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SEAM Lotus Wearable Personal Safety Device

SEAM is a personal safety wearable device that lets you record and share your GPS location with live streaming audio and communicate hands-free at the touch of a button. The Lotus by SEAM allows your family and friends to see where you are and easily listen in, live, to better assist you in any situation. Paired to the free SEAM app, the Lotus device allows quick, hands-free phone calls (including to emergency services) and real-time ambient audio sharing without fumbling for your phone. Much more than a GPS tracker or panic button, Lotus keeps you safe, connected and social.

  • HOW DOES IT WORK? Lotus is an award-winning personal safety wearable with all the functions of a smart speaker. Paired to the SEAM app, users can easily record their conversations to the cloud and let up to 5 trusted contacts listen in live, while continuously sharing GPS location. A true smart speaker on the go, Siri and Google Assistant are accessed at the touch of a button. Skip having to unlock your phone to record, share and make emergency calls.
  • EMERGENCY CALLING – Hold the buttons and the Lotus will automatically call your nearest pre-selected trusted contact, allowing you to have a conversation directly from the Lotus device with its built-in microphone and speaker. Whether you’re showing an open house, on a trip or checking in with friends on your way home from dinner, Lotus helps you record your world and stay safe and connected.
  • SMART SPEAKER ON THE GO – Tap any button and unleash the full power of Siri or Google Assistant, including calling emergency services directly by voice command. No other personal safety wearable on the market has this powerful feature.
  • CONTROL YOUR SAFETY – Lotus is the only personal safety wearable with an integrated microphone and speaker. With over 7 hours standby, 5 hours of talk time, and 42 hours of battery life, the Lotus has your back.
  • CONTROL YOUR STYLE – Versatile, gender-neutral design gives you the freedom to integrate the Lotus into your wardrobe on a wrist-strap, necklace, or by simply clipping it on. Keep it discreet by changing the lighting and audible tone settings.

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Lotus by Seam Black Lotus Device GPS Tracker
Lotus by Seam Black Lotus Device GPS Tracker


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SEAM Lotus Device
released on October 2, 2018




12 Reviews for SEAM Lotus Device

  1. BookLover

    This is a neat little gadget that I primarily bought for safety as I started taking a night class and ride the bus. I’ve had one too many weird incidents with strangers on the bus, nothing too bad but enough times that I thought about buying mace. I bought this gadget because I liked the way it looked, liked that I can share the sound and GPS with my family. It has a clip so you can clip it to your clothes or bag but I’d like to wear it as a necklace. I did see that the company sells necklace and bracelet adapters but they are not available to buy yet here or on their website.The item is small and lightweight and works as advertised so far. Keep in mind that you do have to download a free app to use this device. It can be a little overwhelming, setting up the free app and then the device with it, but if you follow the instructions that come in the box, it’s easy enough to follow.One thing that I like a lot about the device is the voice access so I can use Siri on the device even when my phone is in my backpack. I generally keep my phone in my backpack or my pocket when I’m on the bus because there are tons of iPhone thefts. I can also make phone calls from the gadget. However, the speaker is not very loud so that’s something I wish it did better.It’s only been a few days so I will update this review if the device breaks or stops functioning, but I’m happy with this so far. It does what it’s supposed to and more.Pros:- Looks really cool- Clip lets you attach it where you want- The app is really good and you can use the app for free- Really like that I can share my recordings with my family in case something weird happens- Love being able to make phone calls and use Siri without my phone in my hand- It comes with a free charging caseCons:- Feels almost too light. I’m worried I’ll drop it and it’ll break- All of the different colors can be confusing. Hard to remember what does what- You do still need to download an app to use it- Speaker isn’t loud enough- Doesn’t come with any accessories

  2. SelahFan

    Works great and easy to use if you are generally tech-savvy. It’s very small and light and i even forgot that I had it on. The design makes it easy to make it look like jewelry. The app is especially useful to check in and let your friends know when you’ve made it home late at night.

  3. D Smith

    My wife works in a slightly dangerous area and knowing if she’s having a problem she can share audio and do an emergency call is very heartening. The setup was easy, and the logs in the app let me see any trips she wanted me to see. To be honest I feel a lot better about her safety. The thing clips right on and is pretty low key, just some other tech device. I would think if you had kids this’d be great, even asking them to record logs on unsupervised trips

  4. ray

    Innovative product, great for safety and sharing your travels with loved ones. I love that this is stylish instead of the other safety wearables out in the market.

  5. AJ

    Bought this for work, the clip is really convenient and works well. I also love using Siri with it to send messages. A very cool way of getting in touch with people. Highly recommend

  6. Bummed!!

    As a single woman who travels a lot for work, this device has made me feel so much safer. I actually never find myself in ‘sketchy’ neighborhoods, but I’m often in a 1:1 situations with customers at their home which unfortunately every now and again, is not a savory situation 🙁 When I need to eject, I’ll use this device to ping my friends and the first person who sees will call me with an ’emergency’ making it not awkward to do a quick exit. Otherwise it’s great for hands-free calling while I’m driving. I only wish the speaker was a bit louder.

  7. Guillaume

    The Seam Lotus is a really great smart speaker that wears seamlessly. Whether i’m out running or catching up with friends at the park; it’s can have it clip to the strap of backpack and not worry about digging out my phone.The speaker quality is crisp and the design is slick.

  8. ghazal

    Love my Lotus! It looks pretty stylish, I use the google assistant feature all the time, and it makes me feel safer on my solo travels.

  9. Gene P. Louie

    The concept was ingenious as a personal security device to obtain immediate help. Press two buttons and record a message to five people. Press and hold two buttons; the device will immediately telephone them. Press one button to access Siri or Google Assistant. Tell the personal assistant to dial 911..Unfortunately, I could not get the device to work as advertised. Problems began after installing the app. A Google Map appeared and an X-icon showed one’s location via GPS..OK, what do I do next? . . . The manual was no help, because it was incomplete – it ended with the app installation. There were no instructions on setting up the five contacts or activating Siri or the Google Assistant. The website instructions were useless, because they just rephrased the manual..So, I just stared at the Google Map. After a few minutes, I shut off the smart phone, went to my computer, and requested a refund..In the final analysis, it did not matter if the seller claimed that his product was “fashionable,” “award winning” or “state of the art.” If the buyer could not get it working because the setup instructions were incomplete, it was still a useless nice-looking brick.

  10. Dhruv Jain

    Great gift, you can make phone calls from the device!I picked this gadget up for my girlfriend. She felt uncomfortable commuting back from her late-night shifts. You can call anyone through the device’s smart speaker feature, so now she usually calls me while walking through the parking lot. Great product, looks pretty futuristic. The charging case is similar to the airpods, she only has to charge it every week

  11. Don T

    I purchased the SEAM Lotus for my wife who works nights sometimes and I worry about her walking to her car alone after work. She loves the extra security and feels so much more safe when she has to work late. I recommend this product to any and all who wish to take extra security measures and makes hands free calls as well! Ordering another for myself now!

  12. M. Brickman

    Waste of time and money!

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