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EMF Protection & Radiation Blocker Band for Apple Watch

  • Powerful EMF protection for your Apple Watch to support your health against the RF radiation.
  • Also protects from other EMF’s that you come into contact with, including WiFi, cell phones, and even 5G technology.
  • Advanced European technology proven over decades of scientific research & practical application, with documented results in research studies.
  • Stylish & waterproof silicon rubber wrist band with stainless-steel buckle can be worn at work and play. Comfortable enough to sleep in. Cleans easily with soap & water.
  • Exclusive dual-level approach – the Direct Technology acts on the EMF radiation and the Adaptive Technology supports your body’s health.



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8 Reviews for EMF Harmonizer Apple Watch Band

  1. Kiki

    Like the fact of having some protection from potential radiation from my watch.

  2. Jessica Kopka

    Fit is great! I’ve been wearing this and I love the idea behind it, but what is actually helping to reduce emf radiation? Is it the small metal strip on the band and/or the band itself? The description doesn’t specify. Would be nice to verify with an emf reader… or even some evidence based research from the company.

  3. Charles Liebov

    Although it is not something that you may never know is working, I trust the company. I know the microwaves or radiation from the watch can be dangerous, and if this watch band can neutralize the dangerous waves, it is a good thing. I spoke to customer service and they assured me it does what it is designed to do. It is comfortable to wear, and it looks nice. I gave it 4 stars because there is no way to know if it is working

  4. Emily Shaw

    Could be placebo… but I feel better after wearing this for the last 2 weeks.

  5. Ashley

    Sleek and easy to clean

  6. Leslie Leonard

    It fits on the Watch well and is comfortable. I’m not sure if it helps because I started switching wrists as well. I do feel better.

  7. Valerie

    This band is great. I like the looks, and love how it feels. For those that are questioning if it works they have plenty of evidence and resources on their website on top of you monitoring your heart rate as well from weeks before the band, to a week or two after. My heart rate has significantly slowed down (on a good note) and also I’ve been sleeping better since I use the apple watch as my alarm. There’s plenty of ways to check the effects on your body, also my blood pressure seems to be a lot more stable.For the review about the water proof, I don’t get it. I swim with it every day and have no issues.

  8. Jo Jo

    My mistake! I need to return for a small.

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EMF Harmonizer Apple Watch Band