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BodiMetrics O2 Vibe
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BodiMetrics O2 Vibe

BodiMetrics O2 Vibe Oxygen, Sleep & Fitness Monitor

The BodiMetrics O2 Vibe allows you to monitor oxygen levels and heart rate. The O2 Vibe monitor gently vibrates while exercising should your blood oxygen level fall below the threshold you set (between 90-95%). The 02 Vibe also works well for monitoring oxygen level if infected with COVID. This SpO2 monitor is the lightest and smallest of its kind avaialbe today. Free Your Finger from oxygen level monitoring today.

  • Lightest and smallest SpO2 monitor on the market; Comfortable (patent pending) thumb sensor frees your finger, unlike any other pulse oximeter on the market;
  • Monitors SpO2 (amount of oxygen in the blood) and pulse rate; Tracks steps; Digital clock displays time
  • The monitor has 5 vibration settings to remind you if your SpO2 drops below the threshold you set (80-95%) while exercising.
  • Track SpO2 while exercising to maximize fitness regimens; monitor will remind you to keep moving throughout the day to reach your step goals
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices; Download the free O2 Vibe mobile app on your devices and sync it with your monitor
  • Comes with everything you need; O2 Vibe device, 1 ring sensor, 1 USB charging cable, 1 quick start guide


BodiMetrics O2 Vibe Sleep & Fitness Monitor
BodiMetrics O2 Vibe Sleep & Fitness Monitor Day or night, gym or sleep, the wearable watch style O2Vibe helps you keep track of Oxygen (SpO2) and Pulse Rate. The O2Vibe Vibrates when SpO2 drops below to your customized minimum between 80 and 95%. The level of vibration is adjustable. Download...
BodiMetrics O2 Vibe Sleep & Fitness Monitor
BodiMetrics O2 Vibe Sleep & Fitness Monitor. Shipped with USPS First Class. You get whats in the pictures. Does not come with original box.
BodiMetrics O2 Vibe Sleep & Fitness Monitor - Oxygen & Heart Rate Recorder - ...
BodiMetrics O2 Vibe Sleep & Fitness Monitor - Oxygen & Heart Rate Recorder - Wearable Health & Activity Tracker - Lightest and smallest SpO2 monitor on the market; Comfortable (patent pending) thumb sensor frees your finger, unlike any other pulse oximeter on the market; Monitors SpO2...


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SizeOne size fits all
Battery Cell CompositionLithium Ion
BodiMetrics O2 Vibe
released on December 1, 2016

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3 Reviews for BodiMetrics O2 Vibe

  1. Andrew L.

    I have used this brilliantly designed device for 3 months to measure my blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate while I sleep. It is invaluable to me to monitor how effectively my CPAP monitor is treating my sleep apnea. Sometimes the apnea monitor is not able to keep my airway open, leading to a drop in blood oxygen saturation level which I can see the magnitude of and time it occurred on a graph on my iPhone or on the BodiMetrics website. The O2 Vibe does not require a smartphone to actually record the data, but rather is a completely, self-contained recording device. I sync the data from the O2 Vibe with my iPhone in the morning with the BodiMetrics APP via a Bluetooth connection. The O2 Vibe has a thumb sensor with a short cord to it which makes it the most convenient and comfortable device on the market that I know of. There is no long cord connected to a device on the nightstand. I simply put it on my wrist like a watch, connect the thumb sensor, and press the only button on the device to start recording. That’s it. Perhaps the most valuable feature is the ability to set a minimum oxygen saturation level threshold that activates a vibration alarm in the thumb sensor to wake me up whenever my oxygen saturation goes below the threshold. This gives me peace of mind that my blood oxygen saturation level never goes below a potentially harmful level. This is a great device and I highly recommend it.

