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EARGO Neo Hearing Aid

A virtually invisible hearing aid unlike anything you’ve seen before. Virtually Invisible, Rechargeable, Professional-Grade Hearing Aid – Delivered to Your Doorstep – No in-Person Visit Needed. Eargos aren’t your ordinary hearing aid. They’re small, virtually invisible, rechargeable, and super comfy. It’s the hearing aid you have to hear to believe. Oh, and it’s all backed with free lifetime support from Eargo’s team of licensed hearing professionals.

  • MEDICAL GRADE HEARING AIDS WITHOUT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE – Eargo hearing aids are FDA regulated, exempt Class I medical devices and arrive at your door in days, all without the expense or hassle of visits to the doctor’s office
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY – Eargos cost thousands of dollars less than comparable traditional hearing aids and don’t require multiple visits to an audiologist. If you have mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss, Eargos can help you hear better in days, not weeks
  • MORE CONVENIENT – Work with Eargo’s licensed hearing professionals from the comfort and convenience of your home to further customize and tune your Eargos to get the best sound for you
  • MORE COMFORTABLE – Eargo’s are “open-fit”, with patented Flexis that suspend the devices inside the ear canal allowing air to flow through for a more natural feel
  • VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE – Eargos fit completely inside the ear canal, eliminating the need for a bulky behind-the-ear piece, and making Eargos virtually invisible


Replacement Cable Brand new Item will be posted Securely in Bubble WrapPlease Note: This is a replacement cable Thanks for Watching On 13-Aug-14 at 13:29:40 BST, seller added the following information:
Eargo Neo Hearing Aids 
Eargo Neo Hearing Aids. Never used. NIB. Shipped with USPS First Class.
Brand New Eargo Neo Hearing Aids Free Shipping!
Brand New Eargo Neo Hearing Aids Free Shipping!. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Eargo Neo Hearing Aid -Black-
Eargo Neo Hearing Aid -Black- Very GOOD used physical condition and in good working order.


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Brand NameEARGO
Included ComponentsLeft and Right Eargo Neo, Charging Case
Item Thickness4.25 inches
Item Weight0.441 ounces
Model NumberCU-Z6WG-G609
Number of Items1
Part NumberCU-Z6WG-G609800-903-6883
released on July 3, 2019

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6 Reviews for EARGO Neo

  1. David Johnson

    EARGO NEO reviewI’m a 69 year old male with mild to moderate hearing loss, including tinnitus. I’ve worn hearing aids on and off for about 8 years, including some very high priced over the ear Siemens aids prescribed by an audiologist. These worked well for me in meeting settings at work. After retiring, I stopped using them and they were eventually replaced by less expensive amplifiers. These proved unsatisfactory, largely because they were uncomfortable, but also due to problems adjusting my speaking volume while wearing them.I decided to try the Eargo Neo product mostly due to the favorable reviews and the available trial period. I could not be happier. The “in the canal” aids are comfortable, and the open fit significantly reduces the speaking volume issue. After wearing them for a few weeks, I am no longer aware of them, and understanding others speaking and TV is much easier. And, I also can now hear the tree frogs in my yard which I didn’t know were there!It is worth pointing out that these are small electronic units that reside most of the day in your ear, which is not the best place for electronics. They require routine cleaning and daily charging. I spend about 1-2 min per night wiping away any wax accumulation, and being sure the contacts in the aids and charger are clean.Customer service is exemplary. Indeed, they called me to see how things were going. An audiologist helped me understand some things about wearing hearing aids and what to expect. A minor issue with the charger was addressed quickly, and a replacement charger was sent without cost. Overall, I am very favorably impressed with this product and with the company.

  2. Anthony Carter

    Although they are very interested in a positive outcome for all their users, these did not work for me. I will be sending them back. These are nothing more than in ear amplifiers. Too much back ground noise.Feedback when using the phone and feedback when sitting quietly listening to music while reading. A nice try and considering the price of “real” hearing aids I gladly gave these a real try. Just not for me.

  3. Todd R Lavigne

    My hearing went bad a number of years ago — I finally decided to get hearing aids 18 months ago. Endless trips to the audiologist. Multiple sets of hearing aids. More trips to the audiologist. Broken hearing aid? Back to the audiologist so they can send it to the manufacturer and then once the manufacturer is done fixing it — back to the audiologist to pick it up — YUCK!3 best things about this:1) Open design — can totally hear all normal sounds “around” the device. Biggest challenge to get used to hearing aids was that the parts of the sounds spectrum I could hear got blocked out with the in-the-ear devices — so the endless audiologist tuning was not just to “tune in” the parts I can’t hear — we also have to “tune in” the parts I can hear, but no longer can with the device in. None of that with this.2) This is totally optimized around voice. One of my audiologists said “you will be amazed at how you can hear crinkling paper!” I don’t want to hear crinkling paper — I want to stop having to say “can you say that again?” 80 times a day. This does that — completely optimized to increase voices and decrease background noise.3) Did I mention you don’t have to go to the audiologist?I’ve had two other sets of in-the-ear devices — both at $4,000+. This one worked the best for fixing my hearing — totally legit “hearing aid from the audiologist” quality device.Get it. Stop asking “Huh? Can you please repeat?”

  4. Barry Dunaway

    Best purchase I’ve ever made. I am 55 years old and have needed hearing aids for a long time, just didn’t want people to know that I had them mainly. So I’ve gotten by, agreeing with people but not really having a clue what they were talking about most of the time. I finally thought I’d give Eargo Neo a try because they fit into my ears and no one knows I’m using them but me. And who would want to fool with batteries when these recharge themselves just by putting them in the case at night when I’m not using them. Anyway what did I have to lose with a 45 day free trial. I COULDN’T BELIEVE how much I’ve been missing. Before I could only hear the background noise but now I can hear everything I couldn’t before and the background noise is not amplified and there is no whistling even when driving with the window down. I want to Thank You Eargo for giving me my life back.

  5. Karen C.

    Sound is very tin like which might be a factor with any hearing aid.These were my first encounter with hearing aids so I don’t know.Conversations were easily drowned out by any backgroundnoise….seemed like the background was always more amplified thanactual voices. Then there was the squealing that was intense and painful, really painful.I couldn’t get the things out of my ears fast enough.I actually think these Eargos did some damage to my hearing abilities.Considering possible law suit against the company. My lawyer is all for it.Really sorry I believed in their massive advertising campaign.

  6. JMCMD

    I have never written a product review before… But, these hearing aids exceeded my expectations.I had used behind-the-ear aids for about 8 years – purchased for $7,000 (!) so I could hear in high noise environments to help my mild-to-moderate sensori-neural deficit. Unfortunately, my prior aids were a complete failure. Not surprisingly (in retrospect), they helped me hear sounds behind me better than in front of me, despite 3 levels of “programming”, multiple different ear pieces, etc. Stopped using them.Then tried the Eargo Neo product – BIG IMPROVEMENT!!! Took some fiddling to get the ear piece right, level of amplification right – (remember, no audiologist to guide you through this) – but after about 6 weeks, I LOVE THEM! I can no hear in restaurants and cocktail parties. They are invisible, rechargeable, and a HUGE improvement over my prior experience.I don’t know how long the rechargeable battery will last – and WARNING: they are so comfortable that it is easy to step in the shower without removing them (they are not water resistant!)Overall, very satisfied, and would recommend them to a friend!

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