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3 Reviews for Portable Off-grid Real Time GPS Tracking Device

  1. Sam

    I’ve just returned from a hike up in the mountains with no cell reception and the goTeleb performed perfectly! The messaging feature worked exactly as described and the GPS provided precise location data.The goTele team is definitely dedicated to making their product a game changer in the market. I had some initial questions and issues, but the goTele team responded within 24 hours and the problems were all resolved.I have a Moto Z Force with an extra battery pack, but since there was no cell connection the battery usage was actually very low, and was at about 60% after about 5 hours of hiking and another 3 hours of general use.You can use a single goTele unit by itself and just add yourself to your own group, but it works even better when you have two and join the same group.Be sure to read the documentation and experiment a bit beforehand. Also make sure that you download the maps for the area you will be hiking beforehand.

  2. Julie

    I have two children. I want to know their real-time location at school because they are not yet old enough to protect themselves. When their car leaves home, we receive an alarm every morning, and when they arrive at school, we receive another alarm. If they leave school early, we will also receive an alarm. Accuracy and signal strength are impressive. This equipment is really satisfied, it will do as it says!

  3. Justin S

    The tracking units themselves are very accurate and my dog (a Boxer mix) had no problems with one hanging on her collar. Most of the advertised features work, but there are 3 major problems: 1. The geofence is only able to be made in circles around you, and is not customizable. Meaning you can’t shape to the boundaries of your property. 2. When the person (or in my case, dog) you’re tracking exits the geofence, a silent text appears on your screen to inform you of it, and you have to have the app open and on screen to get the alets. No audio warnings or vibrations whatsoever. Meaning unless you’re constantly staring at the app on your phone the geofence alert is completely useless.. 3. The app also gives you the option to save your tracked routes, but only the routes made by YOU (the tracker). It does NOT save the routes made by the unit that you’re tracking.So in conclusion the geofence cannot sufficiently cover my 32 acres of rectangular shaped property without going into my neighbor’s properties, it won’t alert me that my dog as gone beyond the geofence unless I’m always staring at the app (which defeats the whole purpose of having alerts to begin with), and it’ll save the paths that I make (which I couldn’t care less about) but not my dog’s paths. I can only hope that gotele will eventually fix these mistakes, but until then I have no use for this item..

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Portable Off-grid Real Time GPS Tracking Device