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doppel Watch – The Anti-Anxiety Wearable

The doppel Watch is unlike other wearables, its main purpose is not to show you notifications and track your activity, but rather to reduce stress and increase focus. It has a natural silent vibration mechanism that feels like a heartbeat, and works to immediately change your state of mind positively. The slower rhythms of the doppel are calming, while the faster rhythms help you feel focused, similar to music. Use it to stay calm under pressure, focus on the task ahead of you, and keep going when you need to.

  • Backed by Science – Results showing doppel’s calming effect have been published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Scientific Reports.
  • A natural, psychological effect – Although doppel feels like a heartbeat, your heart rate won’t match doppel’s rhythm. It’s a natural, psychological effect
  • Shown to reduce stress and increase focus – doppel has been tested and shown to both reduce stress and increase focus.
  • No activity tracking, no notifications – doppel doesn’t count steps or send notifications. Use it to feel calm and focused, anytime and anywhere.
  • Construction – Stainless steel base, Plastic top (70% PC, 30% ABS), Medical grade straight or tapered silicon strap
  • Dimensions – 37.5mm in diameter, 8.5mm in height, weighs only 34 grams
  • Battery – Fully rechargeable lithium ion battery. Charges via a bespoke charging base in two hours
  • Waterproofing – IP65 water and sweat resistant
  • IMPORTANT NOTE – doppel’s stainless steel metal base contains very small quantities of nickel, however, the amount falls below the strict nickel restrictions set by European REACH regulation. Therefore, while nickel exposure is unlikely to be a problem, you should be aware of the possibility in case you’re susceptible to nickel-related reactions.n/


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5 Reviews for Doppel Stress Reducing Watch

  1. Frost Mary

    I may be one of the oldest Doppel owners and I have only used it for its calming setting. I have to face new stressful situations which go straight to my stomach and I am trying to avoid medication. Breathing exercises can make me feel faint. My Doppel works for me very well, I have to remember to keep it charged as I might only need it every few weeks. The two soft wear updates have gone smoothly and I am pleased to be on the journey of a new product that I believe will help many people with different needs.

  2. Jake N

    This wristband is brilliant for anxiety, I suffer from anxiety from time to time which increases your heart rate that can lead to even more anxiety but with this watch it certainly stops it or if not helps. Very clever.

  3. Kellie F

    I bought it for my husband. It helps him with his anxiety and has a calming effect. His only negative comment is the charge life. He has to charge it everyday and it has died on him before.

  4. Julie L

    It has helped me really centre myself when I’m working and helped keep my heart rate controlled when I get stressed or anxious.

  5. JPC

    A 5-star product with 4-star durability. My first Doppel ceased working about 3 weeks in. Tech support was exceptional in attempts to get the device working again, to no avail. They had me a new unit in less than a week.

    This device is a bit of an odd-duck, but it is consistent in getting a calming response for me. This is NOT a smart watch or performance-measurement device, but rather syncs by vibration/entrainment to your heart rate. I was skeptical but am glad I gave the device and the company a chance.

    By nature I am chronically edgy, or anxious. I do a lot of “bio-hacking” and have succeeded in managing the angst very well. This device helps me tune that even more. I generally use it for focus/relaxation, a couple of times a day, and then at bedtime.

    It can be a little persnickety in settings or adjustments, but patience and persistence are important in using this. It is really meant for when you need calm or focus, not to be worn for say, a workout.

    At the price, well worth it! Thanks Doppel and Doppel crew!

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Doppel Stress Reducing Watch