTele GPS Tracker uses long-range radio frequencies to stay connected. This not only ensures a reliable connection but also eliminates the need for a cellular data plan.

Overall, the goTele GPS Tracker is a reliable and versatile tracking device that offers multiple features to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones and valuable assets.


goTele GPS Tracker
released on June 5, 2018
If someone forgets their cell phone (or the cell phone battery dies) will the group still be able to locate them with their goTele?

Yes,if your phone is dead or turned off, but as long as your gotele is still working, everyone else on the group can see your location.It's just that your cell phone can't work, you can't see other people's location on APP,but everyone else on the group can see where you are.

it can be use for internacional tracking ??

How far do you want to track?Do you want to track people in another country?

I need to track my pet in Israel. How many of these do I need to buy, to see where he goes on the map?

If you have 2 dogs, you need to buy 3 gotele. Because each dog needs to carry a gotele, and you also need to carry a gotele, and then the 3 gotele created in the same team, so you can see the dog's position and track on the map in the APP.

Does the geo fence move with you as you change locations?

Yes, the electronic fence is centered around the team creators and moves as the team creators moves.

Do you have to have your cell in airplane mode and blue tooth on to track? Or can it use cell and if out of cell range it will use blue tooth?

Hi, No,gotele communicates via radio, gotele can be used where there are no cell phone signals or network signals.It doesn't matter if your phone network is on or off, but you have to turn phone network on when you download an offline map. And when you connect gotele to your phone, you need to turn on phone bluetooth. gotele works like this:for example, you want to track your friend's location with gotele,so you need to carry a gotele, then your friend also needs to carry a gotele, then you need to gotele's APP, connect your gotele to your cell phone through the APP guidance.And allow the APP to get bluetooth access.Your gotele must always be close to your cell phone.The distance between your phone and your gotele should not exceed 8 meters, otherwise the bluetooth signal will be interrupted.2.create a team: to create 2 goteles in the same team, when building a team, 2 goteles must be powered on and 2 goteles must be close to the phone. After the team is created successfully, you can give the second gotele to your friend,then you can use gotele to track your friend.And you can see your own and your friend's location on the app.Because the signal transmission is from one gotele to another gotele, so you and your friend all need to have gotele.(Your phone are like gotele's screen, you can see the location and trajectory of all team members on the mobile app.)


goTele An Off-Grid Tracking

goTele functions seamlessly without cell service or WiFi. Text and track goTele users within 3.1 miles on our private network! In the event your phone dies, you can still be tracked and send an SOS to your team via your goTele device.

GPS Tracking Device // Off-Grid + Real-Time - GoTele ...

Product Description The goTele GPS Tracking Device is a unique off-grid tracking device with built-in GPS for outdoor enthusiasts and their loved ones to enjoy safe trips.

goTele: Off-Grid Tracking Device For Any Adventure | Indiegogo

goTele is for all outdoor lovers. Therefore it is a matter of course that it can withstand dust, water, and temperatures between -4 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. With an Outdoor Open Space range of over 3.1 miles, goTele's transmit range is unparalleled. As long as you're within 3.1 miles, you're connected.



8 Reviews for goTele GPS Tracker

  1. Sam

    I’ve just returned from a hike up in the mountains with no cell reception and the goTeleb performed perfectly! The messaging feature worked exactly as described and the GPS provided precise location data.The goTele team is definitely dedicated to making their product a game changer in the market. I had some initial questions and issues, but the goTele team responded within 24 hours and the problems were all resolved.I have a Moto Z Force with an extra battery pack, but since there was no cell connection the battery usage was actually very low, and was at about 60% after about 5 hours of hiking and another 3 hours of general use.You can use a single goTele unit by itself and just add yourself to your own group, but it works even better when you have two and join the same group.Be sure to read the documentation and experiment a bit beforehand. Also make sure that you download the maps for the area you will be hiking beforehand.

