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Aipower Wearbuds True Wireless Earbuds

Revolutionary 2-in-1 Design: W20 is the world’s first true wireless Hi-Res earbuds housed in a fitness band. The TWS earbuds can be charged on your wrist thus possess greater portability. The smart watch can serve as 24 hour continuous Heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, pedometer, Calorie counter, step counter, and health tracker.

  • Revolutionary 2-in-1 Design: W20 is the world’s first true wireless Hi-Res earbuds housed in a fitness band. The tws earbuds can be charged on your wrist thus possess greater portability. The smart watch can serve as 24 hour continuous Heart rate monitor,sleep monitor, pedometer,Calorie counter,step counter, health tracker.
  • Premium Sound Quality & Effective Noise Isolation: Wearbuds support aptX, feature flawless audio streaming with no skips or drops and bring astonishing high-fidelity sound through fine-tuned graphene-augmented drivers. Skin-friendly silicone enhances the comfort of the wristband, and hybrid silicone allows the ear-tips are able to achieve more effective passive noise cancellation.
  • Fitness tracking: With advanced motion sensors and an accurate heart rate monitor, the fitness band on your wrist can count your steps?calculate calories burned and keeps track of your physical state in real-time throughout the day. Fitness reports are synced and stored in your Aipower App.
  • On-wrist Notifications: The backlit touchscreen on the band allows you to see all your fitness data at a glance and displays smart phone notifications. Real-time notification such as incoming call, Facebook, Twitter, instagram, SMS etc be alerted by the smart bracelet, helping you stay connected.
  • Integrated Touch Control: The side of both earbuds can be tapped or pressed to adjust the volume, change the track, play or pause, or access your phone’s assistant. You can also make hands-free phone calls with either earbud individually (or use both like normal)


AirPower WearBuds AI-W20 Smartband-stored | JS-14 |
AirPower WearBuds AI-W20 Smartband-stored | JS-14 |. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class.
Wearbuds by AiPower Wireless Earbuds Wristband Fitness Watch (BLACK)— All Sealed
Wearbuds by AiPower Wireless Earbuds Wristband Fitness Watch (BLACK). Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
NEW Wearbuds Aipower Wearbuds True Wireless Earbuds 2 in 1 Fitness Tracker
Wearbuds™ | Wireless Earbuds Charged Right on Your Wrist Product Description Wearbuds by Aipower are designed to change the game. A revolutionary milestone of true wireless stereo that frees you from inconvenient charging, easy-to-lose buds, monstrous charging cases, and other headaches. We made...
Aipower Wearbuds True Wireless Earbuds Fitness Tracker 2 in 1 design
Aipower Wearbuds True Wireless Earbuds Fitness Tracker 2 in 1 design Aipower Wearbuds True Wireless Earbuds Fitness Tracker 2 in 1 designPremium Sound QualityOn wrist Charging Effective Noise Isolation 12H Playtime with the band Fitness Tracking Heart Rate Tracking Sleep Monitor On wrist...
Wearbuds by AiPower Wireless Earbuds Wristband Fitness Watch (BLACK)
New in box never opened or used wearbuds by AiPower in the color black Ships from Lakeland Florida free shipping within the USA


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Aipower Wearbuds
released on January 17, 2020

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13 Reviews for Aipower Wearbuds

  1. Chuck A

    Sounds good and charge lasts enough to get through a couple of days of heavy use. I’m always losing headphones and hate tangled cords, so this is brilliant. Potentially more suited to guy sized wrists, the wife thought it a bit too bulky, even if incredibly compact for what it fits in.

  2. Kevin M. Thorne

    Hi, I believe this item has some technical problems.1. The volume keeps dropping.2. The Heart Rate/Steps/Calories/Floors & Distance Features Don’t Work ‼️3. The device keeps Dropping off from the App.I’ve tried Unpairing and Re-paring the device and App, and Still it’s not working properly.

