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Misfit Shine

Encourages active lifestyle, tracks activities, sleep & offers notifications.

Misfit Shine: track distance, calories, steps, activity, sleep. Vibration alerts. No charging. Stylish.

- Sleek design
- Accurate tracking
- Waterproof


- Limited features
- Difficult to read display
- No heart rate monitor

Misfit Wearables Shine 2

Misfit Shine 2 is an advanced, premium activity and sleep monitor that inspires you to live a more active life. Shine 2’s beautiful 12 tri-color LEDs, vibration alerts and capacitive touch introduces new ways to interact and motivate your to meet your health and fitness goals. Made from aluminum and water resistant to 50 meters, Shine 2’s minimalist, modular design will keep you motivated and looking good for any occasion, any activity. Compatible with most modern iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, sync Shine 2 with the Misfit app to get easy to read information and charts on your activity and sleep patterns.

  • Tracks distance traveled, calories burned, steps taken, various activities and automatic monitoring of length and quality of sleep
  • With vibration alerts, 12 tri-color LEDs and capacitive touch, Shine 2 introduces new ways to interact and motivate you to meet your health and fitness goals
  • Shine 2 offers smart notifications so you’ll never miss an important call again
  • Powered by a replaceable battery, lasting up to 6 months. No charging, ever. Misfit recommends Panasonic CR3032 batteries
  • Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, the Misfit Shine features a minimalist, modular design, and is water resistant to 50 meters. Wear it anywhere, for any activity.
  • Please refer Quick start Guide & Instructional Manual before use.


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Misfit Shine 2 Fitness + Sleep Monitor Model SH2
Misfit Shine 2 Fitness + Sleep Monitor Model SH2
Misfit Shine Fitness And Sleep Monitor Motivation At A Glance NEW
Misfit Shine Fitness And Sleep Monitor Motivation At A Glance NEW
Misfit Shine 2 Fitness + Sleep Monitor Model SH2, Open Box, Tested New Battery
Misfit Shine 2 Fitness + Sleep Monitor Model SH2, Open Box, Tested...


The Misfit Shine is the perfect fitness tracker for those who want to monitor their physical activity without sacrificing style. This sleek device features a minimalist design that can be worn as a watch or clipped onto clothing for discreet tracking. The Shine tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, and even your sleep patterns, giving you a comprehensive view of your overall health. With its long battery life and wireless syncing capabilities, you can go days without worrying about recharging or uploading your data. Plus, the Shine is water-resistant, making it suitable for swimming and other water-based activities. Overall, the Misfit Shine empowers you to make healthier choices throughout the day and provides you with the insights you need to achieve your fitness goals.

  • Tracks distance, calories, steps, activity and sleep
  • Vibration alerts, 12 LEDs and capacitive touch
  • Smart notifications for calls
  • 6-month replaceable battery, no charging
  • Aircraft grade aluminum, water resistant 50 meters
  • Small, lightweight, wear on wrist or clip on
  • Tracks running, biking, swimming, walking, sleeping
  • Advanced sensors for accurate measurements
  • Syncs with mobile device via Bluetooth
  • Get personalized recommendations on fitness goals
  • Stylish design for any occasion, any activity


    Country/Region of ManufactureKorea, Republic of
    ActivityCrossfit, Fitness, Gym & Training, Running & Jogging, Walking, Yoga
    Misfit Shine
    released on December 16, 2013
    suitable for swimming?

    The first time mine went swimming, it fell out of the 'sports band'. Don't trust the band to keep it secure.

    I'm finding conflicting information. Does this come with the sports band and the clip? Or is it just the Shine?

    Yes, I believe this one does. The Shine that retails for $119.95 comes with a sportband and a clip. There is also a version of the Shine that BestBuy sells (possibly other retailers too) that is $99.95. That comes with only the clip.

    What's in the box? Does it come with just the sports band, or does the clip come with it as well?

    The band as well as the clip, battery and a tool to open the back of the shine to install the battery.

