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VISIONHMD BIGEYES H1 are head-mounted 3D Video Viewing System

These are NOT VR Goggles, but a 3D viewing system to watch 3D movies, games and 2D video with a virtual 200-inch screen! The VisionHMD BigEyes H1 is like wearing a personal big screen TV you can take with you.

  • NOT VR. These are video glasses which are great to watch regular movie or 3D movie privately. You can connect to 3D Movie Online, Netflix, Apple TV,… etc. and watch wherever you like. BUT NOT IDEAL for TEXT, OFFICE WORKING, or CAD DRAWING
  • Kindly follow the instruction manual provided with the product and contact the seller in case of any further queries.
  • The incredible 3D image is composed by two individual LCDs. This technology simulates human eyes so you are able to enjoy a comfortable experience of 3D environment. BIGEYES H1 also delivers sharp and clear picture quality. Each eye equipped a 1280×720 LCD. Accept 2D and 3D Side-by-Side Horizontal video. HDCP compatible, support 720p, 1080i, 1080p video format.
  • HDMI input, easy connection to Blu-ray 3D player, DVD player, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, iPhone, iPad; also ideal to work as an FPV goggles (RF receiver not included) only for done’s controller with HDMI output. Remarks: It is not recommend if your main use is Gaming, Electronic book reading or Office working.
  • Support adjustable inter-pupillary distance; compact, lightweight for long term comfort wearing; also support nearsighted between 0 ~ 5.0 D

At you can purchase a Vision Visionhmd Bigeyes H1 3D Video Glasses with HDMI input 160*52*63mm for only $99.99., which is 28% less than the cost in ($139.00). The cheapest price was found on April 17, 2024 6:11 am. – View Buying Options



Vision Visionhmd Bigeyes H1 3D Video Glasses with HDMI input 160*52*63mm
Vision Visionhmd Bigeyes H1 3D Video Glasses with HDMI input...


Experience immersive entertainment like never before with the VisionHMD BigEyes H1 3D Viewer. This cutting-edge device offers an unparalleled viewing experience, bringing your favorite movies, games, and TV shows to life in stunning detail. With its advanced optics and ergonomic design, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action. But this isn't just about entertainment - the VisionHMD BigEyes H1 is also a powerful tool for education and training. Whether you're studying anatomy or learning to fly a plane, the 3D viewer gives you an amazing level of depth and detail. Plus, it's lightweight, portable, and easy to use - just plug it in and start exploring. Discover the benefits of the VisionHMD BigEyes H1 for yourself and revolutionize the way you see the world.



The VisionHMD BigEyes H1 3D Viewer is a cutting-edge device that allows users to immerse themselves in an exceptional visual experience. This viewer is primarily designed to enhance the entertainment value of movies and video games, as it displays them in a 3D format for a thoroughly immersive experience. This gadget features two high-resolution displays and supports HDMI input, making it compatible with a broad range of devices, including gaming consoles and computers. The high-quality lenses provide users with crystal-clear visuals that are augmented by adjustable eye distance and focus, ensuring maximum comfort and eye safety. The Viewer's design is lightweight and comfortable, making it ideal for extended viewing sessions. The H1 3D viewer is easy to use and not only provides for entertainment purposes but also supports 2D/3D mode switching, enabling users to explore educational and creative endeavors. This viewer is perfect for individuals looking for a convenient and portable means of indulging in premium 3D content, with its robust build and sleek design making it the ultimate immersive viewing experience.


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Model: Bigeyes H3
VisionHMD BigEyes H1
released on June 21, 2017
I meant the power of the battery is sustaining for how long? Is it 6hrs or more, because most of them turns off after 6 to 8 hrs.

Hi, there is no battery in the BIGEYES H1. If you connect to a power bank of 9600 mAh, it is 8 hrs.

I want to use these for my work, I want to sit out on my deck and be able to see the screen(s) Will that work like that? can I select multi screens?

NO, these video glasses are not suitable for work. These were designed to watch video so that the text is not clear and crisp. Please don’t use them for work or any purpose for watch text or very accurate drawing.

How long the battery life last long?

Hi, no battery inside. You need a power source such like a smart phone charger is a perfect one.

My firetablet hd has no hdmi but i have a converstion cable. will my tablet work with that?

An easy way for you to check that, if your fire tablet and conversion cable can work with a TV, then them can work with these glasses.

Does it work with a portable dvd player

If it has both a standard USB 2.0-3.0 port and a standard HDMI port, then it will work almost flawlessly. However, that being said, occasionally the enclosed headphones will only play the right channel audio track without the left.



Display: Dual LCD screens, resolution : 1280 x 720 each eye: Video & Audio Input: HDMI , HDCP Compatible, Support 720p, 1080i, 1080p video: 3D Format


VISIONHMD Delight Your Eyes. We deliver the most amazing video glasses

VISIONHMD Bigeyes H1 584PPI 2.5K Equivalent Screen 3D ...

