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RESQSKI is an electronic ski finder that detects your ski in minutes using RF technology. Find your skis from up to 30m away and up to 1m down. The RESQSKI tag is waterproof & shockproof with an on/off switch so batteries last all season. For most skiers who stay on the trail, there is no need for this device, but for off trail skiers losing a ski is an ever-present fear. The ski planes under the powder and disappears in seconds. It can end up 10 metres away from where you fall. It can take 10 minutes / a half hour – or never – to find. It can ruin your day and at best disrupt the enjoyment of the rest of the ski group waiting for you.

  • Removable Homing Tags – Attach to each ski via a base plate. The card-sized handheld transceiver locates the tag using flashing lights and sonic beeps.
  • RESQSKI uses world class products – We also provide screws for the reinforcement needed against ski impact.
  • Stop Worrying – There is no need to worry about interference with avalanche beacons, RESQSKI uses a different operating system and frequency.

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Electronic Ski Finder



RESQSKI is an electronic ski finder that detects your ski in minutes using RF technology. Find your skis from up to 30m away and up to 1m down. The RESQSKI tag is waterproof & shockproof with an

RESQSKI: Transceivers For Your Skis - SnowBrains

RESQSKI is an English company that is marketing a very interesting product for powder skiers. They make an electronic ski finder that helps you find your lost skis when you crash and they are buried in snow.

RESQSKI – Electronic Ski Finder For Powder Skis ...

RESQSKI comprises a small handheld transceiver, two low-profile base tags which seat two removable homing tags. The tags are fully waterproof and shockproof and are easily fixed next to the ski’s bindings using a powerful adhesive sticker.


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  1. Charles de Lastic

    I have skied for over 25 years and worked in the alps as a holiday rep and ski guide for 8 seasons. I have seen many people lose skis in deep powder. I personally helped a group of 6 people hunt for 2 hours when someone lost a ski far off piste which would have taken him 4 hours to walk out in deep snow. I have tried ribbons and even long bits of string attached to ribbons but could never get them to stay wrapped inside the ski pants and they end up trailing behind you as you ski. I tried the RESQSKI by burying it 2 foot down in deep snow on the first day of my holiday and it worked like a charm. Knowing I can find my ski after a fall has meant I am happier to go far off piste to find good untracked snow and also ski much steeper more difficult runs with confidence which made for a great holiday in Les Arcs in January. Due to great snow we were off piste most of the week and was confident knowing my RESQSKI was turned on.

  2. Wendy T.

    Purchased these a few years ago for my downhill set up after losing a ski in resort/in-bounds on a 12 inch powder day in the Pacific Northwest. After 3 hours of digging and no ski – returned with a metal detector a week later to recover and decided this would never happen again. Installed on the downhill set up and tested out the transponders not a month later on a steep Whistler POW day – landing in 14 inches of powder and landing on crust my ski released and continued some 30 feet down the hill – got out my Resqski and found the ski in 15 minutes! Just bought new mounting brackets for my new AT set up.

  3. Martin B

    I needed Resqski for the first time this week. After several days of constant snow, we were first up the lift in bright sunshine to ski untracked powder. It was ‘Heliski’ perfect – at least until I fell 10 seconds into my first run, losing one ski somewhere in the deep snow. I don’t know how long it would have taken to find my ski manually (it was buried deep about 8 feet away), but with the Resqski I found it straightaway. By the time we rode the lift up 15 minutes later, that run was halfway to being tracked out – 30 minutes later it was completely gone. On a powder morning, every second counts! So I just wanted to let you know it worked and made a big difference to an (almost) perfect morning.

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