    Does it always need to be connected to the smartphone by BT or wifi? There are times I run or swim without phone, will it sync when in proxcimity?

    I just got this as well and from what I can tell, it doesn't need to be connected by BT at all times - only during the times when syncing is needed. It does not connect using WiFi.

    Does the Shine have an alarm feature? Does it vibrate to wake you up when you are in a shallow sleep (like the SleepCycle app)?

    The Misfit Shine 2 has a vibrating alarm, but doesn't discriminate when to wake you in a sleep cycle as far as I know.



    The Misfit Shine is a versatile activity tracker that pairs with your mobile device, allowing you to monitor your physical activity and track your fitness goals with ease. This sleek device is small and lightweight, making it easy to wear on your wrist or clip onto your clothes, and it's water-resistant, so you can wear it while swimming or showering. The Misfit Shine tracks a range of activities, including running, biking, swimming, walking, and even sleeping, and uses advanced sensors to accurately measure your activity levels, calories burned, and steps taken. The Misfit Shine also features a long-lasting battery life, lasting up to six months without needing a charge, and it syncs with your mobile device via Bluetooth, allowing you to view your progress and get personalized recommendations on how to improve your fitness. With its stylish design and advanced features, the Misfit Shine is a must-have tool for anyone looking to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.


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    17 Reviews for Misfit Shine

