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Rotatable Phone Armband

Secure and comfortable phone armband for active workouts.

Newppon Armband fits all phones, adjustable, secure, and rotatable.

- Rotatable
- Secure fit
- Comfortable


- Limited phone size
- Bulky design Logo
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Newppon 180° Rotatable Running Phone Armband with Key Holder

Works with Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Phones, and Google Pixel. Great for Sports Workouts / Exercise & Jogging. Newppon 180° Rotatable Armband has been well developed to provide security and comfort. You can 100% concentrate on your performance rather than your phone

  • UNIVERSAL ARMBAND – No need to take off your phone case Otterbox & Lifeproof. This running phone holder can even fit an iPad mini diagonal up to 7.9”. No more struggling to search for a new exercise armband every time you get a new cellphone. A ton of different phones are compatible, including Apple iPhone Xs Max XR X 8plus 7plus 6Splus 6plus Samsung Galaxy S9+ S9 S8 S7 S6 Edge Note 8 Nexus 5P 6P Oneplus
  • FITS MOST ARMS – Super flexible strap to fit larger strong arm up to 16”. You shouldn’t worry about finding a perfect fit since this fitness band comes with two strap slots and adjustable velcro fastenings to fit any arm size from 9-16”
  • SECURE – Sure-grip design prevents slippages or drops during active workouts. A patch of non-slip silicon beadings is devised on the back of the panel for added security. The adjustable, soft belt makes the fitness armband very comfortable. Once you put it on and get it adjusted to your arm, it won’t go anywhere. Just feel free to enjoy your exercise without distraction
  • ROTATION – Never miss a perfect moment with 180° rotation armband. This rotatable arm band lets you use the mobilephone functions whatever you are doing and wherever you are. Just a simple swivel allows you to get the right angle to shoot a picture. Easy direct access to your smartphone is totally available
  • SHINING POINTS – Takes just a second to insert your mobile phone / hidden key holder / earphone cord management / double fastening sizes with two slots / sweat-proof and water-resistant PU leather / perforated strap allows air flow to stay breathable / No-questions-asked refund or replacement free of charge will be available if the purchase is not completely satisfying


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Looking for an easy and comfortable solution to keep your phone safe during exercise? Look no further than our Rotatable Phone Armband. This innovative accessory provides a secure way to keep your phone accessible while you workout, with a flexible design that easily rotates to allow for comfortable and easy access. Whether you're running, cycling, or doing any other kind of physical activity, this armband provides peace of mind knowing you can stay connected and have access to your phone at all times, without the worry of it falling or bouncing around. Plus, the breathable and lightweight material ensures a comfortable fit, even during intense workouts. With this armband, you'll be able to stay focused on staying active, without interruption or frustration. Stay connected and stay moving with our Rotatable Phone Armband.

  • UNIVERSAL ARMBAND - compatible with various phone models
  • FITS MOST ARMS - adjustable strap fits any arm size
  • SECURE - sure-grip design prevents slippages
  • ROTATION - 180° rotation armband offers easy access to phone functions
  • SHINING POINTS - several features including key holder and earphone cord management


    Rotatable Phone Armband
    released on October 28, 2018



    The Rotatable Phone Armband is a versatile and practical solution for anyone who wants to keep their phone securely in place during physical activities. Constructed from high-quality materials, the band features a rotating mechanism that allows users to switch their phones between portrait and landscape orientations with ease. The armband is fully adjustable to fit any arm, and the flexible strap ensures a comfortable and snug fit. The clear protective window on the front of the armband enables users to access their phone's features with ease, including touchscreen functionality, without having to remove it from the band. Perfect for runners, hikers, cyclists, or anyone who wants to stay connected on the go, the Rotatable Phone Armband is a must-have accessory for modern lifestyles. It is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, including Apple, Samsung, and LG devices, and its durable design ensures that it will hold up to regular use over time. Whether you're hitting the gym or going for a long run, this innovative armband will keep your device safe, secure, and within easy reach.


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    15 Reviews for Rotatable Phone Armband

    1. Renee

      Just received it in the mail and tried it on my phone it looks really nice and feels comfortable on my arm. It secures my phone nice and tight. I will be testing it out tomorrow at the gym.Update #2I’ve used it several times at the gym for many different excercies and it works great. Fits my iPhone 6 with lifeproof case on perfectly. I would recommend this!

