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XOSS / CooSpo Armband Heart Rate Monitor

The XOSS / Coospo Armband Heart Rate Monitor provides continuous live, accurate heart rate monitoring and is compatible with mobile training apps through Bluetooth and ANT+ Smart technology.

  • The heart rate armband is an early warning system for the health monitoring (HR max of different people is not the same, the estimated formula is 208-0.7*Age)
  • Accurate Monitor, Optical Sensor System, Comfort Wearing, 20H Working Time, IP67 Waterproof, vibration alarm
  • Heart rate armband measures your heart rate in real-time during the exercise. Bluetooth & ANT+ dual-mode allows connecting to smartphones, tablets, GPS watches, and bike computers by Wahoo, Polar, Garmin, Suunto, and more.
  • The heart rate monitor tracker comes with a rechargeable battery that allows you to work out up to 25+ hours. LED indicator makes it easy to see if your device is connected and working.
  • IP67 waterproof design, the best choice for fitness enthusiasts. It can be used for handwashing, household chores, and in the rain. However, it is not recommended for swimming or bathing.
  • Breathable and lightweight armband more comfortable and easily attaches to your forearm. No need for a bulky chest strap, give you more cozy fitness experience.
  • The heart rate monitor armband is compatible with IOS 7.0 or above and Android 4.3 or above. It works with most of the popular fitness apps like Wahoo Fitness, Endomondo, Zwift, Polar Beat, DDP Yoga, Mapmyfitness, iCardio, and more.


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Heart Rate Monitors Armband Optical Heart Rate Sensor HW706 Bluetooth 4.0 ANT+
Heart Rate Monitors Armband Optical Heart Rate Sensor HW706...
Heart Rate Monitor Armband Optical Heart Rate Monitor Armband Sensor Bluetooth A
Heart Rate Monitor Armband Optical Heart Rate Monitor Armband...
COOSPO Bluetooth & ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband Optical HRM Sensor Waterproof
COOSPO Bluetooth & ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband Optical HRM...


If you're looking for a heart rate monitor for your daily fitness routine, the Coospo Armband is a great choice. With highly advanced tracking technology, this device tracks your heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned. Its sleek design ensures comfort and stability on your arm while you work out, making it the perfect addition to any fitness regimen. Not only that, but its Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with popular fitness apps means you can log and track your progress at any time. The Coospo Armband Heart Rate Monitor is also water-resistant, making it suitable for any weather condition or intense workout session. With its user-friendly interface and durable construction, the Coospo Armband is a must-have for anyone serious about their fitness goals.



The Coospo Armband Heart Rate Monitor is a highly efficient and accurate device designed to track your heart rate while working out or engaging in any physical activity. The armband is designed to comfortably wrap around your arm and monitor your heart rate without the need for a chest strap or any other uncomfortable apparatus. The device uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect with any other fitness tracking device or your smartphone, allowing streamlined tracking of your heart rate and other metrics. The monitor acquires the data from your heart rate and can display real-time heart rate data and zone alerts, allowing you to tailor your workout to reach your fitness goals more efficiently. The device also has a compact design that makes it easy to wear and use, and its rechargeable battery provides long-lasting use so you will never have to worry about your device running out of battery during your workouts. Overall, the Coospo Armband Heart Rate Monitor is an essential tool for anyone who wants to optimize their workouts and keep track of their fitness progress with ease.


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Coospo Armband Heart Rate Monitor
released on September 7, 2018


CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Fitness Tracker Review ...

CooSpo Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Fitness Tracker Review Only because Garmin can’t build a HRM that lasts ... Garmin Heartrate Monitors. ... The CooSpo representative said that ANT is slow to update their directory, so maybe it will show up there soon enough? The CooSpo HRM808S device looks very similar to the “HRM812” on Fitcare’s website.

CooSpo Bluetooth & ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband Optical ...

Details about CooSpo Bluetooth & ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband Optical HRM Sensor Waterproof. ... XOSS Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth Arm Band Armband Computer Equipment. $69.44. $73.10. Free shipping . Bluetooth 4.0 ANT+ Heart Rate Sensor For GARMIN Bryton GPS & Suunto Smart Watch.

