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Scosche Rhythm24 HR Armband

This next-generation, armband heart rate health and fitness device from Scosche is highly accurate, packed with outstanding features and very comfortable to wear, so you can ditch those chest strap devices and now workout longer, in more places and in maximum comfort.

  • HYPER-ACCURATE – Patented optical sensor technology for highly accurate monitoring and measurement. Green + Yellow Optical Sensors Provide superior measurement with all skin tones. Better than monitors and watches that employ only green sensors. On Board Recording allows you to leave your mobile device behind, record workouts and upload data to your device later.
  • WORKS WITH VIRTUALLY ANY DEVICE – Great for use with smartphones, tablets, smart and sport watches, exercise equipment and many other devices that support Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ heart rate data. Works with over 200 of the most popular fitness apps and group training environments.
  • 24 HOUR BATTERY LIFE – Extended use rechargeable battery allows you to workout for up to 24 continuous hours.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Change HR zones and modes in the RhythmSync app. Modes include Heart Rate Only, Running (Cadence + Distance), Cycling (Cadence), Swimming, Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Multi-Modes include Duathlon (Cycling and Running), Triathlon (Swimming, Cycling, Running).
  • INTERCONNECTED ARMBAND DESIGN – The Rhythm24 has an updated quick-lock interconnected armband design to keep the Rhythm24 securely attached to your arm during swimming, cycling, running, and other intense workouts.


Activity tracker Scosche Rhythm24
Brand New. You can use it for any activity and is compatible with different applications in order to see calories, cadence, almost everything. The battery can hold you up to 8 hours of training according to factory instructions.
Scosche Rhythm 24 Heart Rate Monitor Black
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Scosche Rhythm 24 Heart Rate Monitor Waterproof Armband - Black - [Au Stock]
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Scosche® Rhythm24™ Replacement Strap - Gray
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Scosche Rhythm 24 Heart Rate Monitor Black
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Scosche Rhythm24 - Waterproof Armband Heart Rate Monitor HRM Optical with Dual Band ANT+ and BLE Bluetooth Smart - Gray
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Scosche Rhythm24 - Waterproof Armband Heart Rate Monitor
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Scosche Rhythm24
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7 Reviews for Scosche Rhythm24

  1. Mark Garbowski

    Tried using the iPhone app. What a disgrace. It lets you “save” to the developer’s RhythmSync app, but the saved file disappears when the monitor is not connected to the phone. That’s is not “saved,” that’s useless. Also, the app won’t open the file so you can’t see what’s in it, and it connects to precious few apps that supposedly do open the file, and so far nothing works. I’ve “connected” the app to the Apple HealthKit, but the workout I recorded does not transfer over so I can’t read it there. I cannot find any iPhone apps that will open it. I exported the workout, and it saves as a “*.fit” file that no programs on my Mac can open and the manufacturer does not provide one. The documentation is useless and says nothing about this. It does not connect to My FItness Pal which is one of the best most universal fitness and diet apps out there. I tried connecting to something called “Today’s Plan,” which shows up as an option in the Scosche app, but that software is, if anything, even more useless and poorly coded than the software for this device. Nice device. Junk software. And without good software the device is also junk.

  2. Stephen V, Muro

    After trying two of the new models (the 24) and one of the old one, I can say that they do NOT replace a heart rate monitor chest strap AT ALL. These arm worn optical HRMs have the exact same limitations as do the wrist worn ones on any fitness tracking watch. They only deliver good results for moderate levels of activity in an upright running position. Vigorous sprinting, High Intensity Interval training, any sort of bodyweight activity on the ground like burpees, push ups and animal flow and you will have all sorts of connection and performance issues. This is STRICTLY for runners and not even for sprinters. ANY vigorous arm movement causes the monitor to either lose connection or report ridiculously low readings (such as 40 or 50 while running 40 yard sprint intervals or hill sprints). Do not be fooled by marketing. It WILL NOT replace your reliable chest strap. I have spend MONTHS trying to make this work. And since I gave up in exasperation and allowed the Amazon return date to pass by, neither the vendor nor Garmin will give me a refund. It’s a fine unit that does perform better than the optical HRM on my Garmin devices but ONLY for upright activities that do not involve vigorous arm movements. So if you are doing HIIT or athletic training (other than straight running) forget about it. Stick with your chest strap. I wanted this to work and I really tried but please save yourself the trauma of the experience and just don’t buy this unless you are simply running, jogging or some light jump rope or slow moving weight work.

  3. Julio

    I mountain bike 3x a week on average, sometimes more. I always used my Apple Watch+Strava to track my rides but it always left my watch’s battery drained. This product seemed like a good replacement so I wouldn’t have to drain the battery on my watch. I instead bought a Garmin 520+ and paired it with this so I can track my rides and heart rate without battery issues.The problem is that for the last month, every other ride that goes over a 1/2 hour I notice the Rhythm24 armband will just shut off. I’d look down at my Garmin to see my current stats and the HR section would just be blank. I look at the armband and sure enough, it’s off.I’ve made sure to have the latest firmware, the battery is always topped off and yet it keeps shutting off after about a half hour. This renders this product useless to me. I will be writing to Scosche and see if this is a known problem or if I have a defective unit and they’re willing to replace. I’ll update this further if/when I get a response from them. For now, I am very unhappy. The battery life on this thing is amazing, and it works well, provided it stays ON.

  4. Scott Howard

    From my testing this claim of 24 hour battery life is completely false. I use mine linked to the fitdigit app and I recorded each of my work out session from a 100% charge until the unit would not work any more. I went through this two times and I got about 12hrs each time. So I don’t think it’s battery life is any better than the previous model. Also I was using the scoshe app to measure the battery life remaining and found that it was completely inaccurate.Also, I have noted that consistently the device will lose my heart rate and start giving me readings that my heartrate is rapidly decreasing when it is not. Sometimes this happens when I’m on a walk and I’m not actively monitoring the heart rate and when I’m done i will see that the heart rate dropped off and stayed that way for most of the work out. The previous model does this also, but in the opposite direction. So the heart rate will go up for no reason. In both cases if I readjust the unit or turn it off and back on then the heart rate reading will return to normal.having said these things, I would still use these monitors over chest straps or any monitor I’ve seen. The company should not be making this claim of a 24 hr battery life, which is completely false unless there is something wrong with my unit, because it does not get 24 hrs of battery life.Update: after upgrading the firm ware and changing the HR mode I was able to clear up the above problems. So this remains a great device for me.

  5. B. Johnston

    Very quick to detect HR, even re-detect after moving it to different locations on my arm.Works beautifully for swimming (with Suunto Ambit3). The battery lasts for ages, so perfect for ironman or longer triathlons.

  6. Larry G

    I would say it’s as accurate as the chest strap HRM it replaces. A couple of things to know:The strap is not super long so if you have big biceps, wearing it at the top your arm may get tight.The android app is junk.If you want to pair via ANT+, do not pair it over Bluetooth with your phone first or it won’t be visible.

  7. John J

    This heart rate monitor is supposed to be 100% waterproof. It was used by a triathlete for a few months, water got in it, it stopped working, the company refused to refund and so did Amazon. Hugely upset. DO NOT BUY

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