    1. Fiona He

      As an early adopter of these products, I’ve pretty much seen them all and used many of them myself, ever since the original Fitbit which didn’t even have an app for years (which I was actually fine with). My boyfriend thinks I’m nuts, but whatever, over the years, we’ve both seen a real impact that these things have made in my life.HISTORYMy quick activity tracker resume is as follows: Fitbit -> Fitbit Ultra -> Fitbit One -> Jawbone UP -> back to Fitbit Flex -> Shine (mostly on the wrist). Basically I’ve been a Fitbit loyalist (bought and reviewed them on …) despite me having to replace each one of them at least a couple times a year because I would inevitably forget them on a shirt or something and accidentally throw them in the washer where they always died – I’ve actually never had a single one survive a wash. When I got the UP I was pretty excited because of the design from the pictures I saw. It quickly became a major disappointment because of how thick it was and how it 1) kept scratching my computer whenever I was typing (seems like a recurring theme in the reviews), 2) would get caught on my shirt sleeves, and 3) was in fact quite ugly. I stuck with it anyway because I dropped $130 on it *sigh* but eventually gave up after having to replace it THREE times because it would just stop working. And I even bought my Jawbone at the Apple Store – I thought all the stuff there was supposed to be really good – I can’t understand why out of all the activity trackers they sell there, they sell the Jawbone which is literally the worst rated activity tracker here on Amazon!Anyway so back to Fitbit I went when the Flex came out which I used until… it started to smell. Like vinegar. It was pretty gross so I washed it…and then it died because water got into it. *sigh* My second Flex – same thing – started to smell after a few weeks. It also just didn’t really work all that well and was really annoying to charge all the time. Then I heard about the Shine through a friend who got hers on Indiegogo – finally broke down in a spat of retail therapy and got one here on Amazon. AND I LOVE IT. I actually recently saw the Shine highlighted in the latest iPhone 5 Apple ad (I have to say, the Shine is pretty Apple-esque in their design so I can see why they would show it off) so it reminded me to get one for my boyfriend…and to finally sit down and write up this review that I’ve been meaning to do for weeks now.One thing I want to comment on from some of the reviews I’ve read about Shine in defense of the previous devices I’ve had in the past: yes, of course compared to Shine, my Fitbits and Jawbones were down-right ugly and toy-like but they were relatively easy to hide so it wasn’t actually that big of a deal (except for when I’m wearing a short sleeve shirt, in which case I just put it away in my purse). I never did the whole clip-on-the-bra thing because I always thought that was kind of weird but if I had a pocket I would just leave it in there and that worked fine. I guess the difference is, I actually WANT to wear Shine on the outside for people to see. Okay onto the review:PROS* STUNNING – I know everyone’s already said it but I just wouldn’t do it justice if I skipped it: the Shine is very obviously the most beautiful device on the market. Opposite to the Jawbone, it’s actually nicer looking “in person” than in the photos – you really can’t appreciate it until you hold it in your hands. I can wear it with just about anything and now I don’t have to hide it. :)* SUPER COMFORTABLE – Again, not to just repeat what everyone’s said here but the thing is really thin and light. I rarely remember that I’m even wearing it no matter what I’m doing.* SOLID BUILD QUALITY – The entire shell is made of aircraft grade aluminum and it FEELS great when you hold it or wear it – totally different from wearing any of the other plastic bands.* NO CHARGING – I never realized how big of a deal this was until about three weeks in I realized that I never had to take it off to charge it. I’ve actually worn my Shine now for over five months without having to charge it (bought my first one in February this year and still haven’t ever had to charge it!). Pretty amazing. One of my greatest annoyances with my Fitbits and Jawbones was that I’d misplace or outright lost my charger (which was proprietary so I couldn’t just use my micro USB charger) ALL THE TIME and would have a week or two of gaps in my data – that alone made me quit a bunch of times. I know tons of my friends have had the exact same experience.* TRULY WATERPROOF – This is kind of a big deal to me because I’ve had so many Fitbits die on me because they were definitely NOT waterproof as they claimed to be. I don’t need 50 meters waterproof since I’m not a swimmer or anything but I’d like it to last through my washer which my Shine has… probably a couple DOZEN times now. Including the dryer. This thing is really strong. Well it’s metal so I guess it’s supposed to be – still pretty amazing.* ACCESSORIES! These guys have made a ton of money off of me by now since I’ve gotten pretty much every accessory they sell – helps me match better. My favorite is the Bloom Necklace which is gorgeous beyond belief; my next favorite is the black leather band which I can wear with just about anything – casual, business casual, etc. The silicone band that it comes with is pretty nice too – I know some people have said that theirs popped out but mine has stayed on my wrist all this time (five+months) so that hasn’t been a problem.* TRACKS CYCLING – Okay this is way cool because neither the Fitbit Flex or the Jawbone could do this. Makes sense since I could only wear it on my wrist. With my Shine, when I go to spin class, I just take it out of the band, put it in the clip and clip it to my shoes and it tracks everything! There’s even a tile that comes up that shows that I was cycling.* ACCURATE – see below for my little accuracy study. Basically, when compared to my Fitbits and Jawbone, the Shine was the least variable – readings were always very stable whereas with the others, I would get as much as +/-30% fluctuations even when I’m doing the exact same thing.* AUTOMATIC SLEEP DETECTION – I totally LOVE this feature. Basically, I don’t do a thing and it just tracks my sleep and it does so amazing accurately. I have no idea how they do it but it just works. With my Flex I have to tap it like thirty times before it gets into sleep mode which was pretty annoying and made me never use the feature. Jawbone was a little easier – I just had to press and hold down the button for a few seconds. But for both Fitbit and Jawbone, I NEVER remembered to manually tag my sleep so I rarely actually got any sleep date whereas with the Shine, I get it, both the amount of sleep and the quality (deep vs. light) of my sleep… every night for the last several months.