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Ion Power Wristband

Enhanced energy and EMF protection with Ion Power Wristband.

Ion Power Wristband: EMF protection, improves focus and sleep, promotes health.

- Energy boost
- Enhances balance
- Relieves pain


- Limited effectiveness
- Questionable science

Ion Power Wristband (Anti EMF)

This Anti-EMF Bracelet uses Far Infrared Ray 2000 Gauss Biodynamic Magnets for Increased Energy, Oxygenation of Blood, and EMF Protection throughout the day and night.

  • Anti EMF – reduces the negative effects of Wifi, Cellphone, Computer Radiation on the brain and body
  • Made of Far Infrared Ray 2000 Gauss Biodynamic Magnets, Germanium, minimum 1500 Negative Ions
  • Improves concentration during the day and promotes deeper sleep at night due to balance of meridians through ion emission
  • Waterproof, safe to wear 24/7. Germanium, Tourmaline emit negative ions. Far Infrared Rays increase bloodflow, 2000 gauss health magnets.
  • 6.5-8.5 inches around the wrist, fits average build adults and teens. Please measure wrist before ordering.
  • Negative Ions have a wide variety of health benefits, increasing muscle strength, concentration etc.


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4 in Power Energy Bracelet! (one size fits most) 1. Negative ions2. Magnets3. FIR4. Germanium/Titanium Biomagnetic therapy, also referred to as simply magnetic therapy, harnesses the power of magnets and magnetic fieldsSo, what is...


The Ion Power Wristband is a revolutionary device designed to enhance personal wellness and performance. Expertly crafted with powerful magnets and negative ions, this wristband creates a magnetic field around the body which promotes healing and helps to counteract the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. By increasing energy, reducing stress and improving sleep, this unique device boosts overall wellbeing and enhances athletic performance. Its sleek and stylish design ensures comfort and versatility, while the superior quality materials guarantee durability and longevity. Whether you're an athlete looking to enhance your performance, or simply seeking to boost your physical and emotional wellbeing, the Ion Power Wristband is the perfect solution. Invest in your health and lifestyle today, and experience the benefits of the Ion Power Wristband for yourself.

  • Anti EMF - reduces negative effects of electronic devices on brain and body
  • Far Infrared Ray 2000 Gauss Biodynamic Magnets, Germanium, 1500 Negative Ions
  • Improves concentration, deep sleep by balancing meridians through ion emission
  • Waterproof, safe for 24/7 wear, negative ions and magnets promote health
  • Fits average build adults and teens, wrist measurement recommended
  • Negative ions increase muscle strength, concentration, and have various health benefits


    Ion Power Wristband
    released on December 16, 2013



    The Ion Power Wristband is a wearable accessory that harnesses the power of negative ions to provide a range of benefits to individuals who wear it. Essentially, this wristband is designed to help balance the body's natural electrical field and promote a sense of overall wellness. By emitting negative ions, the Ion Power Wristband can help neutralize the positive ions that are present in our environment, such as those emitted by electronic devices and air pollution. This process can help counteract the harmful effects of these positive ions and provide numerous health benefits. Some of the key benefits associated with wearing an Ion Power Wristband include increased energy levels, reduced stress and anxiety, improved focus and mental clarity, better sleep quality, and enhanced athletic performance. These benefits are achieved through the various physiological and cellular processes that are influenced by negative ions, such as increased oxygen uptake, improved circulation, and the release of mood-boosting hormones. Overall, the Ion Power Wristband is a simple yet effective way to enhance overall health and wellbeing, and it is becoming an increasingly popular choice for people looking to optimize their health and performance in a natural and non-invasive way.


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    9 Reviews for Ion Power Wristband

    1. Mlahti

      I anxiously waited for this item, and when I finally got it I was a little disappointed to see one of the ions were missing. Because I didn’t want to go through the return process and wait another 2 weeks to get it I decided to wear it. It’s been 5 days and I’ve been sleeping a lot better. Missing ion or not, this has definitely helped me! I gave it 4 stars because of the missing ion bit if that was in tact I would give it a 5 :-)This company is wonderful. They sent me a new bracelet to show me that there was never a missing ion, that’s simply how the bracelet is designed. I’m 1000% happy with my bracelet, like I stated before, I’m sleeping like a champ ever since I got this bracelet. I never take it off, I even shower, workout with it on. It’s been one of my favorite buys on Amazon! I would recommend this bracelet and this company it deserves 5 stars Thank you!!

    2. Moon-Spirit

      I’ve been wearing this bracelet almost every day. I cannot explain it but I do feel better when I have it on.

    3. Natalie Smith

      This Power wristband is absolutely awesome! I had a terrible pain on my right shoulder for a month, couldn’t figure out why. I then, came across a video saying how The radiation from the cell phone is penetrating into the human body and causing tumors. I then remembered someone many years ago telling me about a pendant that you can wear around your neck to block the radiation. So, I began my search on Amazon to see what they had to protect the body from radiation. Then I came across this Powerful Wristband. I read the many comments from the people and saw many received positive results. So I placed my order, it arrived quickly. I place it on my wrist, and within one hour the pain that I was suffering with, within my shoulder disappeared! Wow! What a relief, this anti-radiation blocker wristband really works. (Thank you for this product). I am telling many of my friends of your rediation wristband blocker and of how it works. Many are pleased to hear of your product, so don’t be surprised if you get overwhelmed with orders.

    4. Kaylee Talluah

      I was skeptical at first since this did not appear to do much the first two days of wearing off and on…My finger/ pain/carpal tunnel was extremely severe at that time. After dealing with excruciating pain that I finally determined to be directly linked to EMF generated from using my laptop and touch pad, I decided to try it again wearing it again all day long every day for a longer period of time. It has been about a week or so and my pain has greatly diminished. Additionally, I use the touch pad as little as possible on my laptop and switch to wired connections. Between the two I am glad I purchased this and can now recommend it.

    5. Jacob R

      It works as claimed. I know emfs is a sensitive topic that’s not really discussed much but maybe it will be soon. I would definitely recommend this company.

    6. samayak

      I bought this for my husband, who is disabled and can’t talk much to tell me how it is, but he happily lets me put it on him, and says he likes it; it stays on till I take it off. Looks good, and I feel better knowing he is protected from our TV setup. Thanks!

    7. Collected

      It helps with overall energy renewal. One of the best products I have found for dealing with the heavy EMF presence in our environment.Ion Power Wristband (Anti EMF), Far Infrared Ray 2000 Gauss Biodynamic Magnets, Increased Energy+ Oxygenation of Blood, EMF Protection

    8. H. G.

      This wrist band meets my expectation. I feel better within the first 4 hours. My hands and back are no more cold. I feel more relaxed. Thank you! Thank you for having sent me for the 2nd time, as I did not receive the first shipment. I would like to tell you more in a month. Now I need this all the time.

    9. Cynthia

      I ordered my power wristband a while ago and wanted to wait and give a review based on more of a period Of time. I have really noticed a difference when I wear the wristband I can tell a definite difference in my body.

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