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Suunto 7 GPS Sport Smartwatch with Wear OS by Google

A versatile GPS sports watch and smart watch in one, combining Suunto’s sports expertise with helpful smartwatch features from Wear OS by Google, Compatible with iOS and Android.

  • A versatile GPS sports watch and smart watch in one, combining Suunto’s sports expertise with helpful smartwatch features from Wear OS by Google; Compatible with iOS and Android
  • 70+ sport modes, from running and cycling to swimming and skiing; Suunto app for detailed training insights; Compatible with the leading sport services like Strava, Endomondo, and TrainingPeaks
  • Accurate exercise tracking with GPS, barometer and wrist heart rate sensor; Music controls on the watch
  • Free offline outdoor maps for finding your way. Built in heatmaps of 15 activities to know the best tracks to follow
  • These offline maps can be used without phone and network connectivity; Maps download automatically when connected to Wi Fi and charging
  • Battery life: up to 48h in smartwatch use or up to 12h in GPS tracking mode**
  • Stainless steel bezel, bright high resolution OLED touch screen, customizable watch faces and interchangeable straps available in leather, textile and silicon


For Suunto 7 9 Baro D5 Nylon Silicone Wrist Band Replacement Smart Watch Strap

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Suunto 7 GPS Sport Smart Watch + Google OS (Black)

Suunto 7 Fitness Smart Watch + Google OS. Condition is Used. ($499 new) Black watch face and housing with dark grey band, charging cable included I got this watch as a gift but I prefer my Apple Watch so I’m looking to sell it to someone who will appreciate it. The...

Suunto 7 Smart Watch White RRP£434.99

As new condition Suunto 7 Smart Watch White RRP£449.99 Cheapest On eBay. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. I tried it for couple of days but it turn out to be an Unwanted gift. Suunto 7 is a GPS sports watch and smart watch in one, designed to help you get the...

Suunto 7 Smartwatch - All Black

Умные Часы Suunto 7-Все Черное

Suunto 7 multi sport running GPS heart rate Wear OS smartwatch black bundle

Suunto 7 multi sport running GPS heart rate smartwatch black diving. Condition is Used. Dispatched with eBay delivery Packlink 2-3 days. Watch has been used but is in mint condition, please see photos to confirm. Watch also comes with an extra/spare charger as well...


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// Company Profile – Suunto

Founded in 1936, Suunto is a Finnish company that is at the forefront of innovation for sports watches and devices. Suunto is best known for their watches. – View Profile


6 Reviews for Suunto 7 Sports Smartwatch

  1. Benjamin David

    First off, props to Amazon. I ordered this watch 3 weeks before release and was told it would arrive on the Tuesday after being released on a Friday. Received it the day after release on Saturday during lunch. WOW.Combine that sweet surprise to the incredible form and function of the Suunto 7 and I was in seventh heaven immediately after opening the box and holding this beauty for the first time.The fact that it is a true recreational / adventurist wearable with GPS that automatically downloads ‘heat maps’ when you travel to a new area for hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, running (you get the picture), and combines itself with the best OS available in Google’s Wear OS, makes this watch more functional and fun than anything I could have imagined.Check the Suunto website for a better description than I can give of the ‘heat maps’.I’ve only been wearing this amazing device for 24 hours, but the seamless integration with my Android phone, my Gmail accounts, and ability to use Google’s OS features like Maps, Translate and Find my phone with a simple tap on the watch face has me blown away.Finally! A watch that can be customized to whatever your preference, that completely harnesses the power of the latest and greatest wearable tech available.

  2. Y. Lesenfants

    The concept is interesting but addresses a wider audience than the Suunto products that are more specific to the world of athletics.As a Suunto 9 user, the first thing that caught my attention was the difference in build quality and aesthetics. I never realized that the 9 is made in Finland and the 7 in China. I am saddened by this move.On the other hand, I definitely find that the smartwatch features complicate and infantilize the final user experience. The Google Wear app store is very confusing with many half-finished products. For example, I like the sleep tracking function of the 9 and I didn’t get something simple and equivalent for 7.The original watchfaces are not very functional and the heat map doesn’t make much sense to me.The positive thing is that I found the HR sensor to be better than the one on the 9, and it’s good news as you can’t connect external accessories.In conclusion, it is a good option for someone who comes from another smartwatch and wants to have more advanced functionalities in sports and fitness. It’s definitely a strong downgrade for Suunto 9 users (at least that’s what I can compare).

  3. J. Spivey

    I have been waiting for an awesome Google Wear watch for a while. And firstly, the Suunto 7 is stunning looking. It is a big watch with a lot of style. The UI is wonderful looking and the Wear side of things works very well. That is sadly where things stop. The biggest issue is battery life, this thing sucks down battery life. I had it at 100% charge in the morning, went to the gym for an hour using the Suunto activity tracker. By the time I got done and home, the battery was at 79%. By the end of the day I was at 20%. This is with the screen not set to always on, and not using any feature on the watch beyond it just being a watch the rest of the day. This might not have been a total deal breaker although it sucks to think if I was going to use skiing or doing something that would be longer than an hour. This gets compounded by it can not seem to track steps correctly. I have kept my fitbit around while using this and they are diverged by a substantial margin with Suunto being very low. The Suunto features also seem to be very buggy. They tend to turn off at odd times or just freeze. The watch faces will get frozen in the “not showing you details” mode or get stuck on in full even when you want the watch to shut off. All of this together was just too much for me to be able to keep a $500 watch that does not work near as well as my $100 fitbit. For that, I am sending it back, which is just a shame since I wanted to love this watch.

  4. roman

    great watch but battery does not last long. within an hour of putting it on and batter went down to 90 and by noon it was 30%. Did not use the watch for anything but for time. Would not receive any text message notifications and would keep getting disconnected form iPhone.

  5. Nashvillenobody

    First the good. It has an amazing display.Yep, that is it.. well, the heart rate is pretty accurate when recording an activity too…Now the bad…Have to check multiple sites to get your data (steps in one app, activities in another)Doesn’t play well with iPhoneBattery is 1 day at best if you actually use the watch as you shouldHeart rate isn’t continuousGPS doesn’t sample fast enough so it cuts corners causing shortened distancesNo autopause during activitiesCan’t change display screens in workoutsOK Google is horribleGoogle Fit sync is way off on workoutsYes, I returned mine… good luck

  6. Daniella Martinez

    I really tried to like this watch. I even gave it extra time. Battery life is terrible, you’ll have to charge it every day.All day HR monitoring is terrible, but as I dug into it I think this was by design to save battery life.As a smart watch it’s good, reading and responding to texts and emails it would get 5 stars.I only used the fitness part for cycling so I can only rate the function on that and maybe I was expecting it to do more than I should have. I was hoping it would replace my bike computer but I quickly found out that wasn’t possible. I was not able to pair other devices with it, i.e. a heart rate strap for more accurate HR readings. Once you are done with the ride it uploads to Strava to see all your stats. If you use other sensors forget about using this watch for cycling.The straw that broke the camels back was once we made the change from standard time to daylight savings time. I waited most of the day for it to synch with the phone and it never did, I had to manually synch it and once it was finally showing the correct time when it was on, in rest mode the time was still off. It was showing 2 different times. I would think you would run into the same issue when traveling through time zones. After the time fiasco I’d had enough and returned it.

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