* FRIENDS FEATURE – My girlfriends and I are all “friends” with each other on the Shine community so we’re all on each others’ lists in the app and can see how we’re each doing. The notifications are surprisingly not annoying and do in fact get me moving.CONS* LACK OF INTEGRATION WITH OTHER APPS – When I first got my Shine back in January, I have to admit that the software was kind of lacking, and there are still some features that I really wish it had. But since then it’s gotten way better – there must have been about 10 updates since then and everytime there’s something new. They don’t integrate into Runkeeper or MyFitnessPal which kind of sucks but it’s not the end of the world. I basically just use the Misfit App now and it’s fine. I do feel these guys are kind of missing the boat without integration into other apps but I guess I’ll deal with it.* DOUBLE TAPPING TAKES TIME TO GET USED TO – The device doesn’t have any buttons so the way you make it display your progress or the clock is by double-tapping it. I know it took me a couple days to get used to it. I actually like the fact that it doesn’t have any buttons but this did take some getting used to. Basically, the trick is to wear it on your wrist or on your body somewhere and tap it there. If you take it off the band or the clip and lay it still on a hard surface (I don’t know why you would) the tapping doesn’t work as well.* LACK OF LONG TERM VIEWS – The app is beautiful just like the device but it only has daily and weekly views. At least with the other products I’ve tried, I could view longer term data – like month-to-month how I’m doing. I know my friends who use the Fuelband (I’ve never had one myself) have lifetime points which to them was a big deal. Out of all the devices out there, it seems like the most obvious feature to have given how much more continuously I wear my Shine (I have months of continuous data as opposed to days) since I never have to charge it.* LACK OF TRACKING OTHER DATA – For the longest time all you could get was activity and sleep data. They finally added food tracking (which is pretty fun to use because it’s just pictures rather than having to type stuff in which I never did in the other apps). And just now got weight tracking. But the weight tracking is manual rather than connected to my Withings Scale. I really don’t think I’m that obsessive about this kind of thing but I think hydration (which my trainer has always emphasized to me as being important) seems like it’d be a really great thing to be able to track how much water I’m drinking. I was able to do it in my other apps but not the Misfit app. Being able to enter in notes here and there would be nice too. Again not huge but you know.* LACK OF MULTI-DEVICE SUPPORT – I know this is kind of nuts but I liked this so much that in addition to the grey one, I also bought the topaz AND the champagne one. The grey one is my go-to since it fits with just about anything I wear. The champagne one fits with my browns, yellows, and whites. But I think the topaz is the cutest but it’s harder to match so I save it for special occasions. It reminds me of a Tiffany blue – really classy. The only annoying thing is I actually have to unlink and relink the Shines when I use different ones because the app doesn’t support multiple Shines at one time. I know I’m probably not the typical Shine user but still – just sayin!* NO TILES FOR YOGA – Again I’m probably being too picky here and it’s not like any of the other trackers could handle yoga either but it would have been nice if there was a tile for yoga since between spin and yoga classes, that’s the major of my exercise routine. My cheat on this is when I do yoga, I just tag it as swimming so I get more points (shhhh) since that’s basically how much effort I feel I’ve exerted after I’ve done yoga for an hour.ACCURACYMy rather non-scientific study:Given that I had a dresser full of these things I thought I’d do a quick study with the ones that still worked and see for myself (I actually ended up borrowing my friend’s Jawbone since the last one I had died and I never bothered to replace it):Home to parents’ home – about 15 minutes:Fitbit One: 1892, 1681, 1983, 1782 -> average = 1835, range = 302 (3rd place)Fitbit Flex: 2043, 1879, 1683, 1912 -> average = 1879, range = 360Jawbone UP: 1437, 1698, 1952, 1702 -> average = 1697, range = 515Shine on wrist: 1884, 1932, 1859, 1861 -> average = 1884, range = 73 (winner = least variable)Shine on hip: 1901, 1891, 1802, 1837 -> average = 1858, range = 99 (2nd place)Home to work – about 7 minutes to the train, 15 minute train ride, and 4 minutes to the office:Fitbit One: 1385, 1539, 1472, 1681 -> average = 1519, range = 296 (3rd place)Fitbit Flex: 1623, 1573, 1631, 1278 -> average = 1526, range = 353Jawbone UP: 1103, 1492, 1067, 1213 -> average = 1219, range = 425Shine on wrist: 1540, 1505, 1512, 1484 -> average = 1510, range = 56 (winner = least variable)Shine on hip: 1556, 1444, 1498, 1464 -> average = 1491, range = 112 (2nd place)The short of it is that basically, these things are pretty variable from device to device and it’s hard to tell which one is ACTUALLY the accurate one – it’s not like I counted my steps manually. The Shine on the wrist correlated pretty close to my Fitbit Flex. The Shine on my hip was pretty close to my Fitbit One. Jawbone was just off. Anyway, when I thought about it I realized that it didn’t really matter what the _actual_ number of steps was, but I would expect that whatever the device reported to me, it would not be so widely different each time. My Fitbit Flex sometimes just felt like a random number generator. So in terms of consistency, which I decided was my most important measure, my Shine wins hands down – and what’s amazing is that it’s pretty accurate no matter where I wore it. I haven’t tried it with the Necklace since I just got it but maybe that’ll come in a later update.CONCLUSIONIf the fact that I’ve stuck with my Shine and basically have rarely taken it off for the last five months is any indicator, I totally love this little thing. It’s so obviously the best device on the market – best build quality, most comfortable to wear, easiest to use (since I never have to charge it), most accurate, and best of all, instead of hiding it like I did with all my other devices, I wear it confidently outside. I get TONS of comments and practically every time I fly the person next to me notices it and if they’re the talkative type, they always ask me about it. These guys should pay me a commission given how many people have bought this because of me! It’s a joy to use mostly because I usually just forget that I’m wearing it and when I do remember and check my app, I’m blown away by the stuff I learn about myself – but this review is already too long – sorry about that.The bottom line is I’ve lost 17 pounds (down from 143 to around 126) since I started using it. Even cooler is I sleep on average nearly half an hour more and get around 25% more deep sleep than say three months ago. I certainly FEEL like I sleep better – these days, waking up a lot more refreshed than I used to. The sleep improvement almost certainly has something to do with the fact that I drink way less coffee than I used to (1-2 cups vs. 4-5 cups before) but seeing my sleep improving as I drank less coffee definitely encouraged me to keep going. It’s probably not just because of the device but it’s certainly helped and now I’m just addicted.

