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AfterShokz Titanium

Aftershokz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Open-Ear Design. Bone conduction technology leaves ears open to ambient sounds while delivering premium audio.

  • BONE CONDUCTION TECHNOLOGY – Our bone conduction technology and OpenFit design delivers music through your cheekbones ensuring your ears remain completely open to ambient sounds for maximum situational awareness during long-term wear
  • BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY – Modern wireless headphones with Bluetooth v4 1 connectivity and convenient multipoint pairing compatible with your iOS and Android Bluetooth-ready smartphones or tablets and Mac and PC computers and laptops
  • DESIGNED FOR LONG WEAR – Titanium wraparound headbands are lightweight and flexible to ensure maximum comfort during extended wear Combined with a long battery life this compact slim fit allows you to enjoy continuous music and calls for six hours at a time
  • QUALITY SOUND – Innovative AfterShokz headphones deliver a premium audio experience With PremiumPitch technology that delivers a wide dynamic range and rich bass and LeakSlayer technology to significantly reduce natural sound leakage you are ensured the best on-the-go audio
  • ULTIMATE DURABILITY – Our IP55 certified sport headphones repel sweat dust and moisture throughout your indoor or outdoor exercise routine These sturdy workout headphones withstand your most strenuous running cycling and more! EQ presets reduce vibration


AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones Missing Rubber
AfterShokz - Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Open-Ear Headphones - SlateUsed-item, it fully tested and in good working condition.The Rubbers that cover the speaker are missing.DescriptionListen to a wide range of music with these Aftershokz Titanium headphones. They conduct sound through your...
Aftershokz TITANIUM AS600BK Bone Conduction Bluetooth Open Ear Headphones BLACK
Aftershokz TITANIUM AS600BK Bone Conduction Bluetooth Open Ear Headphones BLACK Uniquely designed using bone conduction technology, the Aftershokz Titanium headphones allow for open-ear listening. Instead of covering or filling your ear like traditional headphones, the Aftershokz utilize...
AfterShokz - Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Open-Ear Headphones - Black
Expert Service. Unbeatable Price. About Us Contact Us Payment Shipping Store Pick Up Returns Best Buy Logo Search Best Buy Products on eBay Welcome to the Best Buy eBay Store AfterShokz - Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Open-Ear Headphones - Black AfterShokzs entry-level model, Titanium...
AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones
The lightweight and comfortable Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones are the safest alternative to traditional sport headphones and earbuds. Bone conduction technology, an open ear design and a suite of convenient features deliver premium music play and crystal clear calling without...
AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Open Ear Bone Conduction Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Open Ear Bone Conduction Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Enjoy comfort and portability with these AfterShokz Trekz Titanium headphones thanks to their flexible headband. The rechargeable battery lasts for over six hours of play for your convenience, and these headphones...


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// Specifications

Aftershokz Titanium
released on July 25, 2019

// Company Profile – Aftershokz

Aftershokz is a headphone company that was one of the first companies to use bone conduction for audio. Aftershokz is best known for their headphones which are best suited to sports applications. – View Profile


