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XORDING AirPods case lets you carry your AirPods on your wrist

  • THE AIRPODS CASE – Soft silicone cover for AirPods, a charging case designed as durable and shockproof protection, dust plug included , fits your device perfectly.
  • THE AIRPODS WATCH BAND HOLDER – Stylish minimalist design, perfectly fits for different watch bands, perfect safe keeping during workout.
  • THE AIRPODS EAR HOOK – The Airpods earhook were made from high quality soft silicone, it can be inserted to the groove of your auricle perfectly, grips your ear tight, – Great for running, skating, cycling, gym etc . (This is an upgraded kit with devoloped Ear Hooks, they come with Sensor Holes, bring you a better experience and we sincerely wish that you will like the upgraded accessories)
  • THE AIRPODS SILICONE STRAP – The Airpods strap used high quality and flexible silicone line, to keep it around your neck, then you can use your Airpods as sports earphones.
  • THE AIRPODS KEYCHAIN – Aluminium alloy made carabiner, Airpods will be easy to carried when attaching it with the carabiner to backpack, belt, keychain etc.


XORDING AirPods Case Front LED Visible Plating Soft TPU Protective Cover
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AirPods Band Holder - 3 PACK - Black / Gray / White
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AirPods Band Holder - 3 PACK - Pink / Rose Red / Red
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AirPods Band Holder - 3 PACK - Mint Green / Blue / Midnight Blue
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Airpods Case in Mint Green
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Airpods Case in Black
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Airpods Case in Red
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Airpods Case in Blue
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Airpods Case in Green
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Airpods Watch Band Holder
released on December 11, 2017

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10 Reviews for Airpods Watch Band Holder

  1. Diana S. Dawson

    Small case that I can attach to my purse or jeans, with opening for charging, is probably my favorite feature. Next I like the cord that attaches to AirPods. (Can you tell I’m paranoid about losing them?) The AppleWatch holder is a cool feature too but I think I’ll mostly stick with the cord. I don’t need the ear insert thing myself but I may give them to a friend. Good deal for the $.

  2. Charles M. Vitale

    This is a nice little set/accessory for your AirPods. The case is snug and fits the case perfectly. The tether for the buds themselves was the primary reason why I bought this set. The ear protectors are nice and are surprisingly comfortable. The watch attachment is a little awkward for everyday use due to the size of the earbuds themselves. However it fits the watch perfectly, and I can see some different uses for it (airport, conference, train, etc). Overall a great value!

  3. wendipooh82

    This set of 5 AirPod accessories was exactly what I needed all in one package! And the exact color I expected! It has everything you need to carry your AirPods on the go without worry of losing them. *1-The silicone charging cover fits perfectly over the charging case allowing the sync button access and charging port open. *2-It even comes with a carabiner hook to clip onto your purse, belt, or keys. *3-The silicone neck strap is comfortable and easy to remove without knotting or getting in the way. *4-The removable ear hooks fit ideal and help with a secure fit when on the go. They must be removed before charging, as the case will not close with them on. *5-The watch band strap is perfect for joggers and exercisers, convenient for having nearby when your phone is at home. (Personally my favorite part!)

  4. Ruby

    I love love love this case .. the quality is great.. I just had to leave a review.. it’s better than some of those overpriced ones out there. The color is exact the the extras it comes with a difinitely a plus.. if you want a quality product at a great price then u would say look no further. I bought them because I got AirPods for my birthday gift and if you own them then you know the case is quite slippery and it get scratched and dirty quickly. This cover will solve that problem.. plus it covers the charging port.. EXTRA BONUS!!!

  5. Meredith S.

    Thought this would be great for my AirPods since I run trails though the woods and other stuff. Yeah, not so much.Watch band holder does not snugly hold the AirPods. They slip out. The neck sling causes the headphones to fall out of my ears and sticks to my neck when I sweat. The AirPods stay in place better without anything. The silicone is soft and the charge case fits. I’ve gotten more use out of the D ring than any of the accessories.This was a good idea since the biggest complaint with the AirPods is them not staying in with vigorous activity. I must say, they’ve not given me a problem. The sport covers block the bass acoustics and kill some of the awesome sound. Hate them.These accessories are not up to snuff. I’m glad I didn’t pay a lot for it. Besides, if you lost a headphone, you know instantly. Your music stops. So you won’t be a mile out before you notice.

