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Misfit Ray
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Misfit Ray Fitness Tracker

Delivering performance in its purest form, the Misfit Ray by Misfit Wearables is a minimal and versatile tracker. It delivers the fitness and sleep tracking you need to stay motivated, including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, activity tagging, and sleep duration and quality.

  • Vibration alerts for call and text notifications, movement reminders, and alarms
  • Smart button enabled to control connected household devices
  • Swim proof, anodized aluminum cylinder with multicolor LED progress display
  • Automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and light and heavy sleep
  • Non-charging, replaceable batteries last up to 6 months

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Misfit Ray MIS4303 Wearable Bluetooth Activity Tracker.
Misfit Ray MIS4303 Wearable Bluetooth Activity Tracker. In Nice condition, works perfect. come as shown in the photos
Misfit Ray Health Fitness Sleep Tracker with Black Leather Band Carbon Black
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Manufacturer Part NumberMIS1005
Misfit Ray Fitness Sleep Tracker
released on April 11, 2016


Ray – Misfit Support

what kind of battery does my ray use? how do i maximize misfit ray's battery life? features. is my ray waterproof? does my ray have a display, microphone, and/or speaker? does my ray have gps? does my ray have an alarm? can i use ray as a watch? how do i use the pulse detector feature? see all 7 articles link. what is link?

Misfit Ray Review | PCMag

The $99.99 Misfit Ray is the most comfortable and stylish fitness tracker I've tested. It makes up for its lack of a display with accurate measurements of your activity and sleep, customizable...


Download the Misfit application from the App Store. Visit www. misfit.com for up-to-date app availability and compatibility information. 2. Create an account, set a goal and link your Misfit Ray by following the instructions in the app.


// Company Profile – Misfit Wearables

Misfit Wearables is a wearable technology company that was started in 2011. Misfit Wearables is best known for their Shine fitness tracker. – View Profile


16 Reviews for Misfit Ray Fitness Sleep Tracker

  1. lmb1216

    UPDATE: I’m enjoying my Ray even more now. After a couple weeks of use, it’s doing really well for what I wanted and then some. I discovered the Misfit Link app. The app says it currently only supports their Flash product, but I set my Ray up to use the “Find my phone feature” and it works perfectly! Just a few simple taps of my Ray and my phone starts ringing from wherever I left it. No more asking friends to call my phone so I can find it, or searching endlessly when I’m by myself. I am really liking that this is an accurate, easy to use tracker with so many cool bonus features. Would love to know when the accessories are coming out that we see on Misfit’s website. Right now you can only get the sport band or leather.I just started using my Misfit Ray as a replacement for a malfunctioning Garmin and am thus far very pleased. The app and syncing to My Fitness Pal are seamless and so easy. It would be nice to see a display instead of having to go to your phone to check your step count, etc. But, once you learn the light color sequences, you can at least see how much of your daily goal you’ve met. As for step counting, it seems to be pretty accurate if not a tad oversensitive. Sleep recording, again, has to be initiated on your phone instead of the device, but it seems pretty accurate in reading that too. Like others have said, the vibrations are very light, but I can definitely feel them. It did wake me up for my alarm this morning, but I can see how if you’re a deep sleeper, it wouldn’t wake you. I do love the text/call notification feature. I can leave my phone upstairs charging and still know when I get a call or text, which is nice. Compared to the Garmin, it’s much more comfortable to wear, more stylish and very light weight. Im excited for when I can wear it as a pendant too. The only reason I haven’t given 5 stars was the battery installation can be a bit tedious, as you have to drop 3 tiny batteries into a slender chamber. If they don’t nest properly, they can become lodged in there and be difficult to get out. However, if you get them all in there right the first time, it locks up well. I still prefer long term batteries to constantly re-charging. Overall, I recommend this fitness tracker.

  2. Miss Sunshine

    I bought my Rose-Gold Ray since the end of March but I decided to give myself sometimes to try it out before giving in my honest thoughts.Design: Cool, sleek design that doesn’t scream out an activity tracker. I were given a Shine as a gift before so I have some backgrounds to compare this too. Ray has a tube-kind-of design that look more like an accessory that I can pair with my Michael Kors watch while I could only wear Shine on its own. So definitely suggest for active female that value good design. However, Black Ray does look good on my brother too.Activity tracking: Misfit never fails me on how good its sleep tracking is. I felt Ray does slightly measure my running more accurate than Shine on the default mode. However it is only 200 meter difference that I did not take it as a major problem. The only thing Ray missing is the activity tagging, which I do not use often anyway. However, Misfit make up the missing tagging by the Button Mode feature which I mostly use for changing music on my phone while I am driving. I am also looking forward the Yoga and Dancing tracking as at the moment, my old Shine does not pick up my movements quite well. So there are some pros and cons for different using purpose I suppose.Vibration: I mainly choose upgrade from Shine to Ray due to this function. I really enjoy waking up with vibration rather than a loud alarm. I found the call and text vibration very useful when I am in a middle of a meeting that checking up your phone will be unappropiate. I also got chance to try the vibration on my friend’s Shine 2 but I personally like Ray more as it seems stronger and more define to me.Sport-band: Ray sport-band has slightly different design than my Shine. I found it a lot tighter and would not easy to come “unsnapped”. However, it seems to not easy to exchange between accessories so would be interesting to see what Misfit came up with. I look forward to the necklace as it looks absolutely amazing.Support: I would say the support is great. Last time I got issue with syncing and their instruction helps me resolve it myself. The agent contacted me was nice and follow up to make sure the issue was resolved. I feel like they really knows their product issue and actually make an effort.Hope my review helps you folks out there! I wrote this in a neutral tone but really, I do want to say I love my Ray. Feel free to drop questions if you want my honest feedback.