13 Reviews for Aftershokz Titanium

  1. Staceyjumps

    this is my first pair of bone conduction head phones. I paid full price direct from AfterShokz.Not only am I interested in using them listening to music while im working out, but even more-so with the ability to have a clear conversation on the phone.In the past, I have used ear plugs and over the ear phones.. and in both cases, I really hated the way it isolated me from my environment, so I would inevitably leave on ear plug out, or leave one or both of the over the ear phones an inch or two off my ears. This was so I could hear my environment, whether it be my co-workers trying to get my attention or that car that is about to smash into me while im riding.My other requirement was a desire for stereo sound, mostly for being able to understand someone on the phone.These headphones meet all of my requirements and even exceeded them.The fact that I can pair it to more than one device, means that at work, I pair my AfterShokz to my desk phone (bluetooth) and at the same time to my cell phone, so I can stream pandora. When a call comes in, the music pauses and I take the call. The call is clear, I have never had any complaints about the quality of my microphone. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, but I will on occasion just wear them around my neck ready to put them back on once needed.The controls are pretty easy, there is on main multi-function button and two volume buttons.The sound is surprisingly better than I expected. I have read numerous reviews about bone conduction head phones, so I was pretty well aware that I likely wouldn’t get the full audio immersion. So, while I agree, if you are an audiophile and looking for maximum qaulity of sound largely in the lows/bass you might be dissapointed. But call clarity was on point, and the music was still pretty good if not great by my standards.If you have never experienced bone conduction headphones, it might be a little different. When you turn the volume up the pads will kinda, tickle your skin. Other people largely wont be able to hear anything until the volume is turned up. But for references, when the volume is turned up, I can take the headphones off and I can hear the music, likely more faintly than a pair of ear plugs or over the ear phones.When you use the provided ear plugs or even just plug your ears with your fingers, the sound improves dramatically.I have only had these headphones for a couple of days, so I will update my review as I continue to put them through their paces.*update 3/2/2016after using these headphones for 2 or 3 weeks, I can still safely say I enjoy them a lot! I have gotten much better at locating and using the built-in buttons (mutli-function and volume buttons etc). I use them constantly for taking and placing calls from both my bluetooth enabled desk phone and cell phone. The multipoint feature of these things is great.The sound quality is surprisingly good. I often leave the volume down low, so I can hear more of the ambient sounds. I find that it is very similar to being in a restaurant that is playing music in background. If they turn it up, you wont hear conversations as well.. but if is low, you can hold a conversation perfectly well. So there is a constant trade-off to how much ambient sound you can hear based on the volume level. and again, as I mentioned earlier, the ear plugs dramatically improve the sound quality.With that said here is my criticism:I really hate the way they ride on my head. it is a behind the head setup with the titanium band. So it really becomes irritating when I try to lean back in my chair, lay down on my pillow, or wear clothing like.. for example a hoodie, or a heavy coat… invariably it causes the band to come into contact with something that causes the transducers/pads to move or shift into a less than ideal place. Sometimes when I crane my head back to look up, that band contacts my neck.This is literally my only complaint at the moment.

