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Yamay Smart Watch

Introducing the YAMAY Smart Watch

This Smartwatch from YAMAY is your health partner for getting in shape. Get great technology at a great price with this feature packed YAMAY Smart Watch. The watch is great if you live an active lifestyle and want to improve your training.

  • Fitness Watches for Men Women – If you live an active lifestyle and want to refine your training or you are a newbie and want to get active, or if you want an accurate waterproof tracker that adds a ton of smart watch features and has great battery (7-10 days).
  • IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker – The YAMAY Smartwatch is IP68 water-resistant, you can wear it when swimming. High sensitive large HD color screen make it easy to operate and give you clear insights to the display. There is 4 stylish clock faces for you to choose from.
  • Accurate Activity Tracker – Automatically track your all-day steps, calories, 24/7 heart rate, sleep stages; Use 14 exercise modes like Run or bicycle to record workouts and connect to smartphone GPS for more precise real-time pace & distance. This special sport modes give you even more detailed insights into your most frequent activities.
  • Smart watch for iPhone and Android Phone – Compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones to get call, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications when your phone is nearby. The watch is slim with a lightweight, anodized aluminum watch body and soft breathable band, very comfortable when wearing.
  • More Practical Features & Satisfied Service – Support female health tracker, breath guide, do not disturb mode, vibration alarm clocks, timer, stopwatch and music controller; If you have any questions about this product or your order, you can contact us at anytime. We reply most buyer messages in less than 12 hours. Buy with confidence.


YAMAY Smart Watch for Android & iOS SW021 (v11)
YAMAY Smart Watch for Android & iOS SW021 (v11) in excellent working condition. Includes charging cable, manual and box.
YAMAY Smart Watch for Android and iOS Phone EXCELLENT Condition
About this item?? Fitness Watches for Men Women?- If you live an active lifestyle and want to refine your training or you are a newbie and want to get active,or if you want an accurate waterproof tracker that adds a ton of smart watch features and has great battery (7-10 days),yamay 020 is right...
YAMAY Smart Watch 2020 Ver. Watches for Men Women Fitness Tracker Blood Pressure
Fitness Tracker- YAMAY 023 watch can automatically track your steps, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality accurately all day.You can also set up to 9 sport modes to track your various workout accordingly.Your every movement will be counted with this watch, which can motivate you...
YAMAY Smart Watch 2020 Ver. Watches for Men Women Fitness Tracker Blood Pressure
Open box. Includes all accessories and manual. Ships for free within 24 hours. Thanks!
YAMAY Smart Watch Waterproof for Men Women Round Fitness Tracker Heart Rate
YAMAY Smart Watch Waterproof for Men Women Round Fitness Tracker Heart Rate ♥【2020 Latest Style Round Smart Watch】- YAMAY 022 smartwatch adopts 1.28 inch 3D curved HD touch screen, metal structure and soft breathable bands, making it very comfortable for wearing and looking stylish both for men...


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Water Resistance LevelWaterproof
YAMAY Smart Watch
released on June 4, 2019

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11 Reviews for YAMAY Smart Watch

  1. N Fox

     I am extremely happy with this watch. I need a watch for work but also to keep track of my steps. The app is so easy to use and sinc up with the watch. I love how it keeps track of everything and is super comfortable even for my small wrist. Watch the cute video.

  2. K. Leasure

    I bought this Yama smartwatch because I trusted their quality from a previous purchase. I wanted a more bold looking smartwatch and that’s what I got! I ordered the red strap and combined with the wider, brighter screen have been encouraging toward my journey to a stronger self. I’m walking more now and I love that I can see clearly how many steps I’m taking. It even measures my heart rate. I love that it is waterproof and it was put to the test when I went on vacation and swam in the pool. My girlfriend’s want one now also! We walk together 2x’s a week together and I’m feeling a difference. I’m trying to lead a less sedate life and when I’m sitting too long a feel that little buzz reminder to get moving! I’m not even a techie yet unboxing it and following the instructions were not too challenging. I hooked it up to my charger and downloaded the app. I liked how easy it was to make this smartwatch sync to my phone and allowing me to see exactly how I’m progressing. I wear it to bed and it even analyzes my sleep pattern so I know the next day that the coffee I had later last night did affect my deep sleep and I’m changing even those habits. There are many great features i.e it can check simple text messages but that’s not why I bought it even though that’s a plus. Yama you’ve done it again with an even greater product. I can’t express enough how vivid the screen is so that even when I’m not wearing my glasses I’m able to see the face clearly. PS The lightweight band is perfect!

  3. Pexu

     I made a video review if you want to check out the basics of the watch before you buy it.I bought this was with the mindset of getting what I primarily needed. A watch, not necessarily the fitness part but this watch got more of my attention just because of the nice features and aesthetics versus the other watches I checked out. I was yelled at work because I pulled out my phone to check the time, so now this should be more accepting lol.I’ve tried this product since I got it about 7 hours ago and it’s really going well with it set up on the SMS notifications, messenger notifs, and do like the alert about someone calling when my phone is on silent.I was reading other reviews and everyone said the watch disconnects constantly, however, I haven’t experienced it just yet, but who knows. I’ll update my review if it does happen. If you have a cheap android without Bluetooth 3.0, then yes you will most definitely experience this since it states in the MANUAL.I hope this was helpful before you make your purchase!!

