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Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer

Designed for all day wear, UPRIGHT GO 2 is an inexpensive solution that fits with any lifestyle to correct and prevent poor posture. It is a slim, elegant design that easily attaches to your upper back for a discreet and comfortable fit. Equipped with multi-sensor technology.

  • Boost Your Health: Meet UPRIGHT GO 2 the simplest, fastest and most natural way to improve your posture in just 2 weeks. Healthy upright posture strengthens back and core muscles, stimulates better blood flow and promotes overall well-being.
  • Stay Connected: Download the UPRIGHT GO app for iOS and Android and sync your device with your phone to start your daily training sessions and tracking your progress.
  • Perfect Your Posture: You can easily create custom training programs with the UPRIGHT GO 2. In training mode your device will gently vibrate whenever you slouch. You can adjust the sensitivity, training time and vibration intensity in the UPRIGHT App.
  • Track Your Progress: Tracking mode turns off vibration alerts, and keeps accurate stats on your posture throughout the day using enhanced, multi-sensor technology.
  • Create Lifelong Habits: Develop a daily practice of posture awareness and correction. Most of our users notice significant improvement within just 2 weeks of using the UPRIGHT GO 2. Discover what good posture feels like.


Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer and Corrector And NeckLace

Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer and Corrector And NeckLace. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS First Class.

Upright GO 2 NEW! Posture Trainer and Corrector for Back | Strapless,(Single)

Upright GO 2 NEW Posture Trainer and Corrector for Back | Strapless, (Single). Condition is New. Shipped with USPS First Class

Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer and Corrector. Used- Excellent Condition!

Upright Go 2 with accessories. Used- Excellent Condition!. Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground. All accessories are original except usb-C charger cable which I will replace with an equal high quality usb-C charger cable.

Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer and Corrector (2nd Gen) Fast Free Shipping

Upright GO 2 Posture Trainer and Corrector (2nd Gen) - Fast Free Shipping DESCRIPTION Condition: Used, Like New. A well-cared-for item that has seen limited use and remains in excellent working condition. See pictures for more details. This item comes exactly as...


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10 Reviews for Upright GO 2

  1. Trading Places

    I just received my Upright Go2.I ordered the Upright Go2 with the “UPRIGHT GO | Smart Wearable Posture Trainer, Adhesive Replacement Pack, 10 Count” ($99 + $10), using a single button the Upright Go2 page.So, a few things:- the adhesives included in the Adhesive replacement pack are NOT the same kind that came with the Upright Go2.- adhesives arrived first, in giant plastic envelope (what a waste). Why do I need the adhesives first? And why not ship it with the device itself? And why ship the old adhesives when I am purchasing the new Go2 device???First impressions: there is excessive packaging on the Upright Go2, like Russian nesting dolls.There is a lot of paper packaging, without clear directions on how to use it.I mean: after Apple has already created the blue-print on how to mass-produce fairy sophisticated electronics with minimal packaging and very little instructions, I don’t see the need for a lot of papers and packaging (with little useful info).In the main device package, there are 10 adhesives, and 6 alcohol pads. In the replacement (which, once again, is for Upright Go1), there are 10 adhesives and 10 alcohol pads.Description for usage”Use the alcohol pads to clean the the adhesives and / or your skin before use”?WTF?And/ or?Should I be cleaning the adhesive, or my skin? And if both, I need 2 pads. And 10 adhesives x 2 pads = 20. But you are sending me 6?Then they have this guitar pick-like thing which is called, “Adhesive removal tool”. Here is the description: “Use it to peel off your old adhesive when replacing it with a new one”.So I need to scrape my skin to remove this thing? Really????OK, so I need to use the guitar pick to remove the adhesive. Now, a question arises: how often do I need to remove the adhesive?In the “About the adhesives” section it says, “With proper maintenance, each adhesive can be used about 3-10 times, depending on your skin type”.Wow, so I re-use the same adhesive 10 times? And each time, I need to scrape off my skin using the guitar pick? And then put the icky thing back again on my back. 9 more times? Seriously? Or do I have to keep the adhesive on for 9 more sessions? Either way seems poor hygiene. I mean, do you know how much research you need to determine if 3-10 wears might cause either an allergic reaction, or bacterial infection?They also say, “Make sure your skin is clean and dry before using the GO 2. Use the provided alcohol pads to clean skin. So, I use each adhesive 3-10 times, and for a total of 10 adhesives, I need to have 30 to 100 alcohol swabs, but you are only sending me 6 to get started. Got cha.Now, I have not even gotten to the skin type. Let’s say, hypothetically, I have bad skin. Like my skin is not clear like a mirror (like I have bumps, or whatever), and let’s just say I have some hair. What do I do? Do I need a Brazilian wax before I can use Upright Go? Should I visit the local Immediate / Urgent care center after each time I poke my skin with the guitar pick to remove the adhesive?Well, in my view, and reasonable product, when it arrives to you and is ready to be used is worth exactly 3 stars (average). Depending on one’s experience with it, it may go up or down to anywhere between 1 and 5 stars.As it stands, the best thing about Upright Go is that it can climb up from an absolute hole of 1 stars. So that is the best thing about Upright go right now.I promise to update my review as I find more (positive) aspects of this device. The good news is: there is zero chance that my star rating is going down.After a couple of days of usage, this is what I notice:- the tracker is highly sensitive to the placement location. Place a bit high, close to the hair-line, and it things you are slouching like all the time. Place lower, and it’s statistics completely change,- also, as I use the tracker, I get this annoying alerts in the app, where it appears like someone is making suggestions. In reality, these are canned answers that are given to you on an unsolicited basis. Very annoying.

