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AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Unlike traditional headphones that send sound through the ear canals, our patented bone conduction technology delivers audio through the cheekbones. With nothing inside or over your ears, enjoy total awareness and comfort while you listen.

  • EXCLUSIVE SPORT PACK – Includes Aeropex bone conduction headphones and sport belt.
  • BEST SOUND YET – Re-engineered for optimal sound delivery, Aeropex have broken the mold of bone conduction technology. Enjoy louder volume, 50% less sound leakage and wide dynamic stereo sound with PremiumPitch 2. 0+.
  • LONGEST BATTERY LIFE – Enjoy 8 continuous hours of audio while you tackle your goals. Magnetic charging cables charge the headphones in 2 hours. 10 day standby time.
  • IP67 RATED – Completely sweat and waterproof, Aeropex are designed for tough workouts and adventures in the most extreme weather conditions. Moisture detection alert included for safe charging. (Bluetooth headphones not suitable for swimming.)
  • LIGHTEST AFTERSHOKZ TO DATE – Weighing less than 1 ounce (26g), experience unrivaled comfort for all-day listening.


AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Cosmic Black
These headphones are great for working out as they allow you to listen to your music as well as your surroundings. Unlike other headphones that go in or around your ear, these set next to your ear and transmit sound by vibrating your skin/bone/connective tissue. This leaves your ear canal wide...
NIB Aftershokz Aeropex Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones
Brand New in Box Aeropex, Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones, Priority Mail Shipping! NIB = "New in Box" Meaning these are unopened genuine AfterShokz.
Aftershokz Aeropex Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones
New AfterShokz Aeropex Open Ear Bone Conduction MP3 Headphones CHOOSE YOUR COLORBrand New Bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones, ensuring ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds.Lightest bone conduction headphones to-date, weighing less than 1 ounce...
Aftershokz Aeropex Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones
Forget everything you thought bone conduction technology was because we just reinvented the wheel with Aeropex. Pushing the boundaries of open-ear listening, we’ve implemented brand new PremiumPitch 2.0+ and angled the transducers to ensure optimal placement on the cheekbones, allowing for more...
AfterShokz Aeropex Mini Open-Ear Endurance Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Black
New AfterShokz Aeropex Mini Open-Ear Endurance Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Cosmic Black Brand New, auth. Dealer, Warranty Our most advanced wireless headphones yet, engineered for premium sound and a long-lasting battery to keep you aware & motivated to power through any workout. FEATURES:...


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Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones
released on November 12, 2019

// Company Profile – Aftershokz

Aftershokz is a headphone company that was one of the first companies to use bone conduction for audio. Aftershokz is best known for their headphones which are best suited to sports applications. – View Profile


7 Reviews for Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones

  1. SCL

    After hearing a friends AfterShokz Air, I was impressed and decided that I needed to get these to try for myself.I am not their main target customer. I use these in the office primarily with the intended occasional bike ride at the weekends (still yet to try this). I wanted to be able to listen to music but still hear the conversations going on around me in case I need to join in, or simply if someone wants to ask me a question and they can just say my name without doing a wavy dance to try and get my attention. For this they work exactly as intended.I also take several calls throughout the day and the quality is excellent. I can hear people loud and clear and I have been told that I come across very clear with the quality on par with most headsets. Watching films seems to have audio in sync and sounds great.I also have these connected to my laptop at the same time and can seamlessly switch between my phone and laptop.Battery wise I am still amazed. I have not timed it yet myself, but I have no issues getting through a full day of music listening and calls with the odd pauses throughout the day.Comfort is really really good and most of the time I forget that I am actually wearing them. I do have the music at a normal volume (not so loud that I cant hear my surroundings) so the vibrations into my jaw are not too harsh which I think also helps with reducing fatigue. But I pretty much have this on my head for a solid 10 hours to put it into perspective.Sound quality is going to be very subjective. They are not your normal headphones and therefore will not be as good BUT they are far from average. Yes the bass response is not as good but Im not listening to loud heavy dance tracks and for the most part I forget that the bass is lacking. Music still sounds nicely rounded and pleasant to listen to.If I was to find fault it would be with the vibrations on louder volumes. It cant really be helped, but the vibrations are a weird sensation and fatigue does set in much quicker. There is also a confirmation beep for things like volume up which is unnecessarily loud and makes me want to use my phone volume instead of the headset buttons.Other than that I couldn’t recommend enough if the use case fits you.—update—-Tried these on a ride and work exactly as you would expect. The helmet straps aren’t an issue and the rear band sits low enough to not interfere with the rear helmet strap (at least on my normal helmet)Still very happy and they have been glued to my head all day everyday at the moment.

