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Classic Guardian Fall Alert Medical Alert System by Medical Guardian

Classic Guardian’s emergency base station has a built-in, two-way speaker that allows you to communicate directly with our trained and certified operators. Once you press the button on your wrist or neck pendant, an operator will respond immediately and send help when needed.

  • FULL COVERAGE IN YOUR HOME – This Medical Guardian alert system has 1,300 feet of protection from your wearable help button to the base station – the largest range of any medical alert system in the home. You’ll have greater protection throughout your home as well as the immediate area outside. Landline required for medical devices to operate. Landline not included with purchase
  • SPEAK WITH OUR 24/7 MONITORING CENTER – Classic Guardian’s emergency base station has a built-in, two-way speaker that allows you to communicate directly with our trained and certified operators. Once you press the medical alert button on your senior alert life watch wrist call button or neck pendant, an operator will respond and send help
  • PROTECTION EVEN WITH POWER OUTAGES – If the power goes out you can press the call button on your life alert systems for seniors because if a storm or unexpected outage occurs, our Classic Guardian medical alert system for seniors has a 32-hour battery backup that gives you the continued fall alert, emergency, and non-emergency detection you need until power is restored
  • WEAR IT YOUR OWN WAY – No need to worry about getting your medical alert necklace for men and women, or your medical alert bracelet for women and men wet in the shower or tub. You can feel comfortable and safe knowing that our waterproof fall alert devices for elderly will ensure continuous protection during higher-risk activities, such as showering
  • FREE MONTH OF MEDICAL ALERT SERVICE – Activation of service required prior to use! Call to activate – service plans start at only $39.95 per month. You never have to worry about hidden charges, signing a contract, the service is free to activate, and you will only be charged a monthly subscription fee. Making it an affordable elderly alert call button for seniors and older adults

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Classic Guardian Fall Alert Medical Alert System by Medical Guardian™ - Senior
Classic Guardian Fall Alert Medical Alert System by Medical...


Keep yourself or your loved ones safe with the Classic Guardian Fall Alert Landline. This reliable personal safety device features a simple design that immediately alerts 24/7 monitoring services in the event of a fall or emergency. It uses your existing landline to quickly connect you to an operator trained to assess the situation and provide appropriate assistance as needed.

With the Classic Guardian Fall Alert Landline, you can live independently and with peace of mind knowing that help is always readily available. The device is user-friendly, requiring no installation or setup, and can be worn as a pendant or wristband. It's perfect for those who are prone to falls, suffer from medical conditions, or simply want an extra layer of protection.

Don't take chances with your safety - protect yourself or your loved ones with the Classic Guardian Fall Alert Landline.



The Classic Guardian Fall Alert - Landline is a highly dependable medical alert system designed to help senior citizens and individuals with physical limitations feel more secure and confident while living independently. This device includes a base station that connects to a landline phone, a wearable emergency button, and a microphone and speaker for two-way communication. In the event of a fall or emergency, the wearer simply needs to press the panic button on their wearable device, and the system will immediately alert the 24-hour monitoring center. The monitoring center will then communicate with the individual through the base station to assess the situation and dispatch emergency services if necessary. The Classic Guardian Fall Alert - Landline offers unparalleled security and peace of mind, ensuring that individuals are never alone in an emergency. With its easy-to-use design and reliable performance, this medical alert system is a must-have for anyone who wants to maintain their independence while staying safe at home.


Classic Guardian Fall Alert – Landline
released on January 30, 2019



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8 Reviews for Classic Guardian Fall Alert – Landline

  1. Denise

    In order for this device to be activated, the user must call an 800 number upon receipt to activate the service. After calling the 800 number provided, which directs you to Medical Guardian, the activation department requests a number called the “UDI number,” which is clearly marked on the packaging and also on the device. However, in this case, Medical Guardian did not have this UDI number in their system. After making multiple calls to Medical Guardian for assistance, and requesting escalation for assistance to management level, we were told we would receive a call back within 48 hours. We never received a call back from anyone, and after we made another call to Medical Guardian that lasted twenty minutes, we still have not ability to activate this device.

  2. Kristina Carney

    Needed a medical alert that could cover my gmom’s home – this has a 1,300ft range. Could not test the full range but it covered her property. She likes to garden so we wanted to make sure if she fell outside she could receive help quickly. Tested button outside successfully. She likes the wrist band too. Device is pretty easy to use once set up but you have to call in to activate it, otherwise it will not work – there is a phone number to call on the plastic wrap.

  3. Charles K

    I recently received this system and set it up for my mother. We had to call in to activate, only took about 10 minutes. Make sure you have an accessible phone jack. They help walk you through it and the rep was very helpful. We tested it, everything worked as expected, gave them our emergency info, and that was pretty much it. My sister and I feel much better knowing she has this device in case an emergency happens and we’re not around. Will update here in a few months if need be.

  4. Grannycasp

    First of all there was a message on the box to”call this number before you open the box”. I called the number on the box and was informed it wasn’t an active number. I had to go on the website to get a number. I didn’t feel the person I spoke to was very knowlegable. She had to put me on hold a couple times to speak to her supervisor. To be fair, she could have been new. She told me I had to connect to a modem which was incorrect. Tried to get me to use their lock box for $2.99 a month. Buy your own. Then asked if I would like the insurance for the unit for $6.99 a month because a replacement box would cost $350. I asked why I couldn’t just buy one on line again for the same price I had puchased this one. Her answer was that it’s company policy. I opted not to take the insurance and told her if they didn’t allow me to just buy another box for about 1/10 of the price she quoted, I would simply go to another company if this box breaks down.The item seems to be fine. The wrist button fit comfortably. I would recommend it to others.

  5. Anne H.

    I bought this product to keep at my grandparents house. You must have a landline in order to install this. It was pretty easy to activate and install. The rep was very helpful in getting this set up and it only took about 15 mins. My grandma really liked the wristband and said that it wasn’t too irritating to have on her wrist. I feel much better knowing that someone will be contacted if anything happens.

  6. Alyssa

    Does what it is supposed to do. Customer service is helpful. It does take some time to setup the phoneline, at least for us it did. I got this for my grandparents, after one too many falls this definitely brings peace of mind

  7. Jessica

    My mama is quite hard of hearing already and of course refuses to get a hearing aid, so the volume control is helpful! The only reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars is that I find the system a tad bulky and slightly difficult to set up fully.

  8. Brandon & Cheyenne

    So thankful for this product. Knowing that my grandparents have the technology to send for help if something happens when we are not there. The relief I feel knowing that they will be okay if we are not around is huge. This product is amazing. I now can currently go about my day knowing they will be okay God forbid if anything happens!

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