    2. Adam and Dominika (family account)

      To date I have owned the Fitbit Flex and the Zip (twice), Jawbone UP24, and now I have the Misfit. First off, why don’t I still have the others? Fitbit Flex was ugly (for the price of these trackers, appearance is not an invalid expectation) . The Zip was first washed by my husband, and the replacement was eaten by my dog (apparently, sweat is one of their favorite tastes). The Jawbone UP 24 was way to bulky on my wrist.Functionally, all of them are competent pedometers. I wore the Jawbone UP24 along side my Misfit for a couple of weeks just to compare their readings. I did see a difference in running around the office with my hands full. The jawbone didn’t count the steps as the Misfit did. Minor annoyance in the fitness grand scheme. Both tracked jogging, faster paced walking and running quite well. I returned the Jawbone because of its size. It was much to bulky to wear with my work blouses and suits. I would hide my wrist because it was such a big distraction, for me. I know many other people that are not bothered by the size in the least.08/09/2015- This thing is amazing. It is still waterproof after a couple of battery changes. The watch function is completely reliable. The exercise tracking is great, and the sleep function is spot on. The only thing that I would recommend is buying more wrist straps. Honestly, you could not get more for this price from a tracker.As far as other activities that I am involved in, namely swimming, the waterproof quality of the MisFit made it an obvious front runner. I LOVE tracking my laps with this device. I also love to bike, dance, Piyo, kickbox etc. and the tracking of revolutions/unconventional movement is also more accurate on the Misfit (the Jawbone barely recognized Zumba, and getting it to calculate cycling was a product placement nightmare).The waterproof quality of the misfit is HUGE. You don’t realize how many times you are soaking your hands in water throughout the day, not to mention I don’t have to worry if I forget to take it off while in the shower. None of the other devices were waterproof! I was constantly paranoid that one day I would be washing dished and that would be the end of my fitness tracker.Let’s talk about the apps that all of the trackers rely on. Hands down, the Jawbone has the best app on the market! If functional and beautiful, making it a pleasure to use. The Misfit and Fitbit apps are just as functional, but not nearly as pleasant to look at. Never had a problem syncing any of them, although the Zip had the greatest lag time.I have read that people have lost their Misfit when the band failed to keep it in place. That has not been my experience at all, and seeing that only a handful of people have reported thia I will guess that some unfortunate “lemons” happen in every product.Also some have complained about sync time. With my Samsung 5 I have not waited longer than 45 seconds (that was after not syncing to 2 days), and the norm is 5 Mississippi’s.Over all, I absolutely love the knee jerk reaction I made in buying this tracker (I was waiting on the Jawbone UP3 which had delayed it’s launch and to this date has no solid release date).I hope this help.~D