  4. Doby

    Got this amazing tracker couple of weeks back and not to mention the fast delivery as it was delivered well before even I was expecting it to be home. This is my first smart watch so I had lot of expectations from this cool device and I am really moved and fascinated by the way this cool gadget works.Starting with the build this gadget is really strong and feels really sleek with a sensitive touch screen. The IP68 glass is really glossy and the details are really crisp when in display. it really is full of features that I wasn’t even aware when I got this tracker. It has got a relax feature where in you could really relax once done with the workout. It tracks heart rate, quality sleep time, alarm and 14 different modes of operation. It gets connected to the Bluetooth devices very easily ( I have only tried on my android device and it works like a charm). The pedometer displays the calories burnt, steps walked distance pace and the time I covered during my workout which is all the information I ever wanted from a tracker. can be easily connected to the phone to view the GPS positioning.It works great for the message alerts that comes on to the phone on Facebook, Twitter Whatsapp and all other messaging apps which is really cool. It has got two switches to route between the screens and is equipped with a strong battery which works for 6-7 days if I wear it all day long which is really nice for such a small gadget. It also has this brightness adjustment feature which works under different lighting environment. It has got easy replaceable bands which can be done by switching the clicker on each band on the tracker.Having all the cool features and also being waterproof is what makes this gadget a must have for this price. Works great while swimming and the glass is very strong which can handle wear and tear during heavy workouts. I would really recommend this tracker for the first timers to get started with this tracker and give it a go.The fitness tracker can be tracked by the app which goes by VeryFitPro which can be found on the google play store. The app is very user friendly and is not clunky like other applications out there for tracking. I would give it a 5 star for all the features that this gadget possesses for this price.

  5. Tammy Tabody

    1 word will sum everything up about this fitness watch. AMAZING!. I love how easy it is to navigate and how well it fits. It is so comfortable that I don’t even realize it’s on. I highly recommend it.

  6. Dr. Pepper Nate

    I have used this watch long enough to contribute a useful review. I call this an Android watch because I haven’t used it with my iPhone. I can’t imagine it being very useful for an iPhone; and iPhone users have the Apple Watch, which is light years ahead of this watch. I have divided my review into several important parts, and reviewed each one individually. My final rating will be an average of the following:Battery LifeWrist BandSizeDisplayEase of UsePush NotificationsAppsThemesComfortValueBattery Life 5/5I’m able to extend my battery life to four days, and I receive notifications all day. I’m highly impressed with the battery life.Wrist Band 4/5With several choices in colors, and a well-built strap, this is a very comfortable and secure band. I couldn’t give it five stars because when it gets dirty, it is not easy to clean. I was not able to bring it back its original shine without using alcohol.Size 5/5The size of the watch face is similar to the Apple Watch, and not too big or too small. It’s perfect. Very few Android smartwatches on the market are sized within reason. Most of them are way too big and gaudy.Display 3/5The display does not utilize most of the watch face, so this is a big setback in my opinion. I can still read everything displayed, so in no way is the watch useless due to the small display size.Ease of Use 3/5Tactile buttons left and right are very easy to use, swiping through screens is simple, but this watch could have been designed without two tactile buttons. The left one serves only one independent function (starting exercise function), and a dual-function along with the right button (turning screen on/off). That’s it. Those functions could have easily been integrated into the right button alone. The “lift wrist screen sense” is too sensitive, period. My watch constantly turns on, even when I’m sleeping and turn from side to side, when my wrist doesn’t actually lift. Thankfully, this function can be manually turned off if you are annoyed by this, but you will have to turn the display on with the left/right tactile button. Lastly, the vibration feedback is moderate, and I would prefer that it would be stronger. I wear the strap loose on my wrist, and sometimes don’t notice the vibration.Push Notifications 2/5The amount of notifications you receive are very limited. I don’t use social media apps, so the only notifications I receive are text messages and phone calls. Emojis do not transfer. Text message notifications show the phone number or contact, the time, and are easily dismissed through a trash can icon. Longer texts come through, and scrolling through the message on the watch is simple. My reason for such a low rating is that I receive multiple duplicate notifications throughout the day, and that is highly disruptive and frankly annoying. The duplications seem to come at completely random times as well. I don’t seem to ever miss a text message notification, which is a very good thing.Apps 2/5There simply aren’t enough apps that come stock on this watch, nor are any available for download. The music controller is nice, but difficult to get to. There is no setting for it to be visible when the music is playing and the watch face is woken. Once you shut the watch face off, or receive a notification, the music controller is gone and two swipes and a tap are needed to get it back. I have not been able to get the alarm app to work. Settings are very limited as well.Themes 2/5The only reason this didn’t receive only 1* is because there are four watch faces to choose from, but that is all. I happened to like the one that looks like the Portland Trailblazers logo. The rest of them look absolutely ridiculous to me as a male. I’m very unimpressed, and hope they provide updates soon.Comfort 5/5This is a very comfortable watch to wear. It’s perfect in that respect. It looks really nice on the wrist. The bottom of the watch which touches the skin is not rough, but smooth. Sensory-oriented folks will be pleased.Value 3/5There are many Android smartwatches on the market that do all of the functions this watch performs for far less money. But, the most important aspect of the watch for me was design. I knew that buying an Android smartwatch meant I wouldn’t have the same functionality as an Apple Watch, so it was important to me that the watch didn’t look ugly. This watch delivers value in that regard, but the other shortcoming barely make the purchase worth it. The watch doesn’t contribute significantly to my life due to its limited functionality. However, I do enjoy looking at the sleep monitor and heart rate feedback; I just don’t know how accurate they can be. All in all, I would buy the watch again. Thank you for a decent product, and I hope you update the firmware soon.Overall Avg. Rating: 3.5 starsEDIT: I really disliked constantly receiving continuous duplicate notifications. I returned the watch. Also, the watch stopped sending all sms notifications.

