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Eargo Neo HiFi
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EARGO Neo HiFi Hearing Aid

For mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss, this Virtually Invisible, Rechargeable, Professional-Grade Hearing Aid will help you stylishly hear better. A virtually invisible hearing unlike anything you’ve seen before. Revive your world with full, rich technicolor sound without making any compromises.

  • MEDICAL GRADE HEARING AIDS WITHOUT THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE – Eargo hearing aids are FDA regulated, exempt Class I medical devices and arrive at your door in days, all without the expense or hassle of visits to the doctor’s office.
  • BEST SOUND FIDELITY – Eargo Neo HiFi boasts a beautiful, state-of-the-art design combined with our best sound fidelity ever. Eargo Neo HiFi lets you experience full-bodied, rich sound just as nature intended, all while disappearing magically inside the ear canal.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY – Eargos cost thousands of dollars less than comparable traditional hearing aids and don’t require multiple visits to an audiologist. If you have mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss, Eargos can help you hear better in days, not weeks.
  • MORE CONVENIENT – Work with Eargo’s licensed hearing professionals from the comfort and convenience of your home to further customize and tune your Eargos to get the best sound for you.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE – Eargo’s are “open-fit”, with patented Flexis that suspend the devices inside the ear canal allowing air to flow through for a more natural feel.

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Brand New Eargo Neo HiFi Model 2021 Free Shipping
Brand New Eargo Neo HiFi Model 2021. Model:99-0102-001 What's included in your purchase: 2 Eargo Devices 2 Large Flexi Tetrapalms 2 Regular Flexi Tetrapalms 2 Regular Flexi Fibers 1 Charger 1 Wax Guard 1 Usb C Cable 1 Usb Plug 1 Cleaning...
Eargo Neo HiFi
EARGO Neo HiFi - Newest Model Hearing Aid - Virtually Invisible, Rechargeable, Professional-Grade Hearing Aid - Brand New In Box. MEDICAL GRADE HEARING AIDS WITHOUT THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE - Get your hearing aids from the leader in telecare...
Eargo Neo HiFi Hearing Aids System Black
Eargo Neo HiFi Hearing Aids System Black This listing is for a Eargo Neo HiFi Hearing Aids System Black. Item is new and unused. Look at pictures for details. Comes in original packaging. Packaging may show signs of wear. The pictures...



Brand NameEARGO
Included ComponentsLeft and Right Eargo Neo HiFi, Charging Case
Manufacturer Series Number99-0102-001
Model Number99-0102-001
Number of Items1
Part Number99-0102-001
StyleNEO HiFi
released on January 7, 2020



Eargo Neo HiFi devices are sleek, small, and virtually invisible. They disappear into the ear canal like magic, so no one will know you’re wearing them.

Review of the Eargo Neo HiFi - Techlicious

The Eargo Neo HiFi is a certified Class 1, FDA-regulated medical device intended for individuals with mild to severe high-frequency hearing loss (made legal in the Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act...

Eargo Launches Neo HiFi - Hearing Review

Eargo, a medical device company “dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with hearing loss,” announced the launch of Eargo Neo HiFi (Neo HiFi). Designed for adults with mild-to-severe, high-frequency hearing loss, the Neo HiFi is the latest in Eargo’s product line. The product’s new features include increased bandwidth, improved feedback cancellation, and a wind noise reduction algorithm for “enhanced performance processing speech outdoors.”.


// Company Profile –


8 Reviews for EARGO Neo HiFi

  1. Afteryou8

    These take some getting used to when you’ve been experiencing partial hearing for as long as I have. It’s like getting your eyesight back after years of walking around in a blur! A few things that bother me, however. This doesn’t do anything for Tinnitus. I knew that going into it. If you like wearing in-ear headphones, that won’t do. You’ll need to go with over-the-ear headphones. And something happened today that I didn’t anticipate. While walking to the train with my podcast going, the volume went from 2 to 3 in my left ear and I couldn’t get it to go back to 2 right away. It also gave quite a bit of feedback. I was standing on the street looking, I’m sure, weird as I slapped my hand against my left ear to change the volume.I’m still getting used to these units and giving them 30 days to be comfortable. At this point, I think it’s going to be a keeper.

