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Tempdrop Fertility Tracker Alerts Women of Their Peak Fertility

Tempdrop, Fertility Tracker is a Smart Thermometer / Basal Body Temperature Tracker, it alerts women when their temperature drops, which is a sign of peak fertility.

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR FERTILITY WINDOW: Basal body temperature is a major fertility indicator and allows women to track their cycle and double their chances of pregnancy or avoid pregnancy with up to 99.6% effectiveness as part of the Symptothermal Method. Measure the fertility indicators that matter! Understand your body, eliminate guesswork and gain insight into your fertility, pregnancy and health with the simple wearable cycle monitor.
  • SLEEP IN! In order to measure your BBT correctly with a basal body thermometer, you need to wake up early every morning. Tempdrop is worn on the upper arm overnight, eliminating the need to wake up at the same time each morning. No more alarm clocks and no more hassle – sleep in!
  • TEMPDROP LEARNS YOUR UNIQUE PATTERNS: Our patent-pending learning algorithm is able to learn your cycle and deliver temps that are most reflective of your cycle. Tempdrop is able to cancel out and smooth questionable temps as a result of drinking, flying across time zones, and some illness illness, helping you to reliably confirm ovulation.
  • LETTING ALL WOMEN TRACK: Tempdrop is a fertile window tracker for all women. With Tempdrop, women can accurately and confidently track their basal body temperature even if they have PCOS or other hormonal imbalances and even if they work night shifts or are waking up throughout the night to breastfeed.
  • COMPLETE FREEDOM: You are free to use your favorite fertility app. Input your data into one of the fertility charting apps we automatically sync with or choose your favorite with manual input. Get app and fertility awareness charting freedom and know exactly what goes into your fertility predictions!


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Tempdrop -Basal body temperature wearable thermometer. New unopened box!
Tempdrop -Basal body temperature wearable thermometer. New unopened box!. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS First Class. From temp drop.com: Tempdrop is a smart, wearable thermometer that accurately derives a core nightly sleeping body temperature for the purposes of charting your cycle to...
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Tempdrop (know Your Cycle) Fertility Tracker
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Tempdrop (know Your Cycle) Fertility Tracker
KNOW YOUR CYCLE Get the accurate data you need for the fertility apps you love without sacrificing sleep. A Tool For All Women To Finally Track Their Cycle Wake up whenever you want and effortlessly track your cycle. By learning your temperature patterns, Tempdrop allows you to chart your true...


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Tempdrop Fertility Tracker
released on January 1, 2020

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4 Reviews for Tempdrop Fertility Tracker

  1. K. Schiffelbein

    I have been using my Tempdrop for about a year now and it has been wonderful. It is so much easier for BBT tracking than manually temping. The device is low profile enough that it’s comfortable to sleep in, and syncs quickly to my phone each morning.

  2. Hannah

    This product is amazing for tracking your cycles. You can use it for trying to conceive and preventing. It’s meant to be used with a charting method it will not analyze the data for you. It is great if you don’t get consistent sleep. I have been using it for a year and a half and haven’t had any problems.

  3. Anna Bayer

    I’m disappointed because I liked my old temp drop but just bough a new one, and with this new one, the band fits so much worse. With old one, the band’s size adjustments were closer together so it was easier to find a good fit. Now it’s either too lose and I have to risk getting bad temp readings or it’s uncomfortably tight. I tried potting it through the pink strip on the band to size it different but it was a pain in the butt to get the hook through and still isn’t a good fit, but I don’t want to spend 20 minutes trying to get it through a different pink loop. For $170 ($10 more than their cite), I’m bummed this time around.

  4. ct

    Love my tempdrop! The instructions for use are easy to follow and the product is easy to use. Personally the only things I would change are the feel of the armband(it’s a little bit of a hassle finding how tight is enough to keep it in place without cutting off my circulation, but within a few nights you kinda get the hang of it) the grip of the frame to the actual device (it feels like it could easily pop out if the frame and I’ve had to snap it back in a couple of times) and would personally want to purchase one with a full warranty because it tends to feel a little fragile and I’m worried about breaking it. Spending the extra money would definitely be worth it. Overall great product and I’m so excited to continue my charting journey with it! It’s worth the money for those who are postpartum charting, have irregular sleep schedules or just don’t want to be bothered by waking up to temp!

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Tempdrop Fertility Tracker