    3. Tia Bonham

      This is my first foray into fitness trackers (unless you count those two dollar pedometers that break within a week.) I wasn’t convinced that I would be motivated to get in my workouts by wearing one, but I was kind of interested in the sleep monitor function. The device arrived in its sleek lil package four days ago and was really easy to set up(took a couple of resets of my Bluetooth on the phone to recognize the Shine, but since that, we’ve been golden.) A couple of things:1. I just went ahead and put the little strap onto the device, then connected to my watch because so many complained of it popping out…plus, the way that I have it attached, I feel like I’m keeping it from getting scratched(which always seems to happen to my watch faces.) I would be really perturbed if I got the lovely “wine” color scratched, and I kind of like the Intergalactic look of the thing. (See photo)2. Remember to turn Bluetooth off on your phone in between syncs to conserve battery power (unless you don’t have a problem with your phone going dead at the most inopportune moments, in which case I stick my tongue out at you and say “good for you”.)

    4. M. Jones

      This is a stylish activity tracker which is let down by buggy software. It is a good looking device which can be worn in a number of ways – on the wrist with a supplied sports band, clipped to clothing / shoes with a very strong magnetic clasp or worn on a pendant sold separately. The issue I have is with the software which is poor. Operation can be hit and miss whereby the unit requires a couple of light taps to cause the tracker to light up with your progress, but frequently refuses to light or sync. I think I will stick with the Shine for a while in the hope that a firmware update solves the problem. However – there are better although uglier options out there. This is a great looking product with average performance in a crowded market. The maker needs to address the problem.Update – May 2015 – I have given this device a real go but have found myself constantly frustrated. Over the past couple of months the Shine has repeatedly stopped working for days at a time. The customer support response has been “try changing the battery” – not the most useful advice. I really like the idea and the aesthetics of this product but it simply doesn’t work!

    5. AEC

      I was very excited about getting this tracker, but have been disappointed overall by the limits to what it can do.It is very easy to set up. You just pop it into the watch strap or magnetic clip, download the app, and you’re on your way. It’s also undeniably beautiful. I got the dark blue version, which looks lovely when the lights show, and pretty subtle the rest of the time, so easy to wear in the office. A double-tap allows you to track your progress as the day goes on, which is motivating, especially when you near your target.However, after a week I have stopped wearing it apart from for exercise. The novelty has worn off, and there isn’t enough that it records to make it essential.The deal-breakers for me:- The watch is basically a pedometer. I have a free app on my phone that does the same thing.- I have also found it to be inaccurate. I walked a marathon wearing the watch, and we were all dismayed to find it had only recorded 19 miles of it! Not great.If I was choosing again I would pay the extra to have a GPS function and heart rate monitor. Or stick to my apps. Sorry, Misfit. You are pretty, though!

