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Huma-I HI-150

This Advanced Portable Air Quality Monitor measures your air quality in real-time at the touch of a button and checks O2, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and Particle Matter ((PM2.5 & PM10). The Huma-I also measures temperature and humidity in your surroundings. Works indoors and outdoors.

  • PORTABILITY – With pocket-sized portability, take the Huma-i with you at all times to measure the quality of air around you. Great for both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • ADVANCED FAN & SENSORS – The Huma-i has a built-in fan to quickly draw in ambient air to allow real-time measurements
  • EASY TO USE – Easily read real time air quality results in graph mode or Icon mode through the OLED display by toggling a one touch button. And easily view the Status
  • LED – lights that lets you quickly know the status of CO2, VOC, and particle matter.
  • DURABLE & STYLISH – Sturdy and designed focused outer casing looks great while protecting your Huma-i device. Have peace of mind when carrying your Huma-i device during your activities.


Huma-i HI-100 Portable Air Quality Detection Device Indoor Outdoor (PM2.5- PM10)

Huma-i : Portable Air Quality Detection Device, The Most Reliable Portable Air Quality Monitor Overview Huma-i is a portable personal air quality detection device with the highest quality in-house designed sensor modules for high accuracy readings. It measures fine...


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3 Reviews for Huma-I Portable Air Quality Monitor

  1. Peter A. Fritz

    I live in Western North Dakota. I am very concerned about VOCs and HAPs in the air, as ND and the EPA are motivational limited in their protection of the civilian population. After hours of research, I chose the Huma-i (HI-150). Why? It detects VOCs, Carbon Dioxide, Particulates (2.5 and 10), as well as humidity levels. Now, I am supposed to purchase another air quality monitor in order to compare the results with the Huma-i. I have not done this yet. What have I done? I have established several baselines. For example. I tested the air quality in multiple daycares, an elderly care facility, and a clinic in order to determine if my child’s daycare had “good” air. It didn’t!!! This is a major issue, if you do research. I am currently using my data to motivate the daycare to make changes. That’s the key: You need to establish baselines with this instrument in order to obtain an understanding about the quality of air in any given place. Recently, we took the Huma-i to a hotel. In our room there were dangerous levels of both VOCs and Carbon Dioxide. We cranked the air conditioner and opened the window——-the levels reduced to “safe” in minutes.In regards to outside air quality. North Dakota is tough to measure. Why? The wind. The wind in our state blows the pollution around, which is why our ground level Ozone still registers as “good” to “excellent” despite the oil activity. The Huma-i has never registered dangerous levels of VOCs outside. Now and then the particulates will shoot up (drive by particulates), especially around Diesel trucks.In the end, the Huma-i has alleviated a lot stress, but it has also caused a lot of stress. I have every reason to believe that the readings are accurate——-Remember, I took multiple baselines in order to obtain comparative results. I can accurately say that one daycare facility has worse air than another daycare facility. Without the baselines, I would still trust the Huma-i, but it is recommended that another air quality monitor be used, in order to compare results. Why? If you do the research, a lot of portable air quality monitors receive negative reviews for “accuracy issues.”I recommend the Huma-i (HI-150), but be prepared to confront some pollution issues that might force you to make big decisions like having to change daycares.I am not a atmospheric pollution expert. However, I have multiple graduate degrees in research fields including history and education. I have done hours of research on indoor and outdoor air pollution.

  2. Wade

    I don’t have any more accurate devices against which to compare this objectively, but it appears to be at least broadly accurate. In dusty environments, its particulate matter gauge does read high as one would expect. In confined spaces with poorer airflow or large densities of people, the CO2 gauge does read higher (and just breathing on the device for a few seconds causes the CO2 gauge to increase markedly, as one would expect – indicating not just broadly correct operation but a fast response time).It’s frustrating to me that the CO2 level is never presented numerically – only in very rough subjective terms ‘GOOD’ vs ‘POOR’ etc, or as a bar gauge on an unlabelled axis. The other three metrics can be viewed as their decimal values.Though the device has a number of different screens, which you can cycle through by pushing the singular button, not one of those screens displays all four metrics at once.I dislike that it shuts off after ten minutes if not plugged into power. I don’t expect the battery life to necessarily be all that great, but it seems apparent that it has at least an hour’s capacity. I’d like to be able to make use of that without having to babysit it.The LED status light cannot be disabled and is very bright – in a bedroom at night, for example, it illuminates the entire room and I find it difficult to sleep with such light. Even worse if it’s on battery power, as nine minutes after being turned on it goes into a minute-long, rapid blinking pattern.Its diminutive size, at least relative to all other comparable devices I’ve seen, is convenient – it can be easily pocketed and its weight is insignificant.Beyond the few quibbles I’ve mentioned, the one thing I most wish it did additionally is to record. Any kind of wireless sync to a computer or phone would be great, but even just the ability to record to a micro SD card would make it much more useful. Currently, there’s no actual way to monitor air quality while you sleep, which seems like a very obvious & explicitly intended use case for this device.

  3. Charl

    I initially bought one. I really like its compactness and how responsive it can be to the surrounding changes. Then I bought two more as gift to my families. Three devices give me consistent readings. I don’t know about the absolute accuracy. But they all respond to outside changes in the same way. The reading on July 4th weekends was a bit higher than normal. I guess it was the fire works. I turned on the car AC, then the PM reading dropped fast to near zero. I put the device near the vent of my air filter in my bedroom. The PM reading drops significantly. The outside air looks more foggy in August than it was in June. The PM reading it shows is indeed higher. I once took it with me while pooping, the VOC and CO2 readings all shot up… I am just happy to have the company of this wonderful litter device!

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