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19 Reviews for Coospo Armband Heart Rate Monitor

  1. Ethan Wu

    I really don’t like wearing a chest strap heart rate monitor so have been looking for alternatives. Before buying CooSpo armband HR monitor, I tried another armband HR monitor. It was twice expensive as this one, and not quite accurate IMO. So I’m impressed that this optical HR monitor works GREAT!Pros:1) ANT+ & Bluetooth capabilities: easily pairs with devices and apps. It works with Endomondo on my phone.2) It’s SUPER comfortable to wear, I barely notice it during the work out. Couple adjustments might be required before you found the perfect place to wear it. To me, upper arm is the perfect place to put it.3) A button to turn it on and off is really convenience. I also like that it has a LED light to indicate the device status.4) It is pretty small and light weight (about 16g).Cons:1) The strap is a bit slip when my arm sweat is sweaty.So far, I’m very impressed. It’s a good device overall, and I will recommend it to my friends and family.

  2. TJ Jones

    I bought this HRM for mountain biking and to use with a Pelaton stationary when the weather is bad. The device is small, I’d say closer to the size of a woman’s sport watch. Its thin and out of the way. It uses an optical sensor which is nice and very accurate. I was originally using a chest strap monitor which is accurate, but relies on electrical sensors and the update rate is slower.I use both Garmin and Lezyne cycling computers and had no problem pairing this device with them. For testing purposes, I have paired it with my phone and able to communicate with both Strava and Wahoo with out any problem.The strap is neoprene and easily replaceable with any other sport strap of your choosing. I actually like the original strap and will use it indefinitely.The only thing I don’t like about it is it has a proprietary charging cable. It’s USB, but the side that connects to the unit is magnetic with contacts (similar to the idea of an Apple Laptop connector). I have not contacted the seller to ask about purchasing the cable by itself, so I have mine locked away as not to lose it.The directions explain how to use is, but it’s basically an On/Off button setup. Blinks blue when you turn on and it starts broadcasting, slow blue when synced and reading your pulse, and red when cycling down to shut off.I have owned several chest HRMs from Coospo and they all worked great. So I feel this unit will also be quite reliable.

  3. G. Franklin

    I LOVE THIS HEART RATE MONITOR from CooSpo! It is simple to operate and use, and is extremely accurate at tracking my heart rate, even under very vigorous running.There is a hidden and accessible button to control pairing and operation. One click and you are ready to go! So simple. Charging couldn’t be easier, and the battery lifetime is great.Most accurate heart rate monitors must be worn on your chest. I don’t like this because I can feel the band squeezing my chest, and it is uncomfortable and distracting to my running. And, watch-based heart rate monitors are too inaccurate for me.This HRM from CooSpo is perfect, both comfortable to wear on my arm, and super accurate due to the soft band holding it tightly to my skin.With the price so low, it is a no brainer for me to try it out. I’m glad I did–I couldn’t be happier with it!

  4. Mom2Gavin

    Edit after several runs: this device suffers from periodic “cadence lock” which means that that HR reading locks onto your cadence rather than your heart rate. This has now happened intermittently during my last two runs, once on the treadmill and once outside. My heart rate while running normally averages 130bpm, but now periodically displays 180bpm which is not possible (my max HR is about 170) and corresponds to my running cadence. This has been a problem with optical HRMs in the past, but most brands have overcome the problem with software updates. I’m still keeping it at 3 stars because it does not have this problem when used for cycling.Original review below:I have only had this for two days, but so far it has exceeded my expectations. I decided to take a chance on it since it is less than half the price of the ‘name brand’ options from Polar, Wahoo, and Scosche. Note that this XOSS unit appears identical to the higher-priced “Coospo” unit for sale here on Amazon.In order to test the unit I first ran with it on my normal outdoor route, and the readings are nearly identical to my chest strap. It also responds fairly quickly to changes in pace and grade. Overall I am very pleased with the accuracy, especially compared to wrist-based monitors which have never worked for me. Note that I am wearing this unit on my upper arm, with the sensor about midway between the top of my bicep and the outer arm.To test the battery life, I wore the unit for 24 hours continuously and I’m please to say it was still working after a full day! So the initial battery life is even better than the claimed 20 hours. The only apparent weakness with this watch so far is the strap, which seems very flimsy and is likely to stretch and weaken with use. I’ll update the review after more use and testing over the next few weeks.

  5. Kevin Durbin

    The website for XOSS pulls up cycling products, so I’m thinking that’s what this HRM was designed for, but no mention of this HRM on the site. The recommended app was in Chinese language only and was very low rated, most of the issues were the language and connectivity problems. I was finally able to find an app that would recognize the XOSS HRM, but that lasted about a month, give or take. Now my phone “sees” the HRM, but won’t connect to it any more; look, I’m an IT guy, so I know all about “turn it off/on again”, so I’ve done several battery removals on my phone, BT off/back on, and this thing is just a dud and complete waste of time/money. I’m now curious as to if this HRM was a cheap knockoff of the Wahoo HRM; very similar design…………..