    6. Michael Carter

      When I first received my Shine in bright Coco-Cola red, I loved it. My company incentivizes fitness tracking but the device they provided was substandard. The Shine was a huge breath of fresh air. It was waterproof so I can sweat and even swim with it and it seemed to accurately track my steps. Finally, I had a monitor that could keep up with me; I even took it along for my last full Ironman. Alas the honeymoon ended. The first signs of the rocky relationship were the scratches. Coco-Cola red was a great color but the finish is not durable at all. Every little touch would add another scar to the surface. These scratches were just the beginning. With continuous active wear, the flaw in the wristband became evident: it’s really just an O-ring that holds it in place. The longer you wear it the looser it becomes. Since the Shine is magnetized the loose O-ring coupled with a strong magnet makes for a great combination. The shine starts to actively leave you when you get close to something it’s more attracted to. I found my Shine had snuck away and attached to the back of my car. That was a great way for the shine to travel but bad for recording my steps. Eventually my Shine got bored with our relationship, I started finding it was leaving me more and more often: stuck to a desk, a doorframe, a random piece of machinery in the lab. Tired of just recording my activity it finally left me for good and has never been seen or heard from again. If you find the scratched up Shine traveling the country somewhere…tell it I really don’t miss it that much. Waterproof was nice and all but the way it fed on batteries and was really just determined to not stay with me, good riddance.

    7. Mickey

      I received my item this evening. Its already popped out of the wrist band 4 times. Meaning scratches and more stretch to the band everytime it has to be placed in. I’ve had previous misfits without this problem.So wore my Misfit today to work, almost lost it due to it popping out of the band. It’s not to tight or to loose, as I said before I never had this problem with my original misfit. I’d like to receive another band so I can actually review on how well it works. I prefer the band to the clip.

    8. Jameson

      I loved it when it first arrived…. cosmetically better than most trackers, easy to set up.The reviews are true, it pops out relatively easily. I temporarily lost it several times and had to go back searching… in the house while doing light chores, on a run, walking on the beach (that gold color matches the sand really well).Just over a month in however (as soon as I could no longer return it) it stopped recognizing my activity and stopped syncing with my device. It buzzes repetitively but no longer functions as an activity tracker. I was optimistic but ultimately disappointed.

    9. Sam

      I LOVE this. It really has encourage me to become more active. It syncs very well with myfitnesspal which was a necessity for me. When reading (a lot of) reviews of activity trackers my main concerns were complaints about syncing, about the partner app and the strap. Syncing has been fine (sometimes it takes a few minutes, no big deal) and the app is great. I like that it is waterproof & i think this is where it wins over the likes of fitbit (as well as on price). You may not think you need a waterproof one, but what about washing up or getting caught in the rain? – you don’t need to worry with this. The quality & design is impressive. The strap seems sturdy to me and hasn’t come loose once yet (its been a few weeks i think). My main critisms would be that it doesnt sync automatically, and that it doesnt add my other activities like yoga on to my daily points or therefore myfitnesspal, it would be nice to see that improved. But those are the only two negatives, i really can’t recommend this highly enough.

    10. CotswoldsEm

      I bought the Shine a week ago after owning a Flash and becoming frustrated with constantly having to buy new wristbands due to a glaring design flaw in the material used for the Flash wristband which caused it to crack and break with normal usage.The packaging for the Shine is simple; a magnetically closed box in which you get the Shine device, a plastic wristband, plastic sports clip and a ‘coin’ to lever the back of the Shine off to insert the battery. The build quality of the Shine device is definitely a step up from the Flash; it feels heavier and more substantial. The Shine is held in the wristband by positioning it so that it sits in the wristband’s hole with the outside of the band sitting in a dimple that runs round the circumference of the Shine device. The sports clip holds the Shine in place with a magnet.So what drew me to the Shine (and to the Flash before it) was essentially the simplicity of the design, simplicity of use and the fact that it was waterproof and could be positioned in different places on the body to take into account such things as cycling and not just exercise where the arms are in motion. It also incorporates a watch (something a lot of fitness devices, rather bizarrely, leave out.) The Misfit app is slick and easy to use and the device is easy to sync. Best of all, you’re not having to take the Shine off to charge the darn thing every few days because the battery will keep it running for around 6 months.But the downside – yet again Misfit have a serious design flaw with their wristband. Despite all the great things about the Shine, I owned the device for FOUR DAYS before I returned from a long cross-country hike to find that, whilst the wristband was still on my wrist, the Shine device had dropped out. There is actually an FAQ on the Misfit site on what to do if you lose your Shine – unfortunately it depends on the device being in range of Bluetooth which, given it’s an advice to track exercise, I’d imagine will be a minority of cases. Mine is lost somewhere in one of the many fields I crossed during a 3hr hike so the advice is next to useless.So I can only give the Shine a 2 star because whilst I *still* love the design and the functionality, it’s just not acceptable to ship a product with a design fault that results in the loss of the device during normal use – particularly when the Flash before it had exactly the same issue. I’m not giving up on Misfit quite yet – I may try the Ray, but unfortunately I won’t be going back to try the Shine again.