  6. Z

    This case is very convenient, I was afraid the material would be a dust magnet, but after almost 2 months of being clipped to my keys it’s still extremely clean and bright. The claw clip it comes with is also sturdy, and I love the other accessories included with the case.I misplaced the silicone covers and cord when I moved, but both did stay very clean much like the case. I was afraid the cord would tangle in my hair or pull at it, but it’s very confortable to wear. The small holder is great, I’ve put it on my fitbit and it fits well, & is extremely convenient for when I’m around the house or on the move without wanting to fumble with the case.Definitely recommended for anyone with AirPods, the protective case is so great for both protecting the airpods & for taking them wherever I go.

  7. Amber

    I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality and strength of this case. It’s made of thick material that doesn’t seem like it will stretch or wear out after being opened and closed a lot, but even if it did, it’s an inexpensive item to replace.Before buying it I narrowed down my choices to this item and one that was twice as expensive. I ultimately chose this one because it encloses the entire Airpods case, and allows the top to be opened easily while still being protected, whereas the other one had an open top with a flap you had to roll down every time you wanted to open your AirPods. However, I expected that because it was half the cost, it would seem a little cheap in quality when I got it, but figured if wasn’t very good, I could return it, or at least wouldn’t be out much money.I was very surprised at how nice it was, and I think the cheap price is simply due to a creative marketing team who is trying to get a new product out there and give people a reason to try it out (hence the lower price than similar products) while hoping to build strong customer relationships by providing good customer service and connect with customers who are happy enough with their product to spread the word in order to build their place in the market, at which point, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the price of these doubles.I bought this for the case itself, not for the other accessories, but I’m excited about the watch attachment as it turned out to be really handy. It easily slides onto the watch band, and stays securely in place even when the Airpods are in it. It offers a convenient place to put an earpiece when you need to take it out of your ear for a couple minutes to chat with someone and keeps you from putting them in your pocket where they’re at risk for falling out or being forgotten and tossed in the washing machine.The navy blue case is a nice color and looks like the photo. I could do without the indented photo of the AirPods on them and would rather it just be a smooth surface, but I wouldn’t let that stop you from buying it.The carabiner doesn’t seem super secure so I will use a higher quality one I already own, and the earpiece accessories seem flimsy, but I had no plans to use those anyway (edited to add: I tried them on after writing this and they actually work really well, but I don’t usually have an issue with the AirPods falling out of my ear so probably wouldn’t use these. They feel flimsy because the material is made thin enough to still fit in your ear properly). The cord for holding the AirPods is nice and holds them tightly. I don’t see myself using it because I bought the AirPods for the purpose of not having to deal with a cord, but I can see it being useful in situations where you might do an activity somewhere that it would be easy to lose an earpiece if it happened to fall out (like a bumpy mountain bike ride where it might fall out and bounce off under a bush where you can’t find it)I’m happy with this item and would recommend it if you are buying it for the case itself and not the little ear holder things or the carabiner. My teenage daughter saw my case and asked me to buy her one, so it’s adult and teenager approved.

  8. Ted Howell

    Fit is good. A little harder to get ear buds out of box with the cover on, lid won’t open as far.Ear bud strap works and fits wellEar bud covers again it would be nice if they could fit in case.After 2 weeks the lid part will not stay on. The headphone watch ban holders are useless, almost lost one of my AirPods.Case cover traps dust and dirt between the case and cover. I won’t be using it anymore.It’s doing more harm than good.

  9. Debra Crowell

    The Airpod case fits perfectly and protects the original case. The clasp ensures the Airpods case will not fall out of my purse. I have used the Airpods watch band holder at the gym when I was at a spin class. The holder kept the AirPods secure throughout the whole class. It’s a great addition to have! I haven’t used the other pieces yet but I know they are there if I need them.

  10. Pat Coad

    My niece received Airpods for Christmas and she is only 15 years old. I had bought myself a case for mine about 6 months ago and asked if she would like one. She picked this one out and LOVES IT. I would definitely buy again and would recommend to anyone wishing to protect their Airpods.

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