  6. Shaun

    Very happy with this product. I purchased to use with the DDP Yoga app as I was using a chest strap, which was uncomfortable to use during certain moves and poses. This HRM being an arm strap offers more freedom and I can maximize my workouts. I had no problems getting the device to connect to the DDP Yoga app. The heart rate being reported by the HRM is very, very similar to what I was getting from the chest strap – so accuracy seems to be very high. Battery life is great. Comfort from the soft strap is excellent. I wear it on my upper forearm and it fits fine. No complaints so far, does everything I need it to do.

  7. Mo Banon

    The watch did not work with my phone, Samsung 8+. The instructions in Chinese I returned the product

  8. Max

    Really hit and miss on whether it tracks your heart rate if your arms are moving around. If you put it on really tight it seems to do ok 80% of the time, but it’s nowhere near as consistent as a chest strap. Maybe it’s just my fat arms.

  9. Allen M.

    great product, only downside it occasionally won’t connect to the stage 5 spin bikes. working out with this monitor has really helped my anaerobic thresholds!

  10. RandomTraveler

    This HRM is similar to my Coospo HRM at a slightly higher price but the Coospo ones had sold out. Both are great products and are super easy to use, and I use both in spin class syncing to my Garmin 920xt and to Zwift. Couldn’t be happier with the purchase, I am glad that I have both.

  11. Nakisha Hawthorne

    Works great – much more convenient than a chest strap type monitor While paired and in use, a Red light means either: 1) your heart rate is too fast, the battery needs charging

  12. Angela willis

    Nice heart rate monitor, convenient and useful during the exercise. It provides the accurate heart rate while I do workouts. Great battery with long hours working time. I am satisfied with the waterproof system.

  13. Craig

    On par with a chest strap HRM without the aggravation. It is very consistent when worn correctly on the forearm. If your readings don’t seem realistic, just slightly reposition the monitor until it locks on to a solid reading, then you’re good to go. Sweat doesn’t seem to cause any issues. It works with ANT+ & Bluetooth, making it compatible with virtually every piece of gym equipment or smart phone ever produced. Works great with phone apps to monitor heart rate before, during, and after workout. Works well for random resting heart rate readings for long term tracking. Easy, single button operation, quick pairing, and pretty decent battery life. Highly recommend.

  14. Shana

    This fitness tracker works great. It’s easy to use and the directions are easy to follow. It works with several different apps so you have a good selection to choose from no matter what type of phone you have. The strap is stretchy, a perfect band width, adjustable and comfortable. The monitor easily snaps on to the band and comes with a preinstalled battery. The tracker is not bulky so it easily fits under your shirt.

  15. Fit Family

    My wife and I use this with our Concept rower. Connects easily and has been very reliable. It’s fairly comfortable too. Only issue we’ve had so far is that occasionally we have to wait a minute or two for the device to warm up a bit before readings are reliable. Not too terrible to put the band on while setting up. By the time we’re ready to row it’s usually warmed up enough.

  16. loren leigh

    Extremely impressed. Chest monitors drop out on me, and I never stop noticing them. The Scosche RHYTHM though is totally reliable. What’s even better is that after 10 minutes I forget it is on. I noticed the other day it was still on as I was turning the water on in shower. I’d become completely used to it. So much more comfortable than a chest strap, and for me anyway, more effective.

  17. Joshua M.

    I wanted a heart rate monitor that did not go around my stomach like my husbands. I found this one and thought I would give it a try. It is accurate as I have wore both my husbands (different brand) stomach heart rate monitor and this arm monitor at the same time. It works with the our Peloton bike perfectly and the price is great.

  18. Amy S.

    I am so happy I bought this armband heart rate monitor. It replaced my old chest strap heart rate monitor which I never liked. I hated how it felt around my chest, especially since it is quite distracting. This armband is perfect since I can wear it around my forearm, which means I can also wear my Garmin Vivoactive fitness watch simultaneously. The armband connects effortlessly to both my Garmin watch as well as to my Virtual Reality fitness app. It tracks my heart rate more accurately than my fitness watch does. I am absolutely obsessed with this! It is also rechargeable via USB cable which is included in the set. It also came with an extra armband. Would highly recommend this over any other heart rate monitor for fitness tracking!

  19. James Avery

    After 14 days of use, it will not charge. LED just flashes red and blue when power cord is plugged in.

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