  2. Anthony

    Where do I start. I have been using Aftershokz headphones for some time now after running with normal in ear headphones and nearly not hearing a car and nearly ending under it along a country lane so I carried out some research and found this company.I thought the Air model was good and enjoyed them for my running, working out in the gym cardio or weights and now the cycle ride to work.The new Aero model is far far superior then the Air, the sound is much clearer and sounds more meaty. Plus the base has been improved, which is great as when training I always listen to Spotify Run N Base 170-175 BPM and the Aero’s make the play list sound great.Like others reviews on here I even forget I still have these on due to there light weight and even walked into the shower with them on, thankfully they are IP67 so after a oh crap moment I then relaxed remembering IP67 😃.I’m waiting for the other colours to come out and I’ll be buying my wife a pair now for when she hits the gym.Overall these headphones are Fantastic and they do last the 8 hours, I made sure I didnt charge to find out.Everyone I show these headphones to there reply is mostly WOW Amazing, these are from others who are using all different brands from airpods, bose etc.They are the make and model and are going to look into them so just me showing people how great they are I reckon 10 friends and people in the gym have gone and ordered them and others added to their birthday or christmas wish list!Well done Aftershokz keep up the good work!!

  3. C. Lee

    Tl;dr – Overall, an incremental update to the Trekz Air, but still an excellent product for outdoor activities.If you’re looking at these, you’re probably aware of Aftershokz products – open air, bone conduction headphones. The Aeropex is another great product, building on the Trekz Air. Real quick, if you have the Trekz Air and you’re totally happy with it, this probably isn’t worth the upgrade – not because this isn’t great, but because the Trekz Air was already really good. Yes, the sound quality is better, but it’s not like, amazingly better.Pros:- Lightweight- Easy to setup- Sound quality- The magnetic charger is pretty awesome- Stays in place- Cool designCons:- Open air design (if you’re looking for sound isolation)- Still lacking in bass – don’t expect these to replicate your Bose Soundsport Frees.Caveats:- I just got these, so this is based off of a couple hours of use and one short 3-mile run.- I read an online review that suggested that the headband is super flexible, but it’s not. Just plastic, like the same basic concept of the other Aftershokz headphones.

  4. Paul

    Long time AfterShokz customer here. I’ve had the titanium model for 2 years, then I upgraded to the Air model. I didn’t think they could get any more comfortable or sound any better, but somehow this model does both. So far, couldn’t be happier. The lack of water protection was my only complaint of the previous models which this one addresses. I am glad they improved the battery in this model as well, since I was slightly disappointed in the battery life of the Air model. Every time I buy a pair of AfterShokz they are the best headphones I’ve ever owned. They should pay me for how much I recommend these to friends.

  5. Chad Snyder

    I did a lot of research online and these $160 bone conduction headphones were supposed to be the best ones on the market. I had high expectations for these, but was really disappointed with the poor sound quality. I tried a number of different angles and positions, but couldn’t get much of any bass out of them and when I did it sounded muffled, distorted, and vibrated annoyingly on my head. The highs and mids were mediocre at best and would compare the sound to a sub $10 pair of thrift store cheap earbuds. They were tinty and in my opinion weren’t very loud. I even tried using a graphic EQ to boost the bass and bring a greater fullness to the sound. Needless to say this was an exercise in futility since they just couldn’t reproduce an acceptable sound stage to suit my expectations. While these might be good for listening to podcasts or audiobooks while exercising, I honestly think you could get their entry level model and have a similar experience while saving quite a bit of cash. I wouldn’t recommend this model at this price-point to anyone. Don’t be fooled and make the same mistake I did. I plan on exercising the best aspect of these headphones = the company’s return policy.

