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The Embr Wave Bracelet from Embr Labs is a Revolutionary Wearable Warming & Cooling Device

The Embr Wave Temperature Control Bracelet is perhaps one of the coolest and most unique products we’ve ever seen. The Embr Wave Bracelet is a heating and cooling wristband that can make you feel warmer or cooler on demand. It uses a conduction technology developed by Embr Labs to instantly create precise thermal sensations on your wrist, these thermal waveforms dynamically cool or warm the temperature sensitive skin on your wrist and trigger a natural response in your body and mind to make you feel more comfortable. With just a press of a button, you can feel up to 5°F warmer or cooler within minutes. Think of the Embr Wave as a personal thermostat that you wear.

The Wave Bracelet is extremely easy to use thanks to its touch sensitive temperature control bar, it looks sleek and is energy efficient. An all around winner when it comes to unique wearable technology that can improve our wellbeing.

  • QUICK ADJUSTABLE COMFORT: Instant temperature control regardless of where you are– home, office, traveling and more. Feel 5°F warmer or colder in less than 3 minutes with a simple press of a button
  • SLEEP AND STRESS: With Sleep Mode, leverage the power of the Embr Wave Bracelet temperature sensations that are designed to help you fall asleep faster. Use regular mode during the day for immediately cooling relief when you need it the most to help you manage stress and anxiety.
  • INNOVATIVE LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Modern design suitable for all generations and genders – men, women, and even seniors; Sleek and stylish appearance can be worn anywhere; Magnetic wristband ensures one size fits most.
  • SMART TECHNOLOGY: Utilize the Embr App to pair with your smartphone enabling you to have even more precise temperature control and track warming and cooling trends to better understand your health.
  • EMBR PRODUCTS MUST BE PURCHASED FROM the seller EMBR Labs Inc TO ENSURE AUTHENTICITY. Please check that “sold by” displays EMBR Labs Inc before making your purchase. Authentic Embr products contain patented technology that ensure the safety of the user. Authentic Embr products offer a 30 DAY RISK FREE GUARANTEE and a 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

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Embr Labs Wave Cooling & Warming Wristband, Silver -
Embr Labs Wave Cooling & Warming Wristband, Silver -
Embr Wave Bracelet Wearable Warming and Cooling Device - Silver (used)
Embr Wave Bracelet Wearable Warming and Cooling Device - Silver (used)
Embr Wave® 2 Cooling Wristband for Hot Flashes & Sleep - Rose Gold FREE Shipping
Embr Wave® 2 Cooling Wristband for Hot Flashes & Sleep - Rose Gold...


The Embr Wave Bracelet is a wearable device that helps regulate temperature in order to provide personalized comfort. Featuring advanced technology, the device quickly heats or cools the wearer's wrist, creating a sensation that affects their overall sense of temperature. This innovative bracelet has a number of benefits, including improved quality of life for those experiencing hot flashes, increased comfort for those with chronic pain, and even enhanced productivity in the workplace. Unlike other devices that simply cool or warm the body, the Embr Wave Bracelet can be precisely adjusted to the wearer's preference using a smartphone app. The compact design of the bracelet makes it easy to wear and inconspicuous, making it an ideal comfort tool for everyday use. The innovative Embr Wave Bracelet provides a personalized and effective solution to temperature regulation, providing greater comfort and convenience to its users.



The Embr Wave Bracelet is a wearable device designed to provide personalized thermal relief by using waves of warmth or coolness to help regulate body temperature. The bracelet sits on the underside of the wrist and features a variety of thermal sensations that can be customized using a mobile app. Users can activate different settings for warmth or coolness, which are generated by thermo-electric modules in the bracelet. This technology provides a localized sensation that can help users manage their body temperature in uncomfortable or stressful situations.

The Embr Wave Bracelet is particularly useful for individuals with conditions like menopause, hot flashes, and anxiety. And it can also be used by individuals in extreme temperatures, athletes, and individuals with sensory sensitivities. The device is compact and discreet, with a stylish design that can be worn almost anywhere. The app also features a range of personalized wellness tips to help users navigate difficult situations. Overall, the Embr Wave Bracelet represents a unique wearable technology that can be an effective tool for managing body temperature when facing uncomfortable or borderline intolerable environments.


Package 1Embr Wave Bracelet
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Embr Wave Bracelet
released on January 22, 2019


Embr Wave Bracelet – Embr Labs

Inspired by the temperature experiences you already know, The Wave Bracelet makes you feel better, wherever you are. The Wave makes temperature personal Gain control of your comfort, cool down from stress, and sleep at your ideal temperature. With 2-3 days of battery life per charge, you'll always be in control.

Embr Wave Bracelet | Your Personal Thermostat – Embr Labs

The Wave Bracelet activates your thermal senses, connected to your perception of temperature, with cooling and warming sensations.

This bracelet cools you down or warms you up with the ...

The Embr Wave Bracelet is arguably one of the coolest inventions on the market today. So, here’s how it works: Whenever you find that you’re too warm or too cold, simply press the strip at the top of the device’s outer face. The Wave cools down or warms up the sensitive skin on your wrist to change how you feel overall.



6 Reviews for Embr Wave Bracelet

  1. D.

    I am liking it more these days, although I’m still just as likely to reach for a small rechargeable fan than to use EMBR. FYI- it is easily triggered to start without me pressing it, and has to come off when I am using a laptop. I bought it from the EMBR website.

  2. Sammauck

    Works and is chilling throughout your whole body

  3. Florida chick

    I’ve had this for about a year. I use it all the time and it minimizes hot flashes. As soon as you feel one coming on, push the “cool” button and for about 3 minutes this ice-cold feeling hits your pressure points on your wrist. I’d say it reduces the feeling/intensity of hot flashes by about 75% or more to the point where it is manageable and does not disrupt my day or activities. Best gift ever for a wife/girlfriend. Works equally well for men as well who experience hot flashes as their hormones decrease with age. I would not have taken the time to write this if it did not work. Great device!

  4. CK’d out

    I really wanted Embr Wave to work, but nope. If you have dysautonomia or POTS, do not get too excited – Embr Wave is probably not going to keep you cool this summer. The unit is expensive and clunky and produces very short bursts of minimally “cooler” or “warmer” sensation on your wrist…which does nothing for the rest of your body. I’m returning my Ember Wave, buying some inexpensive but more effective cooling towels, and pocketing the bulk of the refund.

  5. SLE

    I have POTS and have trouble regulating my temperature – both in heat and cold. I’ve been really happy so far. The unit gets VERY hot or cold (so much so that I can’t use it on the highest settings) and it does actually make you feel cooler or warmer. I’ve used it to warm myself in a cold room and to cool down at the gym. It’s winter, so I don’t know if it’ll really help keep me cool in the summer, but what I’ve seen so far is worth it. I’ve used it constantly over the last few days. And yes, the cooling or warming comes in short bursts…that’s the “wave” part. Consistent warmth or cold against my skin would hurt, though…but if you want it to stay on consistently you can change the mode.

  6. Yosemite555

    Very pleased with both cooling and warming functionality. The ease-of-use and custom settings on the app make this such a simple product to use. It cools you down pretty quickly and helps you stay cooler. I also noticed That it helped with hot and cold I sensations during the flu. I have used this almost daily for the last five months and would highly recommend it. I also recommend that you use it faithfully for two weeks, get used to its functionality, and adjust it to your needs. Your body needs time to adapt too.

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