  3. Young mULA

    I was looking for Bluetooth earbuds for a long time since other alternatives did not appeal to me. I like this concept of having a fitness watch that can charge and store your earbuds. Tried it today, audio is very good, noise-canceling is surprisingly good taking into account its size. They are comfortable and stay in place. Touch controls are inconsistent but they do work most times. Mic quality during phone calls was clear, I also like that you can connect each earbud to a different device really convenient. My only nitpick/suggestion would be if possible by an update to allow to manually turn off the band as it only shuts down when the battery is empty. Also no alarms but other than that excellent product. I appreciate the convenience of it entering pairing mode (with a voice confirmation) as soon as you remove them from the band. Moreover, it disconnects from devices when you store them in the band. Never settle

  4. Krabbie

    Meine Freundin hat sich diese Uhr mit AirPower Wearbuds geholt, da sie immer sehr oft ihre Kopfhörer irgendwo liegen lässt und somit immer bei sich hat. Die Uhr ist leicht zu bedienen und die Verbindung zum Smartphone ist schnell eingerichtet. Die Warbuds werden über den Akku in der Uhr geladen und die Klangqualität ist gut. Das Armband der Watch ist aus weichem Silikon.

  5. aebatz

    All in all I like the idea and more people were asking me about it at work then I thought. (I work security so the headphones come in handy in the watch) The only 2 downsides I found were the battery life and one the 3rd day I used it the left earbud wouldn’t stay in the band and it wouldn’t charge. Not sure if I just got a disfunctional model or what. Have yet to reach out to vendor. Nice concept but I think it might need a bit more of R & D before it’s finished. *EDIT= Figured out how to pop left bud back into place so they’re a bit buggy but haven’t done it again since then, definitely gave me a scare though.

  6. Josh

    fast delivery, looks good and easy access to headphones perfect for being at home or out on the go.

  7. Chaitanya

    I love using this fitness tracker as it is very user friendly. I always forget my earbuds or earphones with me wherever I go. With this product, I don’t ever have to worry about forgetting my earbuds wherever I go. The battery life is really good and the Bluetooth connectivity of the earbuds is very good. The heart rate monitor is very accurate and I measured my heart rate in different situations and it was very accurate. The calories and health tracking is on point and the calories measured is pretty accurate.

  8. Alyseus

    I’ve been going to the gym for quite sometime now and having a bunch of stuff makes me want to stop. Seriously, you have to bring this, and that and this and sometimes, the worst thing I’ve ever done was to leave my earbuds. Yup that’s probably the worse thing you could do before coming to the gym. So when I came across this watch on amazon, I was skeptical at first but it really made my life easy. It’s like those 2 in 1 stuff. You have your heart rate monitor, the time, running distance etc using an app and then you have the earbuds directly connected to the watch. It just seems really futuristic. The design is quite good. It’s pretty bulky, like one of those Gshock watches and the battery life is just great! For each earbuds I can get about 6 hours if playtime which is waaaaay more than enough while working out and if u ever ran out, the charging is right there on your wrist! 5/5

  9. F bob

    It’s been a couple days that a use the watch and i like it so far. Fit weel. I love to have my buds close all the time. The buds are confy and work well.

  10. Sweet&@$!

    I bought this product because I kept losing my wireless earbuds. I would lose one and the set was useless. After going through 2 sets I started looking for a case I could wear. This fit the bill. The sound quality is really good and they are very very comfortable. The watch is a nice extra. I didn’t really buy it for that reason, but I’ve started to use it to monitor heart rate when I work out.

  11. sonny

    Very convenient headset and watch

  12. Liya

    Zuerst wollte ich mir einen Markenartikel kaufen aber hab mich dagegen entschieden. Ich fand es super praktisch das Kopfhörer mit integriert ist. Als der Tracker ankam war ich sehr erstaunt was so ein kleines Teil alles kann! Als erstes muss ich ja sagen , Einfach nur eine mega qualität! Ich kann immer wann und wo ich will meine Kopfhörer nutzen und hab sie immer bei mir. Der Fitnesstracker hat unter der Uhr einen Puls messer und einen Schlaf tracker so dass man alles protokolliert bekommt. Zudem ist der Fitnesstracker wie eine Smartwatch, es zeigt mir eingehende Anrufe , Nachrichten von Facebook; Whatsapp etc alles an. Mit dr Installation der App (Name steht im Handbuch) kann man alles kontrollieren und nachgucken. Sogar Hintergrund von der Uhr kann man ändern! Einfach nur WOW. Bin super begeistert davon und verliebt!

  13. Deborah Clark

    Was sooo excited then I wasn’t.

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