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7 Reviews for Tile Sport

  1. P

    I’ll begin by saying that I love the Tile products and use them A LOT! I use original TIle and the Tile Mate every day, nine of them, and they make my life much more manageable. That said, however, my experience with the Slim has been terrible. I’ve had it in my wallet for several months now and it has always only worked intermittently. More often than not it is unable to be found by the app. It seems to be always searching. It’ll literally be sitting right next to my keys and the Tile Mate on my keys will be found and ringing within seconds of pulling up the app, I’ll find the keys and see the wallet and the app will STILL be searching and will eventually give up. Some times it will not have communicated with my wallet for up to two weeks at a time.Today the app connected to the Tile Slim, it began to ring and as I was walking up the stairs it quit; the app had lost connection. It took another ten minutes to connect while I was searching within the same room.I don’t know what the technical difference is between the slim and the others, and I only have the one slim, but it is just not the same.

  2. Nick D

    Do you have a wallet? Would you like to be able to find it when you lose it?Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket?Then this product is absolutely not for you!Let’s think this through. They put a freaking button dead center in the tile. A button with a hair trigger. That makes your phone ring every time it’s pressed. Or senses a moth farting on the opposite side of the planet.IN A DEVICE DESIGNED TO BE PUT WHERE YOU’LL BE SITTING ON IT.Now some people might find having their phone ring, even on silent mode, every damn time they sit down, to be a good thing.Perhaps they have buttock leprosy and can no longer tell when they’re sitting. For them, this is probably an excellent design.For everyone else, that freaking button will be the bane of your life if you put the tracker designed for wallets in a wallet, then carry your wallet where people carry wallets.

  3. Gravalop

    Purchased for husband who always loses/misplaces his wallet. Nice, sleek design. Fit nicely into wallet. Tile worked when we tested it. However a few days later when he actually misplaced his wallet, tile didn’t work! Luckily we found the wallet, but tile won’t connect to phone. It doesn’t work!

  4. nerium2014donna

    The Sport Tile Mate finds your keys and your phone. It’s a lifesaver for my 19 year old! Great purchase…great value.

  5. jamatkin

    Works great easy to find phone. Only fault why did they not make it so you can change the battery ? JA

  6. jonawi_68

    product was as described brand new and for half of the price retail. everything works as expected.

  7. theelectricd

    Was supposed to be cosmetic package but everything looks top notch retail ready to me.

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