  6. Brian Roberts

    First things first, I hardly EVER write reviews. Way too busy, and I don’t typically care enough. Here’s a short and sweet summary: if you can fit the extra $160 into this month’s budget (maybe no fast food, pizza, or coffee…whatever), don’t hesitate – you won’t regret it.Next, here’s some helpful info from the included manual:Wireless range: 10 meters (honestly, I get better range than that…I’ve used them from downstairs in the opposite corner of my house from my phone)Continuous play battery life: 8 hours (they must mean streaming to two devices simultaneously and nonstop, or maybe talking on the phone for 8 hours, because I wear and use it all day from 6am until around 9pm and have only charged it at night – it has never died)….now on to why I love these things. I am a previous owner of the Trekz Titanium. I tried the Trekz Air but didn’t buy them. I was waiting for a unit that handled dual Bluetooth devices and was waterproof – Aeropex was what I was waiting for.Cons: You already know this, bone conduction headphones can’t replicate the amazing bass of an expensive pair of earbuds or cans. THAT SAID, when you’re under water (these are waterproof) or wearing earplugs these things easily sound at least as good as a “decent” pair of headphones (like $20-40 range…more than adequate unless you are an audiophile). WITHOUT earplugs in, with open ears that are alert to your surroundings, I’d say these are the same quality “ish” of stock Apple iPhone earbuds. Maybe a bit less.PROs:1. These have the best battery life of any wireless headphones I’ve used.2. I now have a headset that simultaneously connects to my work laptop for Skype meetings and my iPhone for personal stuff. Amazing. No more multiple headsets. Mic is great. Clarity is better than my Plantronics.3. Sound quality is great. Better than Trekz Titanium, can’t speak for Air. The feeling that there is music playing that everyone else hears BUT THEY DONT is pretty amazing. I get to work or exercise to the music that keeps me going, but I don’t have to worry about not being alert. No, these don’t have great bass (without earplugs in). But as someone who enjoys dubstep, I can at least say I enjoy my music, still. The benefits far outweigh this minor drawback, trust me.4. Vibration (the tickle common to bone conduction) is dramatically improved, as is sound leakage. People don’t hear these things unless they are cranked.5. Touching on something mentioned in my one and only “Con” – if you want noise cancelling headphones, it would be tough to find a better pair. Since you can wear the highest grade earplugs with these things – THEREBY *ENHANCING* THE SOUND – they effectively replace any other noise cancelling headphones. AMAZING.6. I love, love, love the charging port. The magnetic charger just snaps into place and works – I now wish every device had a charger like this. BONUS: they give you two in the box, so you have one for home and one for work.7. Since this is a relatively “new” technology, it’s a great conversation starter, and everybody loves it. When you tell them to plug their ears (and suddenly they hear it BETTER) the facial response is like magic….so there you have it. I will likely not review another product for like ten or more years. But you, dear reader, I hope this pushes over the edge, if you’re on the fence. These things are great. I have worn them all day, every day, since purchase (manufacturer warranty of two years btw) and they are comfortable and so convenient.Hope this helps!

  7. Ry

    I had the prior trekz air version. Bought this because I wanted louder sound. This seems to be a little bit louder. I like the slimer profile as well.The great thing about this version is the skip to next song (double click) actually works. Trekz Air always paused the stupid thing.I’m not a fan of the magnetic charger just in case I lose the wire. They do include a second pair. I would have preferred of they used USB C. Obviously they were saving space by removing the female adapter our of the unit.Ok – so you might be asking yourself is it worth the upgrade?I don’t think so just yet. I mean if you have the spare money to spend go for it. If not stick with the Air version.If you are a new buyer deciding on this or the Air. Definitely go this version.

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