    2. Sara Reed

      This may be the single, best cell phone accessory I’ve ever bought. I’ve only been using it a week or so, but I’m SO happy I took the risk and got it. About me: I hate, hate, hate 3 things about exercising with a phone.1) carrying ANYTHING in my hands while exercising2) that nasty feeling you get when you start to sweat, and part or all of your arm band is plastic and in contact with your arm3) arm bands that slide down your arm during a workout or ones that are so tight you lose sensation in your hands after they’ve been on for 5 minutesThis case solves all my pet peeves!Product specifics:I have an iPhone 6Plus, so it’s relatively huge. The elastic holds the phone snugly in place without being bulky. I don’t have a case on my phone, but do have a pop-it on the back, and my phone fits perfectly well in the band. I expect that there’s enough stretch in the bands that bigger phones like I have would fit while in their cases, but your results may vary, so consider that when making your choices…How does it address my peeves?1) obviously, it holds my phone, so I don’t have to. There’s also a key slot (though I haven’t used it, it seems like it would be fine, as long as you wear the case so the opening of the slot is pointing up) and a velcro tab to hold your headphones when not in use, or to wrap up the excess cable during workouts, so you don’t get tangled in the cord.2) There’s no “sweaty plastic” feeling during workouts. The band has no/very little plastic in contact with your skin, and the quality of the elastic/velcro seems to be a step up from the less expensive brands. I expect it will last well.3) The arm band is soft against my skin, and snug enough that it doesn’t slide down my arm in use, but doesn’t strangle my arm, either.In conclusion, because I don’t believe this band will fall apart from manufacturing/material defects, I may just buy a second so when this one wears out I have a backup ready. It’s already a critical part of my workout routine, right up there with my shoes. Now, if only I can find a sports bra that is as useful and reasonably priced, my workout world would be complete.

    3. Katherine

      The fit was perfect for my arm. The band stayed snug against my arm and the phone rotates when you chose to use it (it does not move when you run). I’ve only had this for less than two weeks and have worn it about six times, two of which were for over two and a half hours while running. My phone has stayed in the bands without any problems, I’ve even taken the phone out of its’ protective case and used it. My phone is a Samsung S7 Edge. It appears to be of good quality, is adjustable , comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and 36 month warranty for quality related issues (USA). So far no sweaty smell, feels breathable and lightweight on the arm.

    4. Queen of Bling

      It works, but it’s a bit bulky for a woman. Now mind you, my Samsung 8+ is awfully large, which is most of the problem. It’s better than carrying it in my cleavage!!! hah!

    5. Billy Goodnick

      I make my living in the design world and appreciate the deep thought that went into this product. First time out, I purchased one of the “clear pouch” type holders for my iPhone 8 and was instantly disappointed — felt like I’d just slipped it into a random ziploc bag and the arm band with extension was either too tight, or too loose — just plain short-sighted and not user-friendly. So when the VUP arrived and I set it up, I was more than relieved. 1) the phone attachment to the unit is solid, simple and easy to work: strong “rubber band” type connectors the slip on and off and leave all the buttons and volume adjustments visible and accessible. 2) the 180-deg rotating center lets me turn the orientation of the phone for easier insertion of the earbud jack or selecting my sounds, then rotating back to a parallel position with my bicep. 3) A simple velcro strip that allows me to tuck the excess earbud line safely out of the way. 4) Strap adjustments that are simple to change.

    6. CDB

      I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and the galaxy LED portfolio case and this armband fits great. There is no screen protection so be cautious of that but for me that was not an issue. I can leave my phone in its case with the cover closed and still see notifications, control music and accept or reject phone calls and the straps that hold the phone do not prohibit me from any of those functions. I wanted to test this product out for a bit prior to submitting a review. I have had this product for about a month now and have been extremely satisfied with the quality and durability of this armband. At first I was worried my phone wouldnt fit but it does and the straps that secure the phone dont seem to be cheap material that will break any time soon. The swivel function helps out especially when I do more of a crossfit style workout. I dont have to take the armband off to do pushups, I simply turn the phone 90 degrees and continue on with the workout. One last thing that worried me was how fast it would dry out. I am a heavy sweater and was worried that the material would hold and not dry out causing mildew. So far the material seems to dry out quickly and doesn’t pose a problem for me when I do workouts twice a day. I do not own a Galaxy Note so I cannot say for sure but the band is a snug fit for my S9 Plus and I know the Notes are bigger so I would be cautious if you have a phone that size and plan on using this armband.