VISIONHMD BIGEYES H1 is a head-mounted 3D viewer/ video glasses,NOT VR which let you watch 3D movies, games or 2D video with a virtual 200-inch screen1.Private wherever3.Support 3 3D video formats: Frame packing Blu-ray 3D, Side-by-Side, Top-and-Bottom.4.2.5K Equivalent Display - each eye equipped an HD720p 584PPI LCD, 2 pieces of LCD deliver incredible 3D video experience5.HDMI ...



5 Reviews for VisionHMD BigEyes H1

  1. graceyuan77

    light weight, good image quality, large FOV, good value for movie watching.

  2. kevi.lac

    If you are looking for a decent sized monitor appearance but no space for one this is great. Use it with the Xbox when the wife is studying. Work great. Shipped quick.

  3. Taters Barn

    I am thoroughly impressed with this HMD. I’ve been looking for an affordable head mounted display with flexibility for a while, but almost all you find on the market excessively expensive or display an extremely low resolution. The screens, while not perfect, are truly 720p LCD screens, one for each eye. The focus options are pretty simple to use and with some minor repositioning and brightness adjustment you can usually get a very clear picture. 3D content looks especially good, as there is no light pollution or glare to get in the way. The HDMI input is a hardwired cable you plug directly into your device, and attached to that is a usb cable for power. This makes the headset itself very light, as there is no built in power. Worst case scenario, you can just use a portable USB power bank to power them. But most devices have a USB port available. All in all the picture quality is more than acceptable, and with good source content it feels as good as your HDTV. Unfortunately, it is still a backlit LCD screen an inch from your eyes, and you are likely to experience some eyestrain with extended use.While this is of course not a VR headset, you can still play games. playing games in 2D is fun enough, but using Tridef 3D drivers you can play most of your games in 3d as long as you have a strong enough graphics card.Pros:-Flexible compatibility: connects to any HDMI device and supports 3 different 3D content types. Even in 2D it is great for most devices.-Light weight, thanks to no internal battery.-Comfortable headband once you take the time to adjust it.-Comes with a great hardshell carrying case and a short pair of earbuds to head your content.Cons:-LCD screens are not as clear or comfortable to view as more expensive OLED screens-The need for USB power makes it less portable, however USB power banks are inexpensive now.-Using the HDMI signal for sound with high volume sometimes causes noticeable interference in the video signal. This only happens with especially high volume sounds and very low frequencies. The entire problem is solved by using a different source for audio (such as a receiver or onboard sound card.)

  4. Brent Trafton

    The VISIONHMD Bigeyes H1 does what it claims. It is like watching a large movie screen. However, you are not going to get crystal clear picture quality from a small, lightweight, portable device that costs $239. The picture quality is somewhat low resolution and the plastic optics make the edges of the screen are distorted.I generally wear glasses but I cannot use them with the Bigeyes H1, so I have adjusted the focus and it works pretty good.I mostly use these when I want a big screen experience like sitting up front at a movie theater and for 3D nature videos. The 3D is reason enough to purchase this product. (Do not use the 3D button when watching 3D videos. It will mess up your picture.)For best picture quality, I change the magnification to 90% and turn the brightness down a couple of notches.Bigeyes H1 is decent for the price but it will not give you the same picture quality as your HDTV.

  5. D. M. Sammons

    They do NOT WORK with the XBox 1….. at all. The fact that the company warranted in the Amazon Q&A that it would work with the XBox 1 is totally upsetting because I researched and researched this device before finally purchasing. It worked with my laptop when I connected the HDMI, mostly. On my laptop, the view through the glasses has a glitch where it looks like hundreds of digital razor blades are slashing across the screen when viewing movies, documents through Microsoft Word, well, anything. Even if the HDMI connection had worked on the XBox, they don’t I’ll remind you (all you see is a digitized gray and blue field), the HDMI is totally impractical. It’s not like you can go to the store and buy a 16 ft. long HDMI cord to connect from the video glasses into another device, the video glasses have a cord where one end connects to the glasses and the other end is HDMI. It would have made MUCH more sense to have an HDMI connection port on the glasses, themselves. The cord is too short!! Why would anyone need these glasses for a laptop or DVD player when your laptop or DVD player (I did not use these on a DVD player, so I cannot warrant that they would work with such a player) is right there in from of your face?? Did I mention that the video quality is not really 1080p resolution?? That’s another upsetting aspect of these video glasses. I’m going to return these. Maybe someday they will get this right, but they’re not there yet. I’m not looking for a VR experience. I just want to be able to sit in my chair, put on video glasses with a large immersive screen, put on my Bose QC 35 II and become completely immersed elsewhere. With my hectic day to day life as an attorney and my two small children running about like the adorable crazy people they are when I get home, such an escape at the end of the evening would be an absolute dream. This company has the right idea. They have failed in their execution of that idea. Until they make the changes I’ve been suggesting, please don’t waste your money or time.

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