  3. Rishabh

    So this is the 4th time I am changing my review and there is a very good reason behind this, the after-sales services! I purchased the tracker around 18th July and started to face LED issues from 25th July. I contacted the support department but was initially very disappointed with their response. However, after a month long pursuit I understood their situation and here is my feedback.These guys are new in the market hence are learning and learning fast. The amount of dedication I saw from the Misfit support team in US and the fossil group in India was just OUTSTANDING. It took them a good amount time to figure the system out, but I must say they did it pretty well.As far as the tracker is concerned I think it is a real value for money. Having used Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Alta in the past, I believe the ray is hands down a strong competitor to both of them and even the upcoming Flex 2. The quality of the product is just amazing, right from the packaging material to the final piece; great product. I would also like to point out that the accuracy level of the tracker is far better than any other tracker that I have previously used!I would definitely recommend this product if you are planning to buy your first fitness tracker or even if you have used other entry level devices available.DisclaimerI posted a 1 star rating earlier and took it down after I learned that the company is still setting up its shop in India. However, mentioned earlier as well, I believe this is a great product and the rating was solely based on my after-sales service experience. Now that they have come through with resolving my issue, I would like to share my honest review leaving the emotions aside.

  4. Andrea Astarita

    This product is amazing for the fact that is water proof and don’t have to recharge at night. It lives on my wrist and i hardly take it off.The only complain or more that complain is something I miss it’s a small screen that would tell me the time, but id that is not a issue for you this band it’s amazing and the app it’s simple yo use.

  5. Adam L

    I bought this after using a fitbit charge HR for some time and I thought the lack of a screen and heart rate would annoy me but I’ve actually found this tracker to be far superior to the fitbit in more than one way. In addition to looking much better and being more comfortable the 6 month battery life means you won’t lose any time tracking (with fitbit I found myself always having to charge right before a workout) and you don’t have to plan your workouts around it. It also helps that this is waterproof so you don’t have to remember to put it on after a shower.The shape and material of the device mean that dirt won’t get trapped in it.When you double tap on it, lights will indicate your progress throughout the day, this means a screen isn’t really necessary, the app has all the detailed information.As for the heart rate, I found out that the app can do a pulse estimate which is great, especially if you’re just interested in your resting heat rate.I had planned on changing the strap (sports band) as I expected it to be poor quality (based on reviews) but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it is, the design allows for users to loosen and tighten it while it remains on the wrist (or ankle), I found this helpful in the mornings when my wrist was a bit swollen and the band felt tight.I initially bought this to wear on the days I would be going out and didn’t want to wear the thicker fitbit or when I wanted to wear my watch with a tracker but after putting this on my ankle (another good thing about the sports band – it can expand quite a bit) a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t taken it off as it’s incredibly comfortable and easy to forget about.In terms of tracking comparison with the fitbit, while both were on the same non dominant wrist I found this one to underestimate steps (or the other to overestimate) by about 20% but when this was on my ankle and the fitbit on my wrist they actually came back with the exact same results (after a couple of hours of walking). I’ve since completely stopped using the fitbit as it wasn’t really making any sense given how much I like this one.My only issue is having to pay extra for the lap counter!

  6. L33tHaxor

    Given 1 star due to reliability and for lack of customer support by MisfitInstead of lasting 6 months, I have used 4 sets of batteries in 3 months. Has now also started to drop off on anything other than vigorous activityUnfortunately misfit haven’t responded to emails or social media enquiries

  7. DjB

    A great, discreet tracker. It tracks steps very well, easily on par with my garmins. The sleep tracking is very accurate for me so far.The app isn’t as involved as one like gamins but its very easy to navigate through the pages on my phone. It has the stuff you need on hand on either a bar chart or a dial with points(steps are listed underneath the dial). There’s also a pulse scanner and a weight category, you can also add food etc for calories. You can also manually add activities such as running, walking, swimming, cycling, tennis and football.The ray has a number of flashing sequences to show how much of your target has been achieved. It also vibrates and flashes for phone alerts, you can also add things for notifications such as gmail.The only negative is the colour. It is not black, it looks like a very dark brown with the odd blue tint in strong sunlight. If you’ve ever seen burnished titanium on a camp stove it reminds me of that with more brown, definitely not black.The leather strap is good and comfy but Ive added a paracord strap, available from Misfit themselves. It’s easy to fit and super comfy.Highly recommended if you don’t want/need a screen. Syncs easily with my iPhone, waterproof and doesn’t need charging every 3-4 days because its button cell battery powered.