  2. seb

    ZUSAMMENFASSUNG: Perfekt fürs Radfahren, Joggen etc., damit man Umgebungsgeräusche wie herannahende Autos wahrnimmt. Als „klassische“ Bluetoothkopfhörer eher weniger geeignet.REZENSION: Ich bin Radpendler und nutze die Zeit auf der Leeze für Podcasts. Hatte zuvor immer nur einen Kopfhörer im Ohr, um noch die Umgebung und herannahende Autos zu hören, was aber nicht so gut klappte und auch von der Podcast-Hörqualität suboptimal war.Der Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bietet hier eine ideale Lösung: Umgebungswahrnehmung bei gleichzeitigem Hörgenuss (übrigens auch beim Monitoring schlafender Kleinkinder).Da ich noch keine Erfahrung mit Knochenleitkopfhörern hatte, fand ich die Außengeräusche zunächst störend. Das assoziierte ich Anfangs mit „schlechten“ Kopfhörer, die nicht richtig abschirmen. Aber genau diese Wahrnehmung der Umgebung bei gleichzeitigem Hören von MP3 ist ja der Zweck des Ganzen.Bei starkem Verkehrslärm durch LKW, Güterzüge etc. kommt der Kopfhöhrer an seine Grenzen und man versteht nichts mehr. Wenn man die Lautstärke hingegen voll aufdreht, nimmt man die herannahenden Autos kaum noch wahr. Ich bin daher dazu übergegangen, eine mittlere Lautstärke einzustellen und die Übertragung kurz zu pausieren, wenn ich laute Bereiche durchfahre. Dies ist aufgrund des Multifunktionsknopfs gut möglich.Der Kopfhörer sitzt gut, bleibt an seinem Platz, stört auch bei längerem Tragen nicht und Kabellosigkeit ist auf dem Rad definitiv von Vorteil. Ich befürchtete, dass der Kopfhörer eventuell inkompatibel mit meinem Allston Zipmold Helm von Bern ist. Dieser geht im Vergleich zu leichteren Helmen recht tief in den Nacken, bis zum Haaransatz. Kopfhörer passt aber wunderbar und eine zusätzliche Sonnenbrille ist auch kein Problem.Einmal gekoppelt, steht die Verbindung nach dem Einschalten blitzschnell. Die Herstellerangaben hinsichtlich Stand-by, Nutzung und Aufladen halte ich nach zwei Wochen Benutzung für realistisch. Praktisch ist der Multifunktionsknopf (Wiedergabe/Pause Musik, Nächster Titel, Anruf beantworten/beenden, Neuen Anruf beantworten und aktuellen Anruf in Warteschleife, Neuen Anruf beantworten und aktuellen Anruf beenden, Anruf ablehnen, Sprachwahl, Wahlwiederholung letzte Nummer).Super ist auch, dass das Gerät per Bluetooth mit dem Smartphone UND MP3-Player gekoppelt werden kann und bei einem eingehenden Anruf der Podcast unterbrochen wird. Die Freisprechfunktion funktioniert allerdings nur in geschlossenen Räumen gut, draußen haben meine Gesprächspartner manches mal Probleme, mich zu verstehen. Scheint ein Problem mit dem Mikro zu sein. Hier ist noch Verbesserungsbedarf.Hinsichtlich der Nutzung „ohne Fahrrad“ als normaler Bluetooth-Kopfhörer ist folgendes zu sagen: Aus den o.g. Gründen müsste man sich Ohropax in die Ohren schrauben, wenn man sich im Großraumbüro oder Fitnessraum von Umgebungsgeräuschen abkapseln möchte.Bei voller Lautstärke ohne Nebengeräusche können andere relativ gut hören, was man selbst hört. Bei normaler Lautstärke muss man weniger als 1 m in der Nähe sein, um mitzuhören.Soundqualität ist überraschend gut. Bei Musik jedoch supobtimal, da nahezu null Bass. Mir geht es allerdings in erster Linie um Podcasts, so dass ich da durchschnittliche Ansprüche habe.FAZIT: Alles in allem bin ich mit dem Produkt für meine Hauptnutzung auf dem Rad mit Umgebungswahrnehmung sehr zufrieden. Klare Kaufempfehlung! Wer einen Bluetooth-Kopfhörer eher für „klassische“ Zwecke benötigt und hohe Musikqualität erwartet, sollte zu anderen Produkten greifen.LIEFERUMFANG: Kopfhörer, kleine Tasche, USB-Aufladekabel (USB A zu Micro USB), Gehörschutzstöpsel in kleiner Box.

  3. Littlemissthing

    Got these yesterday and tried them out on a run. They do the trick! Really quite cool to hear my music as well as my surroundings. Also, the in the ear headphones used to make my ears hurt. These ones, because they sit on top, are fab

  4. Johhny P

    I’ve had these for over six months now and still use them everyday.But these aren’t meant to replace your headphones or earbuds altogether.I use this for my commute, when biking and when running. It allows me to listen to music and podcasts but allow me to be aware of surroundings. This are not audiophile quality sound, although when you wear ear plugs or block your ears, the sound it pretty solid.They do not fit the best in the cold winter when your head is layered up, and the sound ends up suffering as a result(as well as possible discomfort in wearing them).I also purchase these because I hate in-ear earbuds, but full headphones are not always realistic when outdoors.So I absolutely recommend them for the reasons above.

