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LED Armband Light Up Bracelet

When you have not properly gauged how fast the car you are trying to beat is coming up on you and you are still at the center line trying to cross the street, these bracelets become your safety device that can help keep you from getting hit by cars.

  • Super value pack of 8 led bracelets with 3 modes: fast blink, slow blink & full glow. One of them can flash in different colors.
  • Easy to use. Just press the button and enjoy. Come with 8 spare batteries, ensuring long hours of fun.
  • One size fits most. You can wear it on your wrists, ankles, backpack or shirts. Please consider the size if you want to wear on your bicepts.
  • Easy to clean. The entire illumination portion on the band can be removed from the fabric sleeve making it easy to clean/wash as necessary.
  • Perfect product for safety. Nicely visible while walking, riding, running, or on a motorcycle at night. Secure enough that you don’t have to worry about it flying off at higher rates of speed.
  • Also perfect for dog collar when night walking. Great party supplies.
  • Enough for you to share with your families and friends. Kids always love these light up wristbands.

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35CM LED Slap Armband Light Running Walking Cycling Glow Night Safety Gear Green
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LED Armbands / Light-Up Bracelet
released on August 25, 2019


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11 Reviews for LED Armbands / Light-Up Bracelet


     Got these for a teenager girls to use at night at an amusement park. They loved them! Per the pic, the bands are about 9.5” long. The girls are thin. So, the bands were big on their wrist but did stay on during the rides (hence the name, “arm” bands). The bands came in several colors, white, light blue, candy apple red, dark purple and vibrant pink. I like the polyester weave verses the typical plastic or irritating silicone materials. Per their construction, they should last awhile. Also, each band has an extra battery in separate plastic pouches. They function by depressing the battery end, once for solid light, twice for fast flash, a third time to fast flash and last to shut it off. Used for a few hours and still works. I would buy again if needed more.

  2. LadyJazz

    I was very pleased when I received these and thought they were perfect for an outdoor concert we were attending. When they arrived, I opened each color to check how they looked in the dark. They were very bright! All the modes work! I was happy until the next night when we attended an outdoor concert ( I wore the green and my husband wore the blue) just as it got dark we turned them on. They lasted less than a 1/2 hour! I was upset and sorta of embarrassed when a little kid next to us had a glow the dark necklace the kind you snap and shake and it lasted the whole concert! These bracelets did come with extra batteries but I did not think I would of had to change them before we wore them. I would not buy these again. It’s too bad the colors are great!

  3. Matthew

    I got these for EDC and they are definitely bright and lasted the whole time. The main thing is that they aren’t really that cute, they are definitely more for safety like riding your bike at night. If they could integrate the battery into them such that the whole bracelet had a slim profile they would be much cuter. They stand out in terms of brightness, but the battery housing makes them too clunky-looking to be cool.

  4. Ang

    I took a chance on these as a birthday gift for a 9 year old boy to go along with a Nerf light-up football. When they arrived, I took them out of the package and checked each one to be sure they worked. They all worked well and as advertised. Each had different modes of on, off or blinking. They also came with plenty of extra batteries. My son and the mom of the kid we gave them to said they were the hit of the party and all the boys went outside and played with them for at least an hour and they all worked the whole time while they played night games. I guess they all fought over the one they called the “rainbow” one because it flashed different colors. I can’t speak to longevity but they worked for the party which was the goal. Very happy.

  5. Doug

    These are very attractively priced, especially when you consider the spare batteries (CR2032) they come with. The wrist strap has a hook and loop closure, very convenient. They are sized for S-M wrists; for large wrists, you might want to pass on these. Light is bright enough to be seen at a distance.

  6. Kerri

    As a 90’s kid, I think it is SO fun that slap bracelets are a “thing” again and my kids are super into them. My son mentioned something off-hand about wanting a light up slap bracelet and I thought that surely wasn’t a thing, but amazon proved me wrong yet again! I am SO excited for my kids to find these in their stockings on Christmas morning. I was thrilled to see all the extra batteries too, as I hate having to search for special batteries for small toys like this. These are covered in fabric, too, making them gentler and less “dangerous” than the typical slap bracelet.

  7. Shannon M

    these light up ok and look cool, but they are made with just regular fabric with velcro, they are not “slap” bracelets, they dont have the spring steel or whatever they use to make them “slap” around your wrists. also they are a little small for a grown ups wrist.seller changed description so i updated to 4 stars,

  8. Stephanie Ann

    Really a great set of bracelets! These are great as stocking stuffers! We love them for late summer nights when my daughter plays or bikes outside late at night! I also like that there are various settings so that kids wearing them can easily be seen! These are especially good for Halloween as well and trick or treating to help your child stand out and be visible! My daughter also wears them when she walks the dog at night! Really study and thick material of the bracelet! The Velcro close is very strong as well.

  9. John

    I bought these because I like to jog at night and our 10 year old sometimes comes home from the park or walks to the store in the evening. I tend to think that 90% of pedestrian/bicycle safety is being readily seen by drivers. You can also attach them to a backpack or a bike to make oneself more visible. They are too small to put around an ankle, but oh well.These are a great value and they throw in extra batteries to boot.

  10. David McKinney

    I got these with the intention of putting them in the Easter baskets for our boys, 3 & 6. They LOVE them!!I was impressed with the quality of the construction. They are still intact after continued wear from the kiddos. And it’s great that I can easily remove the sleeve to clean.My boys enjoy the different modes – I’m old though and prefer the solid – the “full glow”We’ve had a lot of fun playing hide and seek with these in the evening around our cul-de-sac. We’ve also worn them and had dance parties.Overall, they been a big hit – and cost friendly for the amount and durability!*If you find this review helpful, let Amazon know by clicking the “Helpful” button. Thanks, and happy shopping!

  11. Daria Shulishova

    Absolutely love these bracelets. They are bright, you have an option to set them in 3 different light modes (flashing, blinking, steady light). They are comfortable to wear. Won’t work for men with wide wrists unless you come up with an extension. It was very helpful to have these bracelets during our party after the sunset, I could easily track where my kids were and they could easily find me too. They came with extra batteries which is very thoughtful! I’ll be purchasing more as gifts!

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