  7. Raheem B

    Still a work in progress, learning curve. Seems okay. The tough part seems to be figuring out the app that You are supposed to use. We will see, probably take a while, to early to really give an evaluation.

  8. Sam

    Not bad for a $80 watch. My son love it, he never miss my sms again.

  9. Pan

    I only got my watch today. Overall for the price I am happy with it. I ordered the purple band which is more of a raspberry color. The actual screen display is smaller than the watch face this means that the SMS alerts are teeny tiny. If you don’t see well this could cause much squinting trying to read them. Also the Spotify (audio player) is annoyingly tacked onto the excercise selection screen accessible by pushing the button on the left handside and swiping left to the last page. You then have to push the right hand button to stop the timer which turns on with this option. Very clunky.Apart from that I’m happy with it. Very easy to set up via the VeryFit Pro app. Battery was 88% charged out of the box. I’m receiving SMS messages & phone alerts which can be rejected by tapping the watch. For a cheaply priced Smart Watch I’m happy with its functionality – all except thee teeeny weeny alert text.

  10. Steven

    At first glance, this smart watch looks almost exactly like an Apple Watch (at less than half the cost). Despite a few core differences, this remains a cost effective alternative that would be ideal for a child or someone who doesn’t need all the bells and whistles.Setup was relatively easy. After downloading the app, synch your phone with the device and then run the updates. From there, you have the ability to turn on/off whatever features you’re looking to use. I chose to deactivate some options to preserve the battery and my watch had remained charged for about 5 days now.It takes a little use to get familiar with navigating the screens (you can swipe side-to-side for different functions and up/down for settings and features within each function). There’s two buttons – the one on the right is basically “home”, and I haven’t quite figured out what the sport mode on the left does? I think it’s very similar to accessing the sport features through the menu, but maybe a quicker way of getting to it?The two main reasons I was interested in a smart watch are the ability to track my partner’s erratic sleep patterns, and to manage text messages. The sleep monitor is relatively basic and essentially breaks things down into a graph of deep sleep, light sleep, and awake times. Beyond that there isn’t much insight available, but when used with a third party app you can get a more detailed analysis.Texting is a bit underwhelming. Firstly, emoji’s do not display (it says [emoji] regardless of which one is sent). Pictures can not be opened. Messages can not be replied to. The primary function is to read and “delete” messages – which is not synched with your device, so a “read” message will not indicate that on your phone if opened on the watch. There is a lot of room for improvement with this feature, but it does exactly what I needed to and for the price point is adequate – which is why I’ve chosen not to reduce the stars in my review.A neat feature is like the “find my iPhone” app, but when you press the button your device rings/vibrates (depending on if it’s set to silent). You can also choose to keep the watch in on-mode, or “raise to turn on” which preserves the battery. There is a stop-watch, timer, heart rate monitor, and breathing exercise to help you relax. The pedometer counts your steps and burned calories, but you should set up your user profile in the app on your phone so this is more accurate. You can “control” music on your device, though this is limited to play/pause and skipping tracks at random (you can’t scroll through your library).After setup, I synched with my iPhone’s Health app to share data. But again, make sure both profiles are up to date (height, weight, gender, etc) or the information will look different from one app to the next.Overall, the quality is better than I expected given how affordable it is, but it’s not an Apple Watch replacement by any means. Still, it had all the key features I wanted and is a good starter smart watch for someone who needs something simple.

  11. Kurly

    What I like is that it is a very light thin comfortable watch. The band breathes very well with all those little holes. I mainly use it to remind me of my hydration by setting the countdown timer to 30 minutes for example during the workday. I guess for the amount you pay it is a reasonable watch unfortunately if you want to use the stopwatch or countdown timer you cannot view the time or do any other functions without resetting those functions to zero. It is good to have the reminder that text has come through but the print is very small on the watch screen. Another bonus is it is waterproof and unlike some phones you can touch the screen without any problems even when wet. I would classify it as a watch that a person would require only the basics from. But good value for money 😎

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