  2. TucsonTom

    After the email exchange below I am able to use the O2 Vibe to do exactly what I need. I have severe APNEA and I need to watch my SpO2 very carefully. With the O2 Vibe I can also check to test the various other CPAP masks and other products, and wake me if my Spo2 falls below a set threshold. The exercise mode lets me track my heartrate during exercise as well.–From: TomSent: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 11:33 AMTo: MarkSubject: O2 Vibe–From: MarkSent: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 1:17 PMTo: TomSubject: RE: O2 VibeThanks very much Tom for the detailed inquiry. I’ve done my best to provide answers and hope they solve your issues. Of course we are also always available by phone toll free (844) 744-8800, option 2. Or, worst case, we are happy to swap out O2 devices to you are completely satisfied.To your health,Mark[My questions are numbers and Mark’s answers are bullets or capital letters]FYI, here are questions that I have about this product:1. I haven’t been able to see the option to change the device mode between sleep and light exercise since the first day.• Please first turn off you O2 and remove the thumb sensor, Turn it back on• When the thumb sensor is removed the default mode is Fitness (two legs icon) so you cannot change to Sleep (Quarter Moon with Z’s) mode• Insert the thumb sensor and you can change between Fitness and Sleep2. At night the display shows the Bluetooth-to-iphone link in blue. Isn’t it supposed to go dark after a while? (Is this due to the O2 being in the exercise mode? If so, see #1.)• If you leave your O2 mobile app open and connected 3 things are happening:A. You are not recording your sleep or fitnessB. You may be in Dashboard mode for fitness only andC. You are running your battery down and it will not last 24 hours.D. See your #1 above and be sure to close your app before going to bed. It is not necessary to have your app and device connected to record your sleep statistics or use the vibration functions.• Once you connect your O2 device to O2 mobile app the records will upload and you will be able to see and review in mobile app.3. I used the device during exercise but nothing was recorded. Or, if it was, I can’t find it.• See above, if you are using the O2 device with the O2 mobile app in Dashboard mode you will need to do the following:A. Close the O2 mobile appB. Turn off your O2 device and to be safe remove the thumb sensorC. Turn your O2 device back on; open your O2 mobile app and select your device # to sync dataD. Your exercise record will upload• Your O2 device will store up to 4 records at a time without connecting to your mobile app4. I used the device last night during sleep, but nothing was recorded. Or, if it was, I can’t find it.• Likely caused by the above situation that you were stuck in Fitness Mode; try following steps above, be sureA. Select the Sleep mode andB. Close your O2 mobile app• Your recording will upload upon reconnecting your device and mobile app the next morning.5. The battery doesn’t last the entire night. (Could be that I have it in exercise mode. See #1.• You are correct see aboveRegarding the icons shown in the “What O2 Vibe Screens Mean” section of the quick start guide1. Screen does not show time remaining for the battery, only the % remaining bar.2. After a few seconds the device screen switches from the above view to the bluetooth connect view.3. I can’t see any of the other icons shown in this section of the QS Guide on the device screen.• We have a revised O2 Vibe Quick Start Guide I will forward to you that may be clearerOther questions1. The guide has a table “Operation Mode Navigation.” The Screen Row in the Sleep Mode column says that the screen goes dark after 2 minutes but it’s still recording. But the Bluetooth row says that the mode is on only when the screen lights up. I thought that the device had to be connected via bluetooth so that the app would sync data during the night.• You nailed it. You troubleshot the problem yourself:–Tom—–Mark, Thanks for the detailed feedback. I have one follow up question:Your O2 device will store up to 4 records at a time without connecting to your mobile appWhen I reconnect after a night’s sleep or an exercise session will I see the entire night and exercise session’s data? Or only 4 data points?Tom–Sorry Tom,I realize I wasn’t clear. Yes you will. The 4 records are complete recordings of your fitness session or sleep session so it isn’t data points but a whole night of sleep (one recording). Hopefully this helps address your question.Take care,Mark

  3. John G.

    This device has potential but may not be for all users. I wish I could leave 3.5 stars. I like the vibrating sensor feature if your 02 drops; it is much better than an audible alarm; gentler and less disruptive to your sleep. The unit also has a motion sensor in addition to the oxygen and pulse rate capability. The software is very easy to use, and you have a composite algorithm of your time asleep that gives you and idea of how you did the night before with oxygen levels, pulse rate, and you can correlate motion to estimate when you are in REM. The unit is relatively small and sleek. The bad: battery life. If you are a long sleeper you may not be monitored the entire night. The vibration 02 sensor may not have enough juice to alert you when your 02 levels drop late in the monitoring period. It lasted 9 hours, tops, with my use, though the unit is advertised to deliver up to 12 hours of recording capability. The vibration sensor also does not fit persons with large fingers. I used it on my little finger and seemed to get accurate results, but customer service has not validated accuracy on any but the thumb and first finger placement for the sensor. A quick check between this device and a medical grade pulse-ox unit did show it was accurate on the little finger, but it cannot be assumed this is true for overnight use until validated by a medical grade PSG unit. Also, the sensor has a very flimsy rubber band-like fastener on the back side, and does not look durable. If it fails, the replacement cost may be an issue. I also found the band on the main display unit to be clumsy; it has a peg system and you have to struggle to get the band secured on your wrist. Overall, the short battery life was a deal breaker for me and I returned it. I hope the manufacturer works out the bugs because this unit definitely has potential to be a great monitor. If you can live with the weaknesses cited above, I would recommend this unit.

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Please share with others how the O2 Vibe has helped you in your daily life. How did the O2 Vibe and O2 mobile app affect tracking changes in your diet, exercise, sleep habits and overall quality of life? Finally, please share any specific use cases that you feel would help others improve their quality of life or overall wellness.

Bodimetrics O2 Vibe Sleep and Fitness Monitor Review

BodiMetrics, the O2 Vibe's developer, hails their product as the lightest (weighing just 1.6 ounces) and smallest SpO2 sleep monitor on the market. Equipped with a patented thumb sensor, the O2 Vibe Sleep and Fitness Monitor offers some big features for such a small package.

FAQ - BodiMetrics

Each box contains a BodiMetrics O2 Vibe, a Micro D USB cable for charging, soft thumb ring sensor, and manual.

USB SpO2 Sensor - Replacement - BodiMetrics

BodiMetrics: Thank you Ron for the honest review and comment on our O2 Vibe. The sensor ring is a one size fits all and subject to normal “wear and tear.” We have made a number of improvements over the last 2 years to strengthen the sensor band and reinforce the electronic elements inside the ring itself.

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BodiMetrics O2 Vibe