  2. Chris Santacore

    Honestly, this device has nothing to do with your spine curvature and posture. It’s literally a device that you calibrate while your spine is vertical and when you lean a certain degree past calibration it vibrates. If you bend over to pick something up or work on something with a perfectly straight spine it vibrates. If you lean back in a chair with a straight spine and then slouch forward it won’t vibrate until you slouch so much that you pass your calibration point. Nothing to do with spine posture!!!!

  3. Dan V

    I constantly fight to stand up straight so I thought this would be a great solution. I read the bad review saying it works off blue tooth and they couldn’t figure it out. I am no computer programmer but I have the basic knowledge how to connect things. Problem is If you have a question and want to text them you have to sign up for a service called intercom a minimum of $49 monthly service that you will probably never use again. Furthermore the endless amount of stick pads you will have to buy since it only comes with a few to get you started. I find this product not as good as it should be for the $107 shipped price.

  4. Kennedy DeSousa

    Upright go 2 works magic and miracles. Since I was 12 years old I’ve been slouching. At 21 I even went to physical therapy with no avail. I’ve improved my posture through working out but it’s far from perfect and as I get older my back has been starting to me. I went to a doctor at a health fair that was giving free ultrasounds to scan joints and she said I had a major muscle imbalance and the muscle tissues in my back were very dense. I started getting traditional Thai massages to start breaking away those hard knots and although it helped me improve mobility and pain it’s still there. My massage therapist who I befriended told me she feels improvement but I need to start trying to be more mindful of my posture. I saw an ad for this device pop up on amazon and I decided to give it a try. I’ve had it for a week now and my posture is already improvement. I’ve been wearing it going everywhere and I realize that with a better posture strangers have been randomly communicated with me asking me about what I do for a living. It’s kind of funny but I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Although, my back is still sore I feel improvement. As I’m standing/sitting straight longer I’m feeling muscles in my back I haven’t felt for years. I keep it on most of the day! I’m going to get another Thai massage in 2 weeks from now to see how the combination will work. I’ll keep you all updated but so far i highly recommend this product!8/3/2019Rather than getting a Thai massage I spent 20.00 less on a back pod which has been a life changing combination. The upright 2 will help train you to walk upright but some of you with the more serious hunch will need a way to loosen your muscles enough to really stand straight. Especially if your over 30 it’s a painful process. I still have pain but my back strengthened enough where it isn’t as bad as normal. A trick that I find helpful is I use the back pod for 10 minutes, I breath as deep as possible as it stretches my spine. Then I use the upright, stand as straight as possible and walk for 2 minutes doing my best to engage my core. So far it’s helped a lot friends and family recognizes I’m straight. Actually a friend of mine thought I got taller. Anyway, give it a try this thing changed my life for the better but if you were hunching 10+ years you better be prepared to suffer to get better!

  5. Bonnie Fowler

    I only rated it so low because of the cost of the 2 sided tape. I’m outside and sweat a lot and it falls off. The adhesives are ridiculously expensive.

  6. Abagail W

    Love this product. I’ve slouched for the last 35 years and my poster has improved incredibly over the last 2 weeks. I leave it on training for longer than required because the small vibration it gives you when you start to slouch helps me to be aware of my posture. I find myself correcting my posture automatically. The sticky pads that come with it last for days so you don’t need to replace them very often.

  7. Kevin

    Haven’t fully committed however I have noticed a big difference in my head if that makes sense, I’m more aware of how my posture should be constantly.

  8. Pham Tom

    It arrived my home a yesterday! So far I love it! whenever I slouch, the device reminds me that I have to be straight up! Love it

  9. lubusha

    I can’t recommend this product enough! It’s absolutely incredible!!!

  10. MJ007

    I read some reviews and bought anywaysNot sure why I read any negative reviews I love it. Have never lost it and it helps a lot. Super easy to use. I love it.Make sure to use alcohol wipe before applying

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