Fitband Activity Tracker

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Fitband Fitness Tracker is packed with features of a smartwatch in an activity tracker size.

Yihou fashion smart watches equip heart rate, blood pressure, pedometer, call and message notification, APP gps tracker and so on. Not only design for sport activities, but also a nice watch spices up a normal outfit and add style and attitude into life.

  • Blood Pressure & Heart Rate: Bracelet uses high-performance CPU to monitor blood pressure & heart rate, use accurate data to detect your physical condition, and understand your physical condition any time.
  • Sleep Monitor & Text Call Reminder: tracker automatically tracks your sleep duration, sleep stages and analysis sleep quality data with deep sleep,light sleep & awake time. It will vibrate to alert you if your phone receives a call, text, SNS and you can reject the call on the bracelet
  • Fashion Design: Unique dial shape stands out from other normal fitness trackers, color display and elaborate interface provide a Nobel experience
  • Calrories Counter & Sedentary Reminder: Automatically record your everyday calories consumption, help you adjust the diet. Setting a period of time on the app, then the tracker will shock for sedentary remind, it’s a useful function for office stuff to improve health.

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Women Fitness Tracker Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Activity
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Fitband Activity Tracker
released on July 9, 2019


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6 Reviews for Fitband Activity Tracker

  1. Lourdes Bussi

    I love this tracker. Is beautiful, is a watch, I can monitor my blood pressure, my heart rate and helps me with my steps.All the things I want in an excellent product. Definitely and highly recommend. This is the second one I buy to gift and I keep loving it. A great product.

  2. Brandon

    Giving one stars because it is pretty and easy to set up,but other than that it’s useless.i was excited to recieve my first fitband.after charging for first time use, it seemed to project my bpm and blood pressure okay, however after 24 hours use it constantly resets my steps throughout the day,keep in mind this device has to have a phone when I wanted to krep track of steps it’s useless.i hope the manufacturer looks into this.i wish I bought one with more reviews nowUpDate…after my review the seller promptly contacted me to see if there was anything they could do and offered to send another I am updating my one star to a four review.i have not received new band but customer service has been great.

  3. Kristin

    I have really enjoyed my experience with this fitness tracker over the last week. I have been wearing it for over five days and the charge is just now getting low. I also have loved the display, step counter, and heart rate monitor.Likes+ it’s beautiful+ keeps a charge for many days+ Easy to use+ automatically illuminates when you raise your wrist+ app is easy to use and time syncs immediately+ ability to see your messages and find your phone+ I love the way it closesDislikes- I haven’t figured out a couple of the features yet, but it’s still new and I haven’t really read up on it- sometimes it seems like it overestimates my stepsI have loved this fitness tracker so far. First, it is gorgeous and looks like a piece of jewelry. I also love how it attaches with the loop at one end, so you don’t have a piece flapping or have to deal with sliding another piece over to hold it in. It’s so easy!The app is easy to find and download and the bracelet syncs up with the time immediately. I haven’t yet figured out how to see my messages or set up the find my phone feature, but I look forward to doing so! I also haven’t tried the blood pressure feature. I have checked the step counter often and like how the display lights up as soon as I life my wrist – so neat! The time and date are very clear on the display and the step counter gives you a little gauge to see your progress with the number in the center. I have felt at times like it was giving me more steps than I earned and have noticed quite a few in the morning without actually going very far. However, it seems pretty accurate during the day. The heart rate monitor also seems to work very well and is easy to use.I have had other fitness trackers before and some have had a continuous display or a flashing light that have been very distracting if I wore the tracker to sleep. This one stays nice and dark until I lift my hand to look or tap the screen. I also love that I have been wearing it for 5 days so far and It is just now looking like it could use a charge. Much longer than past trackers I’ve used! The charger is very unique and has a clip that you attach to the bracelet, but it works very easily.Overall, I have really enjoyed this product!

  4. Jessie A Rupp

    I really liked the style of this watch, however the functionality is extremely poor. First- the band constantly comes un-latched so it falls off my wrist throughout the day, most annoyingly during by workout. Second, the app is hardly functional but you have to have it because should your watch’s battery die, you can only reset the time by Bluetooth with the app on your phone. Speaking of battery; it’s completely unpredictable- sometimes lasts 16 hours on a full charge, sometimes doesn’t last an 8 hour work day on a full charge. Incredibly frustrating for a medical student like me. Wish I could return this hunk of junk, complete waste of money.

  5. Marian Underwood Welch

    Poor for such a price would have expected much better the strap keep opening and the counter of steps even adds up when you in the car how does that happen

  6. Kimmy

    This is an awesome little tracker. But before you buy it make sure you download the Wearhealth app in the app store. Before I bought the tracker I downloaded the app to make sure it was compatible with my phone. Once you have the tracker you can sync it to the app/phone via Bluetooth. It will automatically update the time and date plus give you all the info it has stored on your health. You can choose to have it tell you when a call is coming in or a text (you cannot reply via the tracker it is just used for as an alert) it will also track how many steps you have taken all day and has many different sports for your fitness to choose from, it also tells you how many calories you have burned based on your step count or exercise, it also is pretty accurate at reading your blood pressure as well as tracking your sleep pattern, it has a detailed analysis of your deep sleep patterns in the app, there is a lot you can do with this little thing you just have to explore the app and try things out. It is super easy to charge and comes with a charger and it charges super fast. The battery also lasts a couple days. All in all I would recommend this product and it’s design is sleek and beautiful. My hubby wants one too so I will be buying him one next.Edited to add:Just a on the side of caution I thought I would update my review. So while my family and I recently went to our local county Fair I ended up losing the tracker while ridding one of the rides, the clasp came undone which I didn’t think would happen. So just be aware that if your going to be doing activities that may dislodge the back it will just skip right off. I tried looking for it but there where to many people and somebody probably took it. Anyways but sucks that I lost it, but I would still buy it again it’s a good tracker and if I did get another I would just take it off during activities that could lead to it coming off accidentally. Hopefully the company can make something and update it so that it doesn’t come off so easily cause it sucks I didn’t have it that long and I lost in a matter of a couple weeks.

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