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Vufine Wearable Display
Vufine Wearable Display


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3 reviews for Vufine Wearable Display

  1. jmumv

    The concept is great, but the implementation is not ergonomic. The display is not very adjustable, so I don’t get to see the entire image. It needs to be able to tilt in all 4 directions and be able to slide in/out of the support. I hope to try a future generation of this product.

  2. HeYyOuGuYs

    I bought this as a kind of experiment. I’m an illustrator/ painter and I work from photo references, or 3D model programs. I found this to be a great tool/ time saver while I work. Normally i’ll have my computer with my references set up on the side and whatever my canvas is in front of me. Sometimes its a nuisance to have to turn my head so much to look at the reference and by the time I turn back to my work I have lost the specific spot I was concentrating on. The beautiful thing about the vufine display is that I can keep my eye exactly where I’m working and then just shift focus onto the reference. I’ve gotten pretty quick at it, and it prevents my neck from getting exhausted! One of the mounts it comes with allows you to pretty much position it anywhere you need high/low/left/right, and that helps with comfort and the position I sit in ( I can be looking down on a page and look up at the reference, or up at a canvas and look down for the reference) haven’t had the chance to use it for sculpture yet, but I can see it being a huge benefit.When I draw comic books its also a really nice feature to be able to read the script/character descriptions while I rough in a page. This has given me an idea to use it as I obnoxiously sing songs while I work so my girlfriend gets annoyed. I can look up any Chumbawamba song and read the lyrics as I dance. Maybe this would be good for actors on set rehearsals or musicals?It’s nice that it comes with prescriptionless glasses, but they are pretty small. I have a small head and they fit pretty snug.

  3. Troy Underwood

    Alrighty, I have played around with the Vufine for a couple days now and have some mixed feelings.For one, it is useless if you intend to use it with thin-framed glasses. Even with the included ‘brace’ for thin frames, the Vufine is just too heavy. The mount was constantly slipping downward. To make matters worse, it was extremely uncomfortable and you will constantly be adjusting your glasses due to the added weight. I have a hat mount on the way which should take care of that issue, still a bummer that it doesn’t work right out of the box though.So, that’s a bummer. But onto the good stuff, which may surprise you..With the included dorky glasses, the mount works quite well! It does not slip off your face like normal script glasses will (at least in my case). It’s pretty neat not having to look down at a field monitor and instead have a small screen constantly in your FOV. Takes some getting used to, but it will certainly come in handy when I’m shooting video with my Ronin.The BEST use I’ve found so far with the Vufine surprised me though.. For taking photos!! Holy sh*t if you find yourself trying to take photos in unusual positions and don’t want to use the back LCD screen, this is literally like a small electronic viewfinder constantly on your eye. Honestly it’s so good with my A7Riii, that I can go out shooting and not even have to rely on the EVF or back LCD screen.So there you have it…. Sucks for prescription glasses, is okay for video shoots, and kicks ass for taking photos in difficult positions/locations. It’s overpriced in my opinion, but I’ll be keeping mine because of the usefulness I stated above.

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Vufine Wearable Display