  5. Raffa

    Quede claro ya desde el comienzo que estos auriculares ofrecen cosas muy interesantes, que la música se escucha bien y que la clave para que este producto satisfaga está en el objetivo por el que lo compramos. Pero son caros, y merece la pena detenerse en algunas consideraciones:1) Seamos honestos, el reclamo por el que llegamos aquí es por su conducción ósea. Y sí, la tiene; pero que nadie se lleve a engaño: Si tu finalidad es escuchar música a un nivel alto en entornos concurridos donde guardar silencio, yo no lo recomendaría. Como bien ha dicho alguien, el sumun de una tecnología así sería que no se escuchara la música, sino que se transmitiera, pero ha de haber emisión de sonido y yo diría que la relación entre este por los altavoces y su transmisión ósea es de un 60-40%. Hablo a niveles altos, para disfrutar la música, sintiéndose envuelto.Si solo se quiere para escuchar una conversación ocasional, llamadas de teléfono o la música muy bajito, cumplen; pero a ese nivel, ¿no cumplen también otros muchísimo más baratos y estándar?2) Esto nos lleva al segundo elemento molesto: Si la música está alta, vibra incómodamente y, además, puede escucharse fuera, en función del tipo de música. No mucho, pero lo suficiente si el entorno es muy silencioso. Si el volumen está alto, además, no se escucha bien a la gente que te habla. Para escucharla, ha de estar bajito.Así pues, llegados a este punto, me encuentro con unos auriculares cuya tecnología no la veo ni la siento como deseaba, que no se escuchan mejor que los de un buen móvil intraural y que oyen otros. Pues vaya compra… Ahora bien…3) Son auriculares muy livianos. Tienen un buen diseño, se ajustan bien. Es decir, presentan una enorme portabilidad.4) Tienen una buena autonomía de carga, y esta se realiza rápidamente.5) No te tapan el oído, no te aislan, te permiten escuchar al entorno y reaccionar ante sus alertas, si bien, a volumen alto, igualmente puedes tener dificultades de entender lo que te dicen.6) Práctico botón de pausa, intuitivo y con multifunción.7) No les afecta el sudor propio de hacer deporte.Es decir, sus máximas potencialidades están en que pueden transportarse, moverte con ellos, que te duren tiempo, y no ensimismarte tanto que te desconectes del medio.Así pues, clientes que pueden quedar muy satisfechos:-Deportes al aire libre (más que en gimnasio): running, paseos, trekking, ciclismo… El ciclismo es el gran beneficiado de este aparato. Ahí reside su máxima potencia. También motoristas. En ambos casos, con el añadido de tener un manos libre y botón multifunción.-Escucha de podcast, voces hablando, llamadas, todo ello más que música, pues así no te oirían fuera, tú escucharás el entorno y podrás sostener perfectamente una conversación o escuchar inglés, un documental o la radio.-Personas que sienten cansancio o dolor con auriculares en el oído.-Te apetece llevar en casa tu música, ponerla a buen volumen, mientras cocinas, limpias, estás en tu cuarto o quieres leer con comodidad y sin cables molestos. Si, además, te pones los dos tapones que trae, la música se multiplica por tres en tu interior.-Aunque esto lo digo con desconocimiento, me gusta que la tecnología se ofrezca también para personas con algún tipo de pérdida, en este caso auditiva. Mejor que lo comente alguien afectado, pero estas propuestas siempre son bienvenidas y, supongo, para personas con dificultades para oír, son interesantes.Menos satisfecho quedarás sí:-Persigues la idea de escuchar bien la música y que fuera no te oigan. Para conseguir eso has de bajarla tanto que…, quizá te compense otra opción más barata o, si es de este rango de precios, más específica a tal función. Esto ha de valorarse también según el tipo de música: clásica, relajada, tranquila, con poca base rítmica puede subirse a tope sin oírse casi. Tecno, punk, rock… no.-Te ilusionó la tecnología de transmisión ósea… Aquí sí, está; pero con los límites expuestos.En un lugar intermedio, tirando a recomendado, pondría el usarlos para juegos o películas. Quizá sean eficaces en un entorno silencioso para estar con otra persona y no molestarla. Son pequeños y eso da comodidad en la cama o el sofá. No sería preciso subir tanto el volumen y, así, podría pasar desapercibido, aparte que los sonidos son diferentes a una música rítmica. Disfrutables y con su punto de calidad, después de todo.En oficina, tengo mis dudas, si hay proximidad de compañeros. Como digo, mejor para voces o música muy relajada o a bajo volumen. No para tecno o ritmos más machacones. Si estás a solas o con cierto espacio, merecen mucho la pena.En conclusión, teniendo en cuenta el precio, estoy satisfecho por su uso deportivo, peso liviano y que pueda ir en bici sin los oídos tapados; también por la comodidad de escuchar la música del móvil en cualquier parte y con calidad; pero se me ha quedado en la mitad de las funciones que perseguía. Satisfecha la primera y más importante, estoy contento. Después otras las iré encontrando. De hecho, si a nivel alto no se oyera fuera, estaría cien por cien contento, porque se escuchan muy bien. También, día a día, te reconcilias con sus carencias y disfrutas cada vez más su autonomía, capacidad y sonido. Y todo esto está muy, muy bien. Yo voy con ellos por la calle a todas partes.Un saludo.

