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Goovis G2 Pro 3D Cinema Headset / Theater Goggles

The Goovis G2 Pro are personal theater goggles for viewing movies, games, FPV + VR. The G2 creates an immersive 4K experience for the wearer. Transport yourself to another place with these VR viewing goggles from Goovis. The Goovis Cinego is the 2K x2 headset which can replace any home theater, TV, or smartphone for viewing video with ease in a  portable integrated headset.

  • GOOVIS Pro Personal 3D Viewer: Supports Blu-ray player, Meet Your Personal Immersive 4K Cinema Lightweight headset with heavyweight features. Get immersive theater-quality entertainment anywhere
  • Controller: Android 7.0. A53 64-bit Quad-Core ARM Cortex. 2GB+32GB. Bluetooth 4.1. Wifi2.4G/5G 802.11b/g/n/ac. 8000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery.
    Support 667MHZ data frequency and bandwidth up to10.672 Gbps. Excellent color management System ,Cooperate with Sony to work out the outstanding color management solution
  • High Compatibility: New video scaling algorithm to support multiple 3D video input formats Can connect with Switch, Drone, PS4, Xbox, PPTV, Laptop, Smart Phone and so on.
  • Wide range of applications: Cinego can be used to watch movies, play games, and make video calls with friends through Bluetooth, Cinego can connect with DJI P4 Pro plus by HDMI interface then you can feel the world through the glasses as free as a bird, by WIFI connection, it can connect to set-top box, PS4, xBox, PC, Goovis control box, smart phones, mobile hard drives, U disk / TF card, you can use this personal cinema enjoy Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, etc.

At you can purchase a GOOVIS (G2) Cinego Personal Mobile Cinema 3D Player Theater VR Headset Virtual for only $499.99., which is 58% less than the cost in ($1,198.00). The cheapest price was found on January 15, 2022 9:10 pm. – View Buying Options



GOOVIS (G2) Cinego Personal Mobile Cinema 3D Player Theater VR Headset Virtual
GOOVIS (G2) Cinego Personal Mobile Cinema 3D Player Theater VR...
Overall good condition, has some minor wear but plenty of life left! Please see photos! Comes with all original accessories! Retails for $999.99 Get now for huge discount!



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Goovis G2 Pro
released on May 5, 2019


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New GOOVIS Pro-2021, GOOVIS G2-2021 Now Available with New design Carrying Case, Special Price with D3 Player

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GOOVIS Young (T2) Got The First in the World: Low Blue Light Content (All Mode) VR Headset Certified by TÜV Rheinland. GOOVIS Young could provide to you with No yellow distortion, High color quality, and Healthier using experience.

GOOVIS Cinego (G2) Personal Mobile Cinema + Player (G2 ...

All GOOVIS headsets, including G2, Pro and Young, are equipped to with 2 1920*1080p OLED displays which provide you excellent clearness and sharpness by having 42 Pixels Per Degree (PPD) while headsets from other brands only have less than 20 PPD. 1 OLED Screen for Each Eye = A Giant 800" Virtual Screen


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15 Reviews for Goovis G2 Pro

  1. Jorge Pertuz Mejia

    This is the one i really like thank

  2. Marat Sheynkman

    Unit is switching off by itself. Have to reset the unit 2-3 times during watching of one movie.Battery is completely discharging within 1.5 hours. It is only enough to watch 1 regular movie. Then you have to charge it for 5-6 hours to watch another movie. Bad design for a price of over $1,000.

  3. Brad Jackman Clooney

    Just received my order yesterday. So far, I’m pleased. The screen is sharp and overall smooth with minimal juddering. Depending on the video setting of your blu-ray player, you can get a really stunning visual experience.The headset feels light and not heavy on the head or face. I could use this for hours. The device doesn’t look cheap even if light, but the foam padding on the face looks like it was bought from the dollar store. Come on, for something this expensive you placed a super-cheap padding? I think this will be tattered after a month of use.My Sony blu-ray player How To Train Your Dragon 3D and there were a few minor issues with transitioning of darkness and light. Overall, it was very good though.My main issue is the looong time it takes to recharge the controller. The control looks sturdy and not cheap, but performance wise it is also very clunky and many times during the two hour movie it would just turn off and I needed to reset it. Very annoying. The controller also has the volume control but actually has zero function on the volume. Kept pressing up and down and the volume is stuck on max. Good thing it’s not overpowering. I think it’s a software bug problem.The software interface in the controller looks cleaner and more advanced than Cinera (which felt like a a very barebones beta).I also have issue with the permanently attached HDMI on the headset. Whoever thought of that design should have listened to opposing opinions.Compared to the $780 Cinera, which was so buggy, this $1100 Goovis did much better. Cinera still has the bigger, more immersive screen. Unfortunately, my Cinera order was defective as it would not play blu-Ray 3D even with updates firmware, and I have to return it. I decided that Goovis would be its worthy replacement.

  4. John Schloendorn

    These perform as advertised. Beautiful 1080p displays. Everything is adjustable to match even the most crooked viewer faces. After some hours of use my head feels squeezed and I am a bit motion sick. But hey, that’s what VR glasses are for, aren’t they? Seriously, they’re as comfortable as this kind of widget can possibly be made.