  2. Michael

    I purchased the EarGo Neo HiFi in January and have been wearing them for about six weeks. I have never worn or used a hearing aid before. It took me about seven to ten days to get completely used to having them in my ear. Now, I do not think about them at all and take my hearing for granted. I can hear in all environments, i.e., one-to-one conversations, talking on the phone, in crowds, and watching TV. I have recommended them to a friend who was impressed with the difference they have made for me. My friend is a long time user of hearing aids and was not happy with the past results he had. He purchased the EarGo Neo HiFi and immediately saw a difference and has been using them for about ten days. He is constantly praising them and cannot believe the difference in his hearing quality.EarGo… Well done.Thank you for making a product that lives up to and exceeds expectations. One final note, the only thing better that the actual EarGo product is its Customer Service. My friend and I spoke to several different EarGo people ALL were knowledgeable, attentive, customer focused resolved issues and answered questions on the first call.

  3. Hobby Poppy

    These things are amazingly powerful, even more so when you consider they are in-ear.The hardware is ‘There.’The software is not.Basic volume controls? Nope. Presets.Eq controls? Nope. Presets. Actually, it is possible to make very gross bass and treble adjustments.The presets are ok, definitely not awesome though. They may actually be perfect for a subset of users. Certainly not for me.These things are way too expensive to leave in a state of middling (mediocre) control capability. They do after all GO INSIDE THE HUMAN HEAD.My disappointment results from the basically fantastic hardware showing up the shortcomings of the software controls tooling.

  4. Duane E Malm

    I’ve had my Eargo Wifi’s for a few weeks now, and I LOVE them. As a 54 year old college teacher (and dad of a teenage daughter), I was increasingly frustrated by my inability to hear my students… especially higher-pitched female voices. The Eargo’s have been a game-changer for me. For example, yesterday I asked each student in class to provide a verbal update on their project. I didn’t have to say ‘What???’ once!I also like that they fit snugly inside your ear. If any student (or anyone else) has noticed them, nobody’s mentioned it. The Eargo’s are comfortable and effective.My wife is glad that I hear her now, and I no longer spend time adjusting the sound options on the TV.The support I’ve received has been great too. While they’re really ‘plug and play’, my Personal Hearing Specialist (Sarah) has been great answering my questions. For example, she encouraged me to try some of the different ‘flexi’s’ (the soft plastic things that touch your ear canal). For me, the ‘fibers’ fit more comfortably than the ‘palms’.And with a $99 return option, there’s very little downside to giving them a try.

  5. Joey.

    Amplified good and very comfortable. my issue was that EARGO staff were slow to help me since I purchased them through amazon. Also, they are so small that I worried about loosing them.

  6. Judy Menschik

    really hoped this would work well, but did not; had to return it; really uncomfortable in ear even with changing the various options it came with (small and other size fittings in ear)

  7. Kevin J Sparks

    Better than my audiologist prescribed hearing aids! Clearer, lighter, no part of unit outside the ear (cannot see the unit), no issue with putting glasses on and off, no batteries to die, and many other features.Service and follow up is top notch. New volume and adjustment program coming /here for Android phones.Can’t say enough good things about these over my $6200 hearing aids purchased 4 years ago through my audiologist.Lastly, a 30 day trial- if you don’t like, I can send them back and get a refund, less $99. Well worth it!

  8. Peter Condy

    After slightly over 1 year the charging base failed to charge. I contacted the company and was told by the customer service person that the one year had expired and the only thing I could do was purchase a complete new set at a discounted price of $2200. So this tells me plan on spending $2200 every year for a poorly backed and average product.

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Brand New Eargo Neo HiFi Model 2021 Free Shipping
Brand New Eargo Neo HiFi Model 2021 Free...
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Eargo Neo HiFi
Eargo Neo HiFi
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Eargo Neo HiFi Hearing Aids System Black
Eargo Neo HiFi Hearing Aids System Black
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EARGO Neo Hearing Aid
EARGO Neo Hearing Aid
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