  6. KC Alto

    Uncomfortably tight and the memory in the titanium bar clamps this headset in asymmetrically which is very irritating . But the main complaint is that it keeps loosing the signal when other bluetooth receivers nearby do not. Acoustic qualities seem more than adequate.

  7. Michael Le

    These headphone are fantastic! The sound is surprisingly good considering that they are bone conducting headphones. The volume gets seriously loud so you can choose to either muffle out sound when you are running, biking or just hanging around. They even come with ear plugs so if you really want to drown people out you can. I use this with my iPhone 6s and Macbook Pro (2013) to listen to music and handle conference calls on Skype.I have a big head so the fit is a little snug which is awesome for those hard splints during my run. If you have a smaller head that might be fine too because they come with an add-on piece to compensate for it. (But I can’t really review it because I couldn’t use it)The charge last at least four hours, It might last more but i ended up charging it after 4 hours of use.——I bought these in June 2017 and they finally broke on January 2018. I am very sad by this because these are some really awesome headphones. It didn’t even last a full year of durability test or regular use and by regular use I mean that I use them everywhere and all the time even when I am not working out. If you have the money to blow for some great sounding headphones that might not last as long as other go for it but be ready to buy several of them.I also want to note that these headphones did not fall off my XL head during heavy impact exercises.

  8. Gary N.

    After always finding issues with fitness headphones, whether it being longevity, comfort or sound quality, I’ve found my perfect pair.These are brilliant for running and cycling. I can still hear approaching traffic whilst enjoying music. They have survived many sweaty workouts and a good few rain showers. They still look like new and so far seem to be built to last.Connection to my phone (S8) is always quick and has never dropped out.I LOVE THESE!!

  9. Sooz2710

    Since my mum had a stroke a few years ago we’ve gradually introduced more tech stuff into our lives to enhance everyday living. The most successful of these has been the Amazon Echo which has given her talking books, radio, music, control of the heating and many more random things. The only drawback has been, because she’s hard of hearing, the whole house had to listen to her books too.Until now! This headset is wonderful! Very easy to pair, even to a second device, excellent sound quality and, she tells me, very comfortable too. The look of pure joy on her face as the book came through, clear and easy to listen to, brought tears to my eyes. Then we realised that, because there is no other sound out, she can listen to it when she’s awake in the small hours – more delight!I guess we’ll see how the battery life goes but so far, so wonderful! I’m going to enjoy a catnap now while she listens to her book, and that’s a first 😀

  10. JAG

    I really wanted to like these, but the limited range makes them useless. I bought these so that I could hear traffic and other surrounding sounds while running. For that, they are okay. You can definitely hear cars approaching from behind, bicycles, other runners, etc. The fit is okay. I wouldn’t say they’re comfortable, but they’re good enough to wear for 5+ miles without any problems, and I didn’t have any issues wearing them with glasses, either. The problem with these is the limited usable range. If I put my phone in my front pocket or a running belt, the sound starts cutting out constantly. I have to hold my phone in my hand in order to listen through the headphones without constant skipping. I have them connected to a Galaxy note 8, and it has not had this problem with any other headphones.

