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PETFON Pet GPS Tracker


PETFON Pet GPS Tracker
PETFON Pet GPS Tracker
PETFON Pet GPS Tracker
PETFON Pet GPS Tracker


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3 reviews for Pet GPS Tracker

  1. Sage Clark

    Great GPS monitor, but be leery of the “waterproof” description. I requested a replacement unit after my dog swam with the tracker. The app kept saying that the tracker could not be located. I even tried to unbind the tracker and rebind it, but then the app just said that there was no connectable tracker in view. With that being said, this is a wonderful tracker. The geo fences are helpful and the customization aspect for the light/alert are awesome. It’s also very nice that there’s no fees once you purchase this unit.

  2. Wendy

    After I got the product, I followed the instructions on the manual, turned on my phone’s Bluetooth, scaned the QR code, downloaded and installed the PETFON APP very quick. Then I entered the App, clicked on the upper left corner to open the menu, click “Devices” ?” Management”?”Add new device”, then I scaned the Controller and Tracker for matching according to the APP’s prompt. After that, I tried to setup various functions in the app, like electronic fence, dangerous area, record the number of steps of the puppy, voice alarm, etc.. That’s realy cool, I have to say it is very easy to use.

  3. Aud

    I received this GPS tracker in the mail a couple days ago and I am impressed with the quality of the devices. The app is easy to install and use and I didn’t have any issues syncing the tracker and receiver to my phone via Bluetooth.I was excited about this product because my dog likes to run the neighborhood and we live in a rural wooded area.So far I’m disappointed that the tracker seems to loose connection super easily. It’s done it while I’ve been in my house with the receiver and outside while I’ve still got eyes on my dog. I’m not sure why it is loosing connection. The device is fully charged.UPDATE: I almost returned, but I really wanted it to work for our situation. I’ve decided to keep it because after shrinking the safety zone around our house, it seems to work better. The receiver wouldn’t loose connection with the tracker before my dog went out of the “Geo-fence”. Our house is situated in the middle of 15 wooded acres and our dog is allowed to go outside without being on a leash or inside a fenced in area. He sometimes would wander off and visit neighbors and be back before I knew he was even gone. So basically I wanted something to allow me to be a lazy dog owner (guilty).By shrinking the geo-fence around my house, the app was able to notify me when he roamed beyond the safety zone. I went outside and pushed the button to activate the recording I made on the tracker and my dog came running! The tracker and receiver did disconnect a couple times when he went to lie under our greenhouse to get out of the heat (he’s a husky mix) his favorite napping spot. Also, I was also able to put the receiver outside on the porch railing and have my phone inside with me, the bluetooth connection didn’t seem to have trouble staying connected. I also think this would work great when going on hikes with him too.UPDATE 9/23/19: NOT waterproof. We went on kayaking on the river and my dog swam with the tracker attached to his collar. We tried to position it on the top of his neck, but he must have gone under enough to get the tracker wet. Unfortunately, the tracker has stopped working even after drying out. So far I’ve been unable to reach the company to get a replacement tracker. Hopefully it’s possible.

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Pet GPS Tracker

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