    11. Heidi

      I love this fitness tracker, it has helped me get an understanding of my sleep pattern, that I am now working with, so that way it has imprlved my sleep, and it has helped me become more active. You can decide what your target goal is, so you can increase or decrease the goals to fit into your lifestyle. I started low, but have modified my goals twice now, and am considering another level up. I hate the days when the circle is not full (showing that you have reached your target), and in the time I’ve had it, that has only happend 3 times, in 1,5 month. The battery is incredible. You just put it on and forget about it, many people dosen’t even see a fitness tracker on me, they think that it’s a watch, which it is! I have some problems with the sync, but have been in contact with the company, and although they couldn’t fix the problem, they get a 5 * rating from me, because they were really nice and tried everything possible to help me. Keep it up this product is simply amazing 🙂

    12. mkcl

      I upgraded from the Misfit Flash to this Shine w. It worked well and was very attractive, and seemed just as accurate and easy to use as the series of Flashes I’ve been using. I would give it 5 stars for function, but it popped out of the strap and disappeared on my second day of wearing it so I’m only giving it 2 stars. This Shine 2 is too expensive to keep replacing, which is why I’m back to using the Flash(es)!

    13. Mary Says…

      Love the tracking, the look and optional colored notifications. It’s the thinnest one on the market and not bulky at all.Hate that it’s my second purchase because the tracker popped out and the band has a tendency to pop off as well. Had no idea where it went, a month later I found it behind the bed. It had popped off in my sleep. It’s popped out a few times but fortunately I recovered it until eventually I didn’t 🙁 It needs something better to secure it. I also tried a clip but that thing is even worse. If I lose it again I’m done.

    14. Ruxy77

      I had a Fitbit Charge, which I kept forgetting to put back on after it charged. So, when I found the Misfit Shine 2, which requires no charging and is water resistant, I was very interested. I purchased this one because it was ‘discontinued’ and therefore a reduced price. My research told me the only difference was the band, so I picked it up. Great idea, saved some money, but I should have spent some of those savings on a new band. The old bands allowed the actual tracker (a disk a little bigger than a quarter, and twice as thick) to pop out. Mine popped out a few times, mostly when my purse caught on the band, and I was able to easily retrieve it. Until I lost it while spreading 25 cubic feet of mulch. A couple of hours and a bluetooth tracker on my app and I found it, but lesson learned and I ordered the new band that day.

    15. tuscany

      does not work as advertised…. does not record data during ‘sleep’. have several emails archived with misfit about their product. last one said to be patient while they come up with/write a fix for the problem. i should have returned this item immediately, but waited to hear back from them. no idea when the fix will be available. bought this for an upcoming trip. very disappointed with the product and misfit customer service.

    16. Terri

      This tracker was exactly what I wanted and the step tracking was accurate; however I only had it 3 months before it fell out of the holder and I lost it. It had fallen several times before this and I was lucky enough to see it fall.

    17. Benji Barr-Meyer

      Amazing watch to count steps but that about it. The band it comes with can handle any extreme vibrations and after using it in water for a while I needed to open it and reset the watch because it stopped working. After resetting it it worked perfectly again.

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