  5. MIke VR

    Top notch visuals, but a headset that’s a little clunky. You have to play around to get it to fit on your head just right. An overhead strap would’ve helped immensely. Don’t they test these things before releasing them? But watch a 3d movie on this baby and you feel like you’ve never watched a movie before. The Wizard of Oz puts you right there on the farm in Kansas, and you are immersed in Oz like never before. Fast forward to Aladdin and the dazzling visuals in 2d become an experience like no other in 3d. Don’t cheap out on the lesser price version of this product. Only get this one. It’s expensive, but well worth it when you strap it on and watch the Genie leap off the screen and make you a part of the movie.

  6. Jen

    I had Goovis pro vr headset 3d for 2 weeks. My husband loves it. The screen size is only 200″ for him when he compares it with his 150 inch projector screen.Can I make the screen bigger?Can I have options to lock and unlock the screen?Can it play vr 3d 180 video?

  7. John Lin

    I’ve been using GOOVIS 3D Headset ever since they came out and I was very impressed with the product. I’ve been using it at home to watch movies, connected to laptops, taken it on airline trips, etc. and it the picture quality is awesome. The resolution is comparable to a large screen TV. Not really as large as compared to cinema, but definitely better than PC monitors. In my opinion the experience is superior to TV or computer screen because you don’t get distracted with surroundings and can focus your eyes on the imagery. What’s even better is that it has diopter controls so I don’t have to wear eyeglasses when using the device. It’s such a relief because I love the feeling that I’m no longer vision impaired. The headset itself is quite light overall, I can wear it for hours (while watching movies) without feeling strained. The controller is usable on its own right as video player, SD card reader, or even a USB charger. The only downside is the price; it’s definitely not cheap, but the quality is good and sturdy, I expect it to last for quite a few years. A word of warning for those who expect a VR experience – this device is not meant for game playing because the field of view is not extended to the peripheral vision, and it’s not designed for head tracking.

  8. James M.

    Great product. I bought the original and just upgraded to the latest version.When I travel, I can watch movies on the plane without distraction.

  9. Johnny Boy

    This is very uncomfortable, i returned it

  10. Grind time

    I like how it looks we’ll put together they say it projects 800 inch Imax screen that I didn’t see picture where kinda blurry in my opinion I didn’t think it was not worth the money that was spent so I send it back.

  11. Danny D

    The Goovis is the state of the art virtual viewer with 3D capabilities. I watched Captain Marvel in 3D and the depth and clarity of the movie was the best possible quality I could have imagined! It looked like I was actually in the room with the actors. The 3D rendering is beautiful beyond any 3D technology thats available on the market. Im very impressed with everything Ive watched on this viewer. I would recommend this to anyone who is into Virtual viewers

  12. Braduke

    I had difficulty to get a customer rep in USA to clear some of the questions i had about Goovis Pro. After lot of discussion and research, eventually I bought a Goovis Pro from here. The picture quality is good. The sales rep told me that the size of the screen is 66 feet and 66 feet away from the eyes. I found that the screen size is not that big. The system works on android. It has a battery pack. That get heated pretty high. It has a square opening where a fan is located. If you close the window (say you are watching movie after placing the battery pack on a pillow) , i am pretty sure the battery temperature will go soo high. The temperature management is not good. I paired my Bose blue tooth headset with this. Noticed that near the eyes (location close to where the HDMI cable is connected) , there is a fan sound coming out. It was really bothering me. It had an you tube app already setup in the system. When i use that, you tube channels are pretty good. But when i went inside the app store and downloaded youtube app, the channels through that is not that good. The compactness is good. Weight is not that high when you wear on the head. After couple of hour of evaluation, i decided not to keep it. Not worth to spend this much heavy price on this item. I have an Oculus quest. That is $399.00. If i compare the performance of that with Goovis (not the VR functionality, but talking about video say the BigCinema app in Oculus), i would say Oculus is far far better. The screen size of goovis pro will be pretty much 1/4th size of Big Cinema screen in Oculus. If i put base price of Oculus, i would pay a max of $400 for Goovis Pro. If you are planning to use for office meetings, yes i recommend Goovis. Else if you are planning to use in home to watch movie, i definitely DO NOT recommend this product.

  13. japanese user

    Bluetooth does not support WF-1000XM3G2 supported

  14. Tianhao Shao

    The picture quality is better than I expected, especially when I use it to watch 3D movies.

  15. Amazonka

    not accurate description according what is as described, not comfortable, couldn’t get screen focused even tho it has focus dial , getting to hot when powered on , googles getting hot an the unit getting hot , battery doesn’t last , so short life, also not enough cables, instructions confusing, confusing when trying these on, perfect advertisement but in reality doesn’t meet the expectations the ones been described, I personally think these outdated and not worth the money to spend, even if you have 500 , I still would not buy as it is not worth it , they are claiming a lot of things but the technically tried not worth it!thank youcheap Chinese product..

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