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SUUNTO Eon Core Wrist Dive Computer with Transmitter & USB

The Suunto Eon Core is the hottest dive computer on the market right now. The compact, wrist-worn dive computer sports a clear color display and customizable features for active divers. The Eon Core is very easy to use and built to grow with you as a diver. The wrist dive computer is compact, comfortable, and allows you to connect and share your stats.

  • Clear color display w/large, prominent digits & intuitive menu logic
  • Fully charged provides 10 to 20-hours of dive time
  • Dive modes: gauge, air, nitrox, trimix and ccr (fixed point)
  • Paired w/transducer monitor tank pressure up to 10 divers
  • On-board digital up to 45 degree tilt compensated 3D compass
  • Water resistant up to 80 meters.



SUUNTO TANK POD Refurbished by Suunto. Wireless tank pressure transmitter for Suunto D5, EON Steel & EON Core. LED shows that it is transmitting data. SS020306000 New Battery! Fast FREE 1-3 Day Shipping!The Suunto Tank POD Multi Transmitter for EON Steel, Eon...

NIB Suunto Eon Core Dive Computer w/USB Black (SS022740000) SCUBA

Brand New. In Box. Suunto Eon Core. Item is PERFECT *** Item ships in original packaging, very well packaged wrapped in USPS priority mailer.***

NEW Suunto Eon Core Wireless Scuba Computer Color Display, 3D Compass USB Cable

NEW Suunto Eon Core LIME I sent my Eon Core in for repair and the replaced it with this NEW one. Wireless / HoselessTransmitter sold separately Includes: USB Data Cable, Lens Protector, Receipt from Suunto, and Printed Manual Fast FREE 1-3 Day Shipping! Suunto EON...

Suunto EON Core with Tank Pod (transmitter)

Suunto EON Core with Tank Pod, very lightly used, includes original box, optional storage case and optional bungee wrist strap. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Suunto EON Core w/ Usb

A compact dive computer with a clear color screen and customizable features for active divers. Toggle navigation About Us Contact Us Serving SCUBA divers worldwide since 1974! We are Northern California’s largest dive center featuring premier scuba gear for both...


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Founded in 1936, Suunto is a Finnish company that is at the forefront of innovation for sports watches and devices. Suunto is best known for their watches. – View Profile


5 reviews for Suunto Eon Core Wrist Dive Computer

  1. atlanticprodivers

    Light weight and big colors numbers that a blind man like me can see. Had the DX but couldn’t see the darn thing. Went back an traded it for the core. Very happy!

  2. Ronald A Moore

    I have owned and used many other dive computers. All of them did the job adequately (some better than others), but I didn’t realize how much better life could be until I found the Suunto Eon Core. Now that I have used the Eon Core, I wouldn’t even think of going back to the others. I love this dive computer. It is very easy to read and understand under most diving conditions. The only two things that keep this from being the *perfect* 5-out-of-5-star dive computer are the fact that it could be just a bit brighter (it isn’t quite bright enough when using it in full sunlight, and I would gladly give up some of its impressive battery capacity to have a brighter screen – this should be user option), and the fact that the screen shows quite a lot of glare in very bright, shallow diving conditions (e.g., Hawaii, Sri Lanka, etc.).

  3. Jacoby M

    I bought this from my local dive shop so my review won’t be “verified”, but I’m absolutely in love with this computer. The three buttons are so easy to use and I figured out how to configure it in seconds without so much as glancing at the manual. The display is gorgeous, there was no interruption with the pod, and it is completely customizable. Unlike previous Suuntos, you can also choose from 5 modes; default, more and most aggressive, more and most conservative. The aggressive setting matches up quite well with standard DSAT computers. Also probably the best digital compass out there. With the new rechargeable battery, you won’t be paying for regular battery changes either. Great little recreational computer.

  4. A M

    Worked great during a week of diving in Asia. A month later we landed in another country for a week of diving. After the very first dive of 35′ for 40 minutes it went into deco/ lockout mode for no apparent reason. My primary computer an Atomic Cobalt was and has worked perfect and continues to.I called Suunto tech support, there were no solutions offered, there was no solutions or options to reset the Eon Core in any way. Crazy to make any computer that can not be reset! I own lots of electronics that are computer based. Every single one has a way of resetting in the event of a glitch including all smart phones.We always dive with a backup computer and can not longer rely on this computer, especially going to the remote diving places that we do.Having a computer that costs as much as this one and supposable made by a quality manufacturer should be reliable and have outstanding support.The Eon Core fails and their support failed. Our safety depends on this. We are better off with a cheaper dive computer that worksAddition With 700 dives of experience , i pay attention. Two weeks ago ,I specifically watched the computer finish the safety stop, I show my fellow instructor and Suunto dealer that the eon core is beeping saying i need to get it to 10′. I appease it and go back under, nothing, it stops beeping but shows no addition stops or violations of any kind. No timer, nothing. This is the only computer I’ve ever owned that has locked me out in the 700+ dives that I’ve done . I always dive with two computers. My Atomic Cobalt 2 has never locked up and I’ve never gone into deco. There is no excuse for this computer

  5. armando302

    Good product, came as described!

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