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VERT Jump Monitor Powered with G Technology

A performance tracker that accurately measures vertical jump without expensive or bulky vertec equipment. Just clip and jump for easy combine and try-out testing.  Wear in practices and games to collect your data for performance and injury prevention just like thousands of professional, collegiate and high school athletes. Improve your jumping ability with the VERT Jump Monitor.

  • Jump Height: The highest jump the athlete has accomplished during the session.
  • Landing Impacts: Each landing is displayed on the app. Alert Categories: Feature organizes landing impacts into low, medium and high alerts.
  • Stress %: Know the percentage of high versus low stress movements during an activity.
  • Drills: Assessments and drills include- lateral launch test, vertical beep test, standing vertical test, approach vertical test.

At you can purchase a VERT Wearable Jump Monitor for Volleyball Basketball BMX Vertical Leap Training! for only $100.00., which is 33% less than the cost in Myvert ($149.00). The cheapest price was found on January 25, 2023 8:09 am. – View Buying Options



VERT Wearable Jump Monitor for Volleyball Basketball BMX Vertical Leap Training!
VERT Wearable Jump Monitor for Volleyball Basketball BMX Vertical...



VERT Jump Monitor
released on January 23, 2015



VERT Team Systems come with LIVE daily reporting as well as custom reports that include team and individual work load, positional averages and access to the Performance Lab Team. Body stats are tracked using an IMU the size of a thumb drive. The VERT device connects wirelessly to the app. The data is synced in real time to monitor your athletes

VERT | The Grommet®

VERT is the first Made in the USA, wearable vertical jump tester. In real time, it tells you how high you jump, your best vertical, average vertical, and how many jumps you made in a practice session, game, or workout.

Vert is the wearable vertical leap monitor for high-flying ...

The Vert wearable jump monitor straps to your waist, and sends key vertical leaping data to your smartphone, tablet, and even a small range of smartwatches. The $125 wearable is available now, and...



8 Reviews for VERT Jump Monitor

  1. Peerless Picks co.

    Innacurate: Jumped 100 times and it counted 11 (one of many innacurate sessions).Unusable: Any fitbit tracker at cheaper prices doesn’t require a subscription to see features such as distance, HR BPM, intensity, sleep, steps, minutes, calories, floors, etc – yet this product, over $100, requires a monthly or annual subscription to view features that product was intended to be used – vertical jump height, jump count, etc. A subscription based product that is certainly hidden in its product description, thus scamming the consumer. It is a damn shame they would stoop to this low level when these statistics would be useful for a basketball/fitness coach.Follow up: There is no information in product description regarding a need to pay for monthly or annual subscription to use product features in app where statistics are tracked.

  2. Jan D. M.

    I purchased two of these, one for my daughter who plays volleyball and another for a friend who plays basketball. Both are very pleased with the result. I can’t speak to the precision of the measures provided but am certain they are fairly accurate given comparisons by other tools. I was disappointed to learn there is no Android app for tracking data. I’ll have to buy something from Apple that runs IOS. The friend had an iPhone and was very pleased how easy it was to connect to the phone. She had already jumped several times before connecting to the phone and the app immediately picked up all the data as soon as she connected. This is simple, elegant, and effective; everything you look for in an electronic device.

  3. S S.

    The monitor dies very quickly and has extremely limited range.You won’t be using this for a game as a) the battery won’t last that long and b) unless you are also wearing your phone, it will lose the connection.Fine for training measurements in short sessions.


    I have had this unit for over a year and the actual device works great. The problem is as of 2/17/17 the app is updated which reduces the functionality of the app unless you want to pay a $7.99 monthly subscription. You can still get some of he data by logging into your myvert account via a web browser, but you can no longer view your historical data, one touch, and a couple of other items using the vert app. Charging $124.99 for the jump monitor then requiring an additional $7.99 fee to have a fully functional app is a lot to ask.

  5. Zach Cox

    This product is a great way to put quantitative results on your jump training. It also is a great way to show growth and improvement to your athletes and most importantly for them to be able to understand it and see it. Jumping is one of the most important skills of all athletics and I think the use of this goes beyond just volleyball and basketball. The operating system to your phone is super easy to use and will allow you to get results quickly and be able to evaluate several athletes/students in a timely fashion. I would recommend this product to anyone working with athletes or someone who has an interest to train and improve their vertical/power/strength as an individual.

  6. Piere Jones

    I’m an athlete 🏀 and this device has helped me to measure my workout progress tremendously. Because it can measure my vertical jump height with accuracy i could see which exercise works or doesn’t. Also their customer service is amazing. They respond right away and give you all the answers with speed.

  7. Fran DuCharme

    I have two daughters who play volleyball and they love the VERT–super easy to use, and measurements consistent with vertec device readings (without all the vane setting, counting, and resetting). We’ve found the VERT provides concrete feedback and makes it easier to work on improving vertical jump. Being able to wear and get measurements while hitting and blocking a big plus. VERT customer service responded promptly and helpfully to questions, and device arrived on time and in perfect condition.

  8. Bob

    This is a great tool for coaching. Using it with the team allowed instant results, not to mention an instant competition between teammates. My players are continuously trying to out jump the rest and for me that’s perfect. There’s no question who jumps what anymore.Highly recommended!

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VERT Wearable Jump Monitor for Volleyball Basketball BMX Vertical Leap Training!
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VERT Jump Monitor Powered with G Technology
VERT Jump Monitor Powered with G Technology
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