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Trendy Pro Kids Fitness Tracker

Kids get distracted, we know that so we got you a little help with the smart reminders and alerts. You will be able to set the alarms for wake up and bed time, reminders to keep them moving, and even wash hands.

  • THE ORIGINAL KIDS FITNESS TRACKER SMART WATCH – The Gift Set Includes Activity Tracker, Two Bands, in Black and Blue, Activity Tracking Reward Chart, and Charger. The Kids Smartwatch Wristband features a slim design, HD display, and touch key and a soft band that is adjustable to fit everyone in your family, the updated strap is suitable for girls, boys with an extra small wrist, teens, women, men, seniors. Pick your Fitness Tracker Smart Watch today and get 1 FREE wristband in Blue.
  • NEW DELUXE GIFT PACK FITS THE SMALLEST WRIST – We, at TRENDY PRO, are proud that we were the first company in the US to release a Fitness Tracker designed for kids in 2017. We had an overwhelming success serving kids over the age of 10. The market response was loud and clear – we were asked to release new bands that would fit younger kids. Now, in 2020 we are happy to offer a new adjustable band that fits the smallest child’s wrist but also may fit you (See the size chart for measurements).
  • WITHSTANDS SWEAT & MOISTURE – Our Fitness Activity Tracker Pedometer Watch is rated IP67 waterproof – it was designed to withstand bumps and tumbles and it functions perfectly well even when exposed to moisture. Feel free to let your child sweat it out during exercise work out and play, shower, wash hands, and play in the rain. Swimming for a prolonged period or deep underwater is not recommended.
  • QUALITY BONDING TIME – This kids’ digital watch is designed to give you and your child the opportunity to work together by setting goals for physical activity and sleep hours. Get a pair for everyone in the family and watch how a healthy competition for the highest number of steps can turn into a fun and rewarding activity. See your child feeling proud and encouraged to do every day. Also, a comment: “Wow! How did you get that many steps today?” makes a perfect icebreaker for non-talkative kids.
  • MAKES FITNESS FUN WITH SMART TECH – Our fitness wristband promotes regular exercise and physical activity in a fun way. It features vibrating reminders for physical activity, hand washing, silent alarms, and notifications. It also includes a Kids and Family Reward Chart that provides encouragement. You can set your own activity goals and sleep targets in the app, and help your child do the same on the poster.


TRENDY PRO Kids Fitness Tracker

TRENDY PRO Kids Fitness Tracker. Shipped with USPS First Class. Comes with black bands and replaceable pink bands.

Trendy Pro Kids Fitness Tracker for Kids Activity Tracker Free Shipping PURPLE!

Trendy Pro Kids Fitness Tracker for Kids Activity Tracker Free Shipping PURPLE!. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class.

Kids Fitness Tracker for Kids Activity Tracker 2 Bands Pink/Black

Kids Fitness Tracker for Kids Activity Tracker 2 Bands Pink/Black. Condition is New. There are two bands included. One is Pink. One is black.

Kids Fitness Tracker-Kids Activity Tracker - Watch Waterproof iOS/Android-Black

Kids Fitness Tracker-Kids Activity Tracker - Watch Waterproof iOS/Android-Black Condition: New/unused Quantity : 1 FREE SHIPPING ! ***Side Note: Some items might have damage/ flaws on the package but products inside are new/unused. I appreciate all your support in my...

Kids Fitness Tracker for Kids Activity Tracker - Watch Waterproof iOS/Android

Kids Fitness Tracker for Kids Activity Tracker - Watch Waterproof iOS/Android. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class.


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11 Reviews for Kids Fitness Tracker

  1. Steve O’Brien

    I love the tracker. I’m a lifeguard and I use it for work since it is waterproof I’ve put it in the water and I’ve showered with it and it works fantastic. Your phone does need to be near like most watches. For the price It’s so worth it . I also love the style of the watch as well. The only thing is is that I have to get real close to see what time it is in the sun but that’s an obvious thing that happens so I understand. But overall I love this watch.

  2. Don

    It works really well and seems very accurate. We bought this for my daughters 8th birthday. She loves having two bands. It fits her nicely. We loaded the app on a 6th generation iPod touch. The setup was a breeze and we had no problems with syncing. We tell her to take it off when she swims, but she has forgot a couple of times and it hasn’t given us any problems. Customer service has been great. They contacted me to find out if I was happy with the product. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fitness tracker for their child.

