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Automatic Anti-Static Wrist Strap Bracelet for Wireless Electrostatic Removal.

  • Continuously sense and safely release the static electricity of the human body during the wearing process, control the static voltage of the human body within the safe range, avoid the sub-health caused by the electrostatic shock and static electricity generated by the human body, and reduce the safety hazards caused by the static electricity generated by the human body.
  • Intelligent static elimination: Use the potential difference between the human body and the flowing air to discharge static electricity.the use of an electrostatic wrist strap can effectively eliminate the malfunction caused by static electricity.
  • When the red light is on, the human body has a high electrostatic voltage and the static electricity is released. After the lamp is turned off, the human body can touch a conductor such as a metal.
  • In the car and other bad air circulation will affect the static elimination effect, it is recommended to open the door a few seconds before touching the metal part.
  • Stylish and Beautiful – Beautiful and fashionable. can be used as an ornament, or discharge static electricity remotely. Beautiful design and health to your body, A great birthday gift, Christmas gift, Anniversary gift, Mother’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift or Valentine’s day gift


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5 Reviews for Automatic Anti-Static Wrist Strap

  1. Mason

    Work but easy to fall off.

  2. Arnel V.

    Luv it

  3. steven_liu

    I used this anti-static wrist strap very long time. It’s very good design principle that turn static electricity into light energy for elimination Internal static electricity. But, I still feel a lot of static electricity when I touched metal objects. So, I don’t think it works very good sometimes.

  4. TheGreatOne

    Not working. I still got electric shock even after wearing this

  5. mario

    It doesn’t work at all, i am getting shot a lot more than before with this thing on. Waste of time and money.

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Automatic Anti-Static Wrist Strap