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PowerDot 2.0 Smart Electric Muscle Stimulator

The PowerDot 2.0 is a remote controlled wireless TENS Device controlled through Bluetooth via smartphone app. It works to speed up recovery, improve strength and relieve pain.

  • MUSCLE RECOVERY – Reduce recovery time, increase muscle performance, and relieve pain with the same technology used by doctors and physicians today.
  • APP BASED & PORTABLE – The world’s first SMART muscle stimulator. The PowerDot app guides you through everything you need to recover like a pro.
  • 15+ PRESET PROGRAMS – electric muscle stimulation programs for muscle recovery, performance, and pain relief.
  • AT-HOME PAIN RELIEF – PowerDot’s Smart TENS program is a revolutionary new way to relieve pain. Use the TENS programs to target pain, set pain score, and track progress.
  • INCLUDES – 1 Pre-Charged Pod, 2 Sets of Electrode Pads, 1 Set of Lead Cables, 1 Micro USB Charging Cable, Carrying Case.


PowerDot 2.0 Duo Muscle Stimulator & Tens Unit

PowerDot 2.0 Duo Muscle Stimulator & Tens Unit. Shipped with UPS Ground.

PowerDot 2.0 - Smart Electric Muscle Stimulator - Smart TENS Device - Duo Red

PowerDot 2.0 - Smart Electric Muscle Stimulator - Smart TENS Device - Duo Red. Condition is "Used"; owned for a month and used four or five times. Performs great! Comes w/two sets of electrode sensor pads. One set slightly used and one set new in package.

PowerDot 2.0 Duo Muscle Stimulator & Tens Unit New Seal

PowerDot 2.0 Duo Muscle Stimulator & Tens Unit New Seal. Condition is "New". Just new seal G13

Powerdot 2.0 Duo - Smart Nmes Passion Red

Powerdot 2.0 Duo - Smart Nmes Passion RedThe description of this item has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We hereby offer:PowerDot 2.0 Duo - Smart NMES Passion RedPowerDot--High customer satisfaction ✓Available...


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9 Reviews for PowerDot 2.0

  1. brian

    The powerdot I purchased does not work. When I clip the powerdot to the pad and turn it on it does not work no matter how high i turn it up on the app. the only way it works (inconsistently) is when its not directly snapped onto the pad, yet slightly touching the pad on the outer metallic rim. Either way its very disappointing, given all the rave reviews.

  2. Rich

    Update 3/19/2019. Device software must have worked itself out. Wish I had bought the duo to save time.Device worked 24 hours. Then it stopped being connected to the app. To fix I have to unpair the device in my Bluetooth settings and delete the device in the app. Then