  3. John

    We have had this tracker for only about a week or so but I’m impressed with the value. My 7 year old daughter is really into the tracker craze and broke her previous one from another manufacturer. When I placed my order Trendy Pro sent me the directions via email. It was nice to get to know the features before it arrived and it gave my daughter something to look forward to. It’s jam packed with features! A clock, step counter, stopwatch, sleep tracker etc, etc. etc!What impressed me the most however was the excellent customer service. I had a question on how to change a setting and I sent an email to Trendy Pro. In less than an hour I had a detailed answer from a real person! That is very rare with any tech company today. I would recommend this as a great alternative to other brands that doesn’t skimp on features and is there when you need them!

  4. Kyle G.

    Perfect fitness tracker for my 6 year old son. I downloaded the app to my phone purely to set up the tracker (height, weight, age, etc). Once that was done I haven’t looked at the app or needed to do anything. The tracker operates independently with out the need for a smart phone or device. He has had fun checking his steps everyday. Battery life is long, perfect fit on his wrist or mine. I will be buying these for my other two kids for their upcoming birthdays. Great product at an awesome price

  5. Emily C.

    This is advertised for kids? I got this for my 7 year old and is way to big for his wrist!! Also the app doesn’t go below 55lbs? This is an adult Fitbit that kids can use but is definitely not made for them. Which makes me question the reviews on this item saying how great it is for kids which is the reason I bought it.

  6. Joyce

    I got this for my 7 year old grandson. Since he no longer lives with me and he does not have an iPhone, we set it up to not alert when it is away from the app. However, he does have an iPad which he keeps at my house and, since he spends every weekend at my house- we can sync it every 7 days and charge it up. Perfect. All he has to do is wear it, not take it off unless he is getting a bath, and have fun. (Decreases the probability that it will get lost.) All the kids in his 1st grade class have one and they spend recess walking or running around the track to see how many steps they can get in.!! Also has a really cool wall chart that we can set goals and “compete” over the week! Since I have a Fitbit, we can compare at the end of every week! The timex I bought him stays in his “treasure box” (but he does know how to read a regular clock face) so even though the tracker will not allow him to practice “telling time” at least he will be able to know what time it is since it will be on his wrist.Adding this: I had given him my old iPad Air2 to update a mini he had, and I guess the iPad Air 2 is considered 2nd generation which isn’t supported with this tracker’s app. However, I simply put the app on my phone and it can sync every time we see each other. Not a deal breaker. But it would be nice if it supported older apple products.


    I purchased this tracker for my 10 year old daughter. I have a fit bit and she wanted one like mine. I didn’t want to spend as much as a fit bit so we decided on this tracker from Trendy Pro. It took a few minutes to set up on her iPod but we have been successful and she likes it! Overall, it has met our needs and it’s just perfect for her!

  8. Aubrey

    Update: the company sent a free replacement watch, and so far, no problems. I’m happy with it so daughter loves it.My 8-year old daughter saved-up for over 2 months to purchase this watch. It worked well at first, but after only 5 weeks of occasional wear, it stopped charging. It comes with a charger that you plug the watch face directly into, and it’s not working anymore. Usually when you plug it into the charger, a red light will indicate that it’s charging, but now nothing happens. We also noticed that the watch falls apart easily if it’s bumped. I was walking next to my daughter, and she slightly bumped her wrist/watch against my leg, and the watch fell off (the face came detached from the band).Unfortunately, the return “window” has ended. It was only a 30 day return window. My daughter had to save nearly $30 for this watch, and it barely lasted over a month. I’ve contacted the company, we shall see if they do anything.

  9. Kelli Jordan

    My kids love this tracker. It certainly has motivated them to do more physical activity. (disclaimer: we have only had the trackers for about a week, so the newness has not worn off yet) I am slightly disappointed since the small band in the 2-band set is still not small enough for my boys, who are 8 and 10 years old. The tracker hangs like a bracelet, so it counts steps, but cannot do any function that requires contact with the skin. This tracker requires you to download an app to set the time and to track step history. Since I have two kids without smart phones, I had to use my phone to set them up and only one of their trackers can sync with my phone at a time, so I have to forget one tracker to connect to the other. The tracker does not have an app for their Android tablets, which would have solved this second problem. I think there is a real opportunity for this company because there aren’t other kids trackers in this price range – make smaller bands and an app for tablets – and you would get 5 stars from parents.

  10. patlawyr

    After one week of use, it would not charge and would not work.

  11. Dave

    Updated- Apparently the strap attachments need to be on the right ends of the unit. If not, one is loose. Manufacturer got back to us the next day with the solution and seems all good.Planning on returning. Arrived in the mail today. 8 YO G’daughter was so excited. App link worked great. Charges quickly. We were excitedShe tried wearing it to bed and came down saying it is just falling off. Not a size issue…that was great. This is where the colored band attaches to the fit bit unit. First hour and it just falls off. The side with the usb plug is rock solid. It is the other side…just falls off. Will return

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