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The Myvu Video Glasses Solo Plus are your Personal Video Screens

Watch videos in privacy right in your eyes with Myvu Video Glasses, the Solo Plus Media Viewer. Enjoy video content with these personal media viewer glasses from Myvu!

  • Bright full-sized image that’s daylight viewable
  • Comfortable, lightweight, see-through design with slim profile maintains your natural vision
  • Slim design
  • Easy access to video controls on pendant
  • Comfortable, noise-reducing in-ear earbuds
  • Great looking video and long battery life

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InterfaceiPod 30 Pin
To FitSmartphone/Video MP3 Player
FeaturesBuilt-In Headphones
Myvu Video Glasses
released on October 7, 2007



Summary of Contents for myvu solo plus edition. Page 2: Table Of Contents WARNING: NOTICE The myvu personal media viewer must not be used The information in this manual is subject to change in any circumstances for which a complete field of without notice. Myvu Corporation shall not be liable for vision is necessary for reasons of safety.

Review: Myvu Personal Media Viewer Solo Plus Edition

Solo Plus, unlike last year’s version, contains an Apple authentication chip so that it can work with the iPod classic, the third-generation iPod nano, iPod touch, and the iPhone. It also works properly with the fifth-generation iPod. Changes have subtly been made to each component from last year’s version.


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8 Reviews for Myvu Video Glasses

  1. S. Mitchell

    The glasses work great! Obviously as technology improves so will the resolution, but for now I’m pleased with the quality. I did as much research I could since video glasses are fairly new and found these to have the best review. I’m actually surprised how lightweight they are and don’t take much space at all. The only warning I have is be prepared to have people asking a lot of questions. I travel quite a bit and these are a great addition to my ipod.

  2. ……

    I bike every day at my local gym. I hate watching football or Oprha on the TVs. I just purchased a second gen ipod Touch, just for watching training videos. Any training video that looks good on the Touches screen is great with these glasses. The only issue is with training videos that have text on the screen. If the recorded screen shot is too small, it will be too small on the Touches screen and thus these glasses. However, if the video is of an instructor lecturing, the video is great, and so is watching with these glasses. The best part is that the glasses do not cover your eyes completely. Thus, you can see over them and under them to talk to someone or adjust something without the need to take the glasses off. Very cool!

  3. Erich F. Stocker

    I am not too impressed with this unit. It doesn’t work consistently. Sometimes it is difficult to get a video to display on it. In addition, it is terrible for anyone with eyeglasses. It is advertised as presenting a virtual 50″ screen. Basically it projects a screen the size of the ipod at some predetermined virtual distance from your eyes. The quality of video is not as good on the projected screen as it is on the ipod. Don’t waste your money on this item.

  4. Frank J. Scala

    I just received these glasses and im disappointed at my own higher expectations for this product.YES, it can make you cross-eyed if you don’t adjust the proper distance from your eyes and if you wear glasses to watch tv, then I think this product should be passed on because w/ my 20/20 vision i had some issues of blurryness.The screen distance and size is marginal but acceptable. If you wish to watch some blockbuster special effects movie, I tested it with Star Wars: A New Hope, and it was decent, not spectacular in the least but again acceptable.I purchased them so that when the tv was being used for video gaming and/or I wished to watch a film unpopular with others in the room, I could plug this into my portable dvd player and be unbothered by the “hijacking” of my tv.So, it serves it purpose with barely a plus more.I’ve watched both classic films and sci-fi special effects films and found the sound far superior than the pitcure quality. However, as I tweeked the glasses and the dvd player the situation improved and the film experiences acceptable.I am sure I will invest in a higher quality product similar to this one at some point in the future, but this product will suffice until then. As someone who never attempted to view a film in this manner, I am mildy amused and sufficiently satisfied to keep them as long as a full charge can be achieved and multiple films viewed on a single charge. I was unaware of the charging situation and assumed it charged directly through my dvd player a HUGE MISTAKE, as the glasses cut out in the middle of a classic film making me quite annoyed. The instructions, though simple, are far from thorough and a full charge through the USB port on the controller pod is necessary in order to watch anything full-length. We will see how it performs once full charge is achieved. If not then they’re being returned because they are quite useless unless a charge of at least 4 hours at a minimum can be achieved.A further review with a follow-up will be updated within the next few days.

  5. Honest John

    After receiving the product, I found the video portion to be as described by others, which I found acceptable. The audio, however, worked only on one side. If stereophonic sound was functional I think it would have made for a very nice product.That said, I returned the product to LordShopping, who promptly accused me of returning a product that they had not sent to me.”Hi, we just received the Myvu Media Viewer back from you. Upon close inspection of the item, we noticed that the Viewer you sent us back does not match the one we have on file for this item. We scan all our products before we ship it out and the serial # on the item you sent back does not match any of our transactions.”This is an inexcusable way to treat a customer. I stated that it was the one and only such Myvu viewer I ever received, and of course had a record of receiving it from them. This was on February 4 and still have neither received a message from them, credit, nor a returned functioning product. I have filed a complaint with Amazon.I will avoid buying products from LordShopping and expect an apology if they ever figure out where they messed up.

  6. Kim K

    We don’t know how to rate this product because we haven’t used it. We have had it for almost a month now and the seller said they would send us the cord to be able to use it and they have yet to do that. We bought them because my husband wanted to use them when he went over seas and without that cords this is just around 150 dollars just laying around the house. We have never bought something like this and if you have an iphone or ipod then it would probably work great however when a seller tells you they would send you a cord but then doesn’t really drops your opinion of the item. Take it how you want when we do actually get to use them we will tell you how we like them.

  7. Perrin

    I don’t have any other experience with video glasses but my honest opinion on these is that for $50 you really can’t go wrong! The image that is displayed is a tad small and by no means HD but does the job well. What you get for the price is impressive though. They came with a really nice carrying case and they don’t feel cheap material wise.

  8. Mr. V.

    It works well enough for the money. Don’t expect high resolution or readability of text though. if you’re expecting to use it for that, look elsewhere.

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