    7. Jim Grieme

       The Newppon Phone Armband is a simple and affordable option for running and exercise. The Velcro closures connect very well. The rubber connectors for the phone are heavy enough to feel secure about using them on my iPhone XS Max.The material will wash well after perspiration. While I am not that “big” of a guy, it fit securely on my biceps and forearms when I ran. It should work extremely well for ladies and most men.There is slots which will allow women to adjust this tighter for smaller arms. There is a velcro flap which will hold headphone wires or one’s keys securely during exercise. The Velcro strap has “ears” to grip while fitting to one’s arms.My phone is in an Otterbox Commuter case. This does add additional size and mass to the phone. The phone straps are elastic enough to go over the case and still provide enough security to give me the peace of mind to exercise with my phone strapped to my arm.Overall–for the price especially–this is a great value!

    8. Kelsey

      This armband exceeded my expectations. I needed something to securely hold my Galaxy S 9+ with the Lifepoof case on and this does that quite well. The phone feels like its bouncing ever so slightly while I run, but that’s due to the grip being a rubber band like material. Even with that, my phone hasn’t gone anywhere. The rotating feature is very nice when checking my progress during my run. The rotating feature is tight and doesn’t slide around while running. 10/10 recommend.

    9. Hawkins’ Corner

      Pros:Rotatable:It is very easy to use when I am working out or running because it is on a swivel. I can just move it so that my phone easy to access.Material:The strap material is very soft and comfortable. It adjusts to my arm size without being too lose or too tight.Phone Holder:I really like that the phone holder is made of like a stretchy plastic. I have an Otterbox, with an iPhone 8plus, and it still fits. It’s stretch capability help me fit any type of phone in it.Cons:It was a bit difficult too put on with one hand, but I got used to it.This is great for my workouts or whenever I am active and still need my phone.

    10. Ronda

      My Samsung phone fits and it wasn’t hard for me to slide it into the rubber holders.I know it’s an arm band, but I took it for a test drive on my wrist when I went grocery shopping at the store. I have a grocery app and it was bothersome trying to hold my phone, push the cart and laying my phone down to get items on the shelf. I don’t have to do that anymore! It was so easy to shop and use my app and retrieve items from the shelf.It fits perfectly on my arm when I work out. It doesn’t slide up or down. I love the 180 degree turn.I bought one for my sister and she loves her gift.

    11. Amedbo

      This has been the best cellphone armband I’ve owned… and I’ve had lots over the years. There is an elastic band that holds the phone securely in place – with no plastic cover—- and that’s the part that I love. You can freely tap your screen with no problem. The phone rotates around and as you can see from the pics / it fits all sizes- phones AND people. I use it when listening to podcasts and cleaning my house… my husband uses it to run with and my 8 year old son uses it to listen to music around the house. We ALL love it. I highly recommend it!!

    12. Shae-Ra

      I love it! Admittedly, the only thing I have to compare it to is one that would only fit on my upper arm and had a plastic cover. However, I maintain this is an awesome one! It turns well, it fit on my scrawny forearm, and even though I am an eternally clumsy person I was able to put it on easily. I’m not a runner so I can’t attest to how it holds up but I was a cross country for many years in my youth and I believe that as long as you have good form you will not have any issues with this staying on and generally in place with some give. I definitely don’t foresee any issues at the gym but I will update this review if I experience any.I almost forgot to mention that my ginormous Pixel 2 XL with its cover fits in the bands just fine and doesn’t threaten to break free! I was even able to access the three bottom screen buttons.

    13. Mason Stierley

      Neat product! The 180° rotation feature is extremely handy. I am a runner, a lifter, and I ride my bicycle around town for an additional workout and use this holder for all three- and I love it! I no longer have to keep my phone in my gym shorts- which can be awkward to work with when leg pressing or running. I wear it on my wrist or my arm depending on the activity and it is never a nuisance, just a convenience! I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and it fits just fine. Touch screen isn’t affected nor is any of the biometrics I have set up other than the fingerprint scanner only because of where it is located obviously… lol. Great device- I’m very happy with it and it makes all of my recreational activities much more enjoyable and convenient. In fact, this could really be used for any time someone wants or needs to be hands free!

    14. Cedrick Ntambwe

      I really like the product. It perfectly fits my iPhone 8Plus. I went jogging and I’ve worked out with it without drama. It feels comfortable on my arm.

    15. Hector Troche

      Had this item for 6 months now the velcro still straps like it’s brand new and never have a problem with the spinning my phone to read text or E-mails and to pick a song from my play list

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