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Tech-Life BoomBand – The World’s Most Portable Speaker

Waterproof Wearable Bluetooth Speaker with Built-in Mic For Speakerphone. Works great for Running, Cycling, Hiking, Camping, etc.

  • HIGH-TECH WRAPPED IN ELEGANCE – Iconic sports watch styling makes BoomBand the perfect smartphone speaker accessory for activities like parties, tailgating, camping, hiking, climbing, biking, or riding.
  • SUPREME SOUND QUALITY – Featuring Tech-Life’s signature high quality audio processors. BoomBand is up-to 2x louder than your average smartphone, bringing big sound in a small compact portable package.
  • HANDS FREE! – BoomBand’s speakerphone lets you talk to your wrist like James Bond while providing safe hands free calling everywhere you go. Makes for the perfect travel accessory.
  • LISTEN TO MUSIC ALL DAY EVERYWHERE YOU GO – Boomband was designed for the active listener in mind. With play time of up-to 10 hours, you can expect it to keep up with you all day long.
  • SEAMLESS LIFESTYLE INTEGRATION – Quickly connect your Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note,, LG, Sony, HTC, or any other Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet.


Tech-Life BoomBand – The World’s Most Portable Speaker – Waterproof Wearable ...

Tech-Life BoomBand – The World’s Most Portable Speaker – Waterproof Wearable Bluetooth Speaker, Built-in Mic for Speakerphone–Running, Cycling, Hiking, Camping. 2X Volume of iPhone, Samsung- Black Speakerwatch of the future HIGH-TECH WRAPPED IN ELEGANCE- Iconic...

Wearable Speaker - Boomband Portable Bluetooth Wristwatch Smartphone Accessory

BOOMBAND - Portable Bluetooth Wearable Wrist Speaker Description The BoomBand by Tech-Life Harness the power of our award winning Tech-Life BeatBlock in a portable elegant wrist speaker everywhere you go with the stylish BoomBand! Impressive & Futuristic Year...

Hands Free Safety Running Smartwatch Wrist Bluetooth Speaker iphone Speakerphone

BOOMBAND - Portable Bluetooth Wearable Wrist Speaker Description The BoomBand by Tech-Life Harness the power of our award winning Tech-Life BeatBlock in a portable elegant wrist speaker everywhere you go with the stylish BoomBand! Impressive & Futuristic Year...


Tech-Life's BoomBand was designed for music lovers that need to remain aware of their environment, without the use of dangerous earphones or bulky Bluetooth speakers. BoomBand is perfect for everyday use. Tech-Life's engineers created the elegant stylish wearable...

Tech-Life BoomBand –The World’s Most Portable Speaker – (Silver)

We are always updating our catalog with new and exciting products. As we have customers all over the world, our inventory runs out quickly. Get yours, Order now! Tech-Life BoomBand –The World’s Most Portable Speaker – (Silver) Top Rated Limited offer Quick sale! 20+...


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9 Reviews for Tech-Life BoomBand

  1. Christa M. Marmolejo

    When I first ordered the BoomBand I thought it would be ideal for bike riding and walking. Since then I have discovered it has multiple other uses…. I can clip it to my backpack hikes, set it on the soap or lotion bottle while showering, on the night stand, and my students (I am a teacher) think it’s the coolest thing ever when I wear it during lunch and break. Boom, boom boom, I want you (BoomBand) in my room!

  2. Customer 2020

     I LOVE music day and night. It feeds my soul and gives an extra pep to my step. During winter I spend a lot of time with my dog in the snow covered woods and this was a perfect addition to those long hikes. The band is waterproof so I can wrap it around my jacketed arm. The music is loud enough to feel the beat yet I could still hear the surrounding noises and not feel I’d be bothering those around. This band will be on the packing list for many adventures to come whether kayaking the bay or beach volleyball.