  8. Carol F.

    I really wanted this to work. I have been using fitness trackers for years, but I’m tired of throwing them away when the battery life gets too short. A tracker with replaceable batteries seemed just the ticket. The fact that the Misfit Ray is small and has several different band styles was a definite plus.The first few days of wearing it, my step count was lower than expected, so I wore my old tracker along with the Ray. As I suspected, a big discrepancy between the two, but which was correct? I walked around the office, counting my steps as I went, then checked both trackers. The Ray undercounted my steps by 30%!I then contacted Misfit’s tech support. We emailed back and forth for over a week, with them asking questions such as what happens when you tap twice, what happens when you tap three times, etc. Finally, they asked me to remove the batteries and reinsert (aka, turning it off and on again). When I replied that that did not correct the issue, I was met with silence. Three more follow-up emails asking for next steps were similarly ignored.Today, with regret, I returned the Ray.

  9. Stefan

    Can’t be more happy with it. After 1/2 year battery still full and no hassle about recharging. Need to tell, as I am not using it for intensive phone notifications, which significantly improve battery life. I working at kitchen at lost it recently 2 times at freezer (drop from my pocket while not attached to trousers) and RAY stay at freezer (-19/-20 degrees Celsius) for 24 respectively approx 80 hours. Everything working fine, even need gently defrost it :)))

  10. JJL

    On the whole I’ve been quite happy with Misfit Ray. It arrived quickly. After a nightmare with battery getting stuck sideways – sorted out thanks to Twitter feeds covering the same problem. It seems to be relatively accurate and a pretty good aid to my training.The downside: I chose not to have it notify me of messages or calls in order to preserve the battery life. Nevertheless after less than a month usage I have received an alert to tell me batteries are low. Perhaps it has been supplied with poor quality batteries but this is far short of the 6 months quoted which was one of my main motivators to get this. I will replace the batteries this time but will not be happy if they continue to drain so quickly.

  11. Hilary

    Misfit Ray looks stylish and is very light and easy to wear, but overall it is a huge disappointment. I bought this as a replacement for my Jawbone UP2, which I loved. The Misfit Ray is much more expensive but inferior in so many ways. I only wanted a step counter and a way to track my workouts, though the Ray has some features that I’m not interested in that others would find useful, such as sleep tracking and alarms. It does count steps, but goals are set in confusing points, which I don’t see the point of. Also the range of workouts that you can register are so minimal as to be practically useless. All it has is walking, running, tennis and swimming, which means that my Zumba and Fitsteps sessions cannot be recorded in any way, nor could gym sessions, yoga, pilates, and all of the other things people do. Jawbone had about 15 choices, Misfit has about 4. I am going to use the Ray because it cost a lot of money, but I shan’t buy another one when it needs replacing. The Jawbone was superior in every way except that the Misfit has a better band, if you buy the leather one. One big advantage of the Misfit is that you don’t need to charge it up all the time, but I haven’t had it long enough to comment on battery life. I can say that inserting the batteries was a bit fiddly, but if the batteries last well, it will be better than constant recharging.

  12. Victoria sochor

    The tracker digs into my wrist even when the band is on loosely. Would like to warn people with little wrist and big wrist bone that this can make it unwearable and seller will not take returns once opened.

  13. Vicky L.

    I bought my Misfit Ray back in May of 2018 and I loved it. It’s wondeful to have a device that you can keep on all the time – sleep tracking is important to me – and that is comfortable and unobtrusive.Despite the many people reviewing this item, my batteries lasted until November, so I got my six months. It paired well with both my iPhone 5S and 6S, and I had no issue with manually syncing it. (It’s a good way to save battery power and you only need do it once a day.)I found it a practical and satisfying piece of kit to track steps, and I paired it with MyFitnessPal app as I was counting calories for weight loss. I loved that you could wear it in the shower because every other tracker I’ve had – a Jawbone UP3, and a BellaBeat Leaf – have to be removed before a thing which seem a flaw to me. The Ray cost half of what the other items cost but is a much better product overall.I was really disappointed that when the batteries died. When I bought new ones, my Ray wouldn’t restart. It’s dead as a door nail and I miss it daily. Amazon are being very fair and giving me a refund rather than a replacement but, for the use and satisfaction I got for the six months I had it, I almost feel bad taking the money. I have to deduct one star for this failure in the end but if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, and you value practicality over flashiness, the Ray’s the way to go.

  14. AT_ND

    Broke in less than a month and Misfit could not replace

  15. Alonso Martinez

    Batteries last forever. You put it on and forget about it except you need to sync it. That’s not automatic. This is compatible with ua apps such as my fitness pal and ua record. Other bands are available.

  16. Roger C.

    I love my Ray, mostly because its waterproof and NEVER NEEDS CHARGING. I’ve had a fitbit and hated charging it all the time. this little guy goes for months no charging!

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