  2. Angela

    I got this because we go camping a few times a year and my boys like to explore around the area, but I have bad knees and get tired quickly. They are getting to the age (they are 9 yo twins) where they can explore a bit on their own, but that makes me nervous. We’ve used walkie talkies but if I ask them where they are they’ll say something like “right by a big tree!”. *sigh* This will pinpoint exactly where they are so I can keep track of them giving me piece of mind. I know it works because right after I purchased it, my sister who is an avid hiker, borrowed it over the weekend and put it on her dog who is allowed to go off leash on the trail. She sometimes spots a creature and runs off making my sister run after her to keep tabs on her. She said she was able to pinpoint her location when she spotted a rabbit and ran off. She also set up the electric fence and could tell if she lagged too far behind. She didn’t have to keep stopping to wait for her to sniff everything she came in contact with. She could go ahead and make sure she wasn’t too far behind. So I’m glad she borrowed it, now she wants one but I suspect she’ll just keep borrowing mine.

  3. Sue McSweeney

    I just received my trackers & I’m not able to get most of the functions to work. I’m running Android 8.0.0. The gotele shows a solid blue light on both devices but the app says “No GPS found” when you select “Start” & when you select “location” it says “Waiting for local…”. If SOS is pressed on the device that light starts flashing but nothing else happens. I can’t get maps to load but that is probably because location isn’t working. The only feature I can get to work is texting but the app has to be open with the screen on or the message doesn’t come through & you’d never know I’ve was sent.I’ve used two different Android devices & have the same issues with both.

  4. Julie

    I have two children. I want to know their real-time location at school because they are not yet old enough to protect themselves. When their car leaves home, we receive an alarm every morning, and when they arrive at school, we receive another alarm. If they leave school early, we will also receive an alarm. Accuracy and signal strength are impressive. This equipment is really satisfied, it will do as it says!

  5. Amanda

    I love this GPS tracker! I’ve been looking for one for quite awhile because I take care of my dads dog frequently and he is always worried I’m going to lose him, especially since I let him go off leash at the park sometimes. A lot of other trackers have monthly fees of some sort so I picked this one. It works amazingly. I had my dad download the app and log in so he can always see where Tycho is. The battery lasts a long time. I left it on all day with no problem. The app itself was difficult to figure out at first but once I got the hang of it, it worked well. I’m going skiing tomorrow with my friends and I’m excited to test it in the mountains!

  6. Tong Meng Khong

    This is the first time I use such gps tracker. But true to it, there isn’t sim card required. The build is very rugged n lasting. There are three indicating Lights. Power, Gps and sos. I didnt try the sos function. Power flashes white when there is no group defined for the tracker. If u have a few trackers working together, you can built a group to see status. Do note that each phone only tie to one tracker. I use this to track my kids whereabouts. So my wife tracks one and I track one. It also has geo fencing feature. Didn’t they out. It should alert you if tracker goes out of boundary. As my kid school is very near, so it didnt trigger the alert. Some downside. It takes quite long to determine tracker location for android system. And for iOS, the tracker charted the location of my kids in an offline map. It us quite accurate but slow. It reflects after a while. Not real time.

  7. Justin S

    The tracking units themselves are very accurate and my dog (a Boxer mix) had no problems with one hanging on her collar. Most of the advertised features work, but there are 3 major problems: 1. The geofence is only able to be made in circles around you, and is not customizable. Meaning you can’t shape to the boundaries of your property. 2. When the person (or in my case, dog) you’re tracking exits the geofence, a silent text appears on your screen to inform you of it, and you have to have the app open and on screen to get the alets. No audio warnings or vibrations whatsoever. Meaning unless you’re constantly staring at the app on your phone the geofence alert is completely useless.. 3. The app also gives you the option to save your tracked routes, but only the routes made by YOU (the tracker). It does NOT save the routes made by the unit that you’re tracking.So in conclusion the geofence cannot sufficiently cover my 32 acres of rectangular shaped property without going into my neighbor’s properties, it won’t alert me that my dog as gone beyond the geofence unless I’m always staring at the app (which defeats the whole purpose of having alerts to begin with), and it’ll save the paths that I make (which I couldn’t care less about) but not my dog’s paths. I can only hope that gotele will eventually fix these mistakes, but until then I have no use for this item..

  8. Walker T.

    So there are a few trails near my cabin that I’ve always wanted to know where they go exactly and how long they are.I got this GPS to track my position for these treks and it works great!I also plan on using this with my dog. I’ll have one tracker on my dog and the other on me so I can keep track of her while we go on hikes!The app is easy to connect the GPS, it works really well.

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