  3. Shakes-n-bakes

    Bought this for keeping in a tool belt while working. I actually didn’t think I would get a lot of use out of it. Took it on a bike ride and boom… this is what its for. I can listen to tunes without headphones so I can still be aware of my surroundings. Sound is really good for a little speaker. I did notice some slight interference with the bluetooth connection when I would pass a lot of cars. Don’t know if its the metal or what. It would pick back up quickly though so no big deal. The band is a little tricky to clasp, but I learned it after a few tries. If you exercise outside, this is a cool way to get your music without putting yourself in harms way with headphones which take away one of your most important senses. Cool invention.

  4. Melinda Marks

    I ordered the boom band for my hubby for Father’s Day. It arrived without directions, so being a “techno-phobe”, I contacted the sellers for info. They sent me a digital copy of the directions. I’m someone who worries I’ll break the electronic gift before I can give it, and I certainly wanted it charged up before I gave it to hubby. He opened the box, turned it on, turned on the bluetooth on his phone, and he was connected. Simple as that! He found a favorite song on YouTube, and he was a happy man. He was impressed by the sound quality (he expected it to be tinny, it wasn’t) and the volume. His kids were quite impressed as well. I have a hunch his son will be asking for one for his birthday. I absolutely recommend!

  5. hugh Shrader

    Battery didn’t even last 3 hours on a first time full charge. The arm band is hard to secure due to poor design. It’s similar to Apple Watch but this one is backwards and hard to secure both buttons. Answered the phone and people can’t hear me and had to use phone. I bought it mainly to put on bike handlebars for music as I won’t wear ear buds due to safety. So for the high price I was not impressed. My last 20.00 one was much better but not longer available.

  6. Kelly G

    It’s works when it is close to your IPhone .. as in very close … great sound .. played it loud … walking dogs … wore it in the inside of my arm …Now have a weird bruise … and it seems like it’s not going away … did not wear it tight …did any one else … have this happen ???

  7. Antonia

    I ride horses, and I bought this to strap onto my saddle or wear on my wrist while I ride (a similar speaker marketed specifically for equestrians is around $130 — no thanks!). It works perfectly, with enough volume and clarity for me to enjoy my music without being distracting. The bad is a little awkward to get on one-handed, but once it’s on it stays put. I never have to worry about losing my speaker on a ride. Since it’s water resistant, I’ve also taken to hanging it on my shower rod so I can enjoy my private shower karaoke.It charges pretty quickly and the battery lasts a long time. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you can’t adjust the volume/skip songs from the speaker itself, and that it will turn itself off if you aren’t playing any music after a short amount of time. I appreciate that it is trying to conserve battery, however the wait time seems really short, and it gets a little annoying to have to keep turning it back on and reconnecting. However, these are very minor inconveniences, and I highly recommend!

  8. yarotem

    Did not received it yet

  9. James R.

    At first I thought this would be the small, portable speaker I could use while cycling. The design looked good, it wasn’t flashy or made in a loud color, and The reviews seemed worth a shot. I like the size, the understated black, and the ease of pairing – however there two REALLY BAD things that I wish they did differently.I’ll start with the most annoying of all: the power on/off voice prompts. When you turn the speaker on, you will hear a female voice say “POWER ON” in the LOUDEST VOLUME EVER! Regardless of what your device volume is set at, when you turn theBoomBand on, you will hear POWER ON every time! And on top of that – just in case that doesn’t annoy you enough – the speaker does the exact same thing when you turn it off. When you turn the speaker off you get a similarly loud and annoying “POWER OFF” voice prompt! Why couldn’t it just be a simple beep? There’s a visual LED to show that the speaker is on or off, did they have to really add a voice prompt with a non-adjustable full blast volume??!Second, the design of the band how it goes together is not that great. The band uses a metal insert with two small pins that are supposed to grab at the other strap. The problem here is, the metal pins face inward, so if you try strapping the device to anything with a hard surface, it’s a pain to try to get the pins to grab. If they simply flipped the metal pin design 180 degrees (like the Apple Watch strap has it) this would not be a problem.Honestly I really wanted to like this speaker – the actual sound output is pretty good for what it is (this is the only reason why it still gets 3 stars), and again I like the understated appearance – however the two problems I described above ultimately made me return the speaker, and I’ll have to look at other brands to try to find what I need.

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