  11. Sunshine

    I thought these would be great!I read a bunch of reviews and decided on these.First if you wear you hair in a pony tail, you may have to place it over top the ponytail not under it.Second, dont be fooled, even though these headphones are to allow you hear outside noises, while in use. Forget it. You cant tune out the sound vibrating through your jaw.And finally, the batteries life span did not last. I bought these in March and now they are in the trash. They stopped pairing with any bluetooth device about a month ago. Troubleshooting methods from the aftershock site did no good.I do NOT recommend these headphones.Update: I tried to continue to use these since I spent the money. (I couldn’t just throw $$$ in the trash) the temple cover on one side completely fell off and I have tried and tried but can not get it back on. Keep in mind that I rarely worked our with them but mostly worked with them on. Not sweaty, not rigours type work either. Now they fail to connest, have a short battery life and one side has no cover. Demoted to 0 stars.

  12. Nathan B

    First off… I was extremely disappointed to see that these had clearly been opened and returned by someone else, as the box was battered and scratched, and the tape was already open and dirty (see pics). This isn’t great, and had they been normal in ear headphones, I’d have returned them.I bought these headphones as I really like the thought of the bone conduction. I do a lot of riding and running, but don’t do either with headphones on.I’ve recently started doing a lot of riding on the turbo trainer, so thought I’d give them a go on that first, and took the plunge.On the turbo indoors they work fine, as all they have to compete with is my fan. Outside is a different matter. I tried using these for listening to podcasts on my walk to work, but the traffic on the road (which I wouldn’t say is that busy) made it that I missed words or sentences.Running on quiet cycle paths with music they’re fine.I haven’t worn them on the road cycling yet, and don’t know if I will.The design isn’t awesome. The way they sit means that wearing any kind of hat, or coat with a collar/hood doesn’t work with these, as it pushes the band up awkwardly and makes them sit oddly. On top of that, you can’t use them lying down at all.My main gripe is that they only connect to a single Bluetooth device, even though they are bluetooth 4.0 and should be capable of connecting to at least 2. My cheap £11 MPOW headphones connect to both. It means that I regularly have to manually disconnect them from the first device (my Mac) and connect them to my phone to walk home, then back to my Mac when I’m back at work.There’s a nice tone when they start up, and a “Welcome to Trekz Titanium” but just a single quite beep when you turn them off, which could be better.I’ve decided to keep them, as they are good on the turbo and for running, and usually sweat from my ears makes the buds fall out.Overall I’m not that impressed. I am finding myself using my cheap headphones day to day again, and just using these for exercise. I’m really glad that I didn’t go for the £149 Air version, as I don’t think they address any of the above issues.

  13. Huw Williams

    I’ve been tempted for ages to get these for running and at £79 they seemed to have come down to a sensible price. The Bluetooth connectivity seems to work fine with my iPhone 6S and although I haven’t tested the battery life really I can say that after a couple of runs and a few hours listening around the house I got bored of waiting for them to go flat and charged them up. I’d say battery is more than adequate for my needs and will easily survive a three hour run. They are comfortable and fit well…I have a size 60 head which is quite big but they are fine.The sound quality is ok – pop music sounds punchy enough and podcasts are absolutely fine. Jazz and classical sound ok too in quiet surroundings but these aren’t going to be anyone’s first choice for high sound quality. It seems to me that the bass comes through the bones and the treble is mostly coming directly into the ear through traditional means. For that reason they are a bit leaky and might not be great for the train and so on where others could be annoyed. For running our outdoor stuff though they are great as you can still hear what’s happening around you which is obviously the USP. Wireless is brilliant if you’ve never had it – you don’t realise how annoying wires are until they’re gone.Where these have really come into their own for me is pottering round the house doing chores, cooking etc, where I quite often want to listen to stuff but also want to be available to family. They don’t close you off to the world like trad headphones.All in all, these headphones seem to hit a bit of a goldilocks spot for me. Battery life, sound quality, convenience, comfort, safety…no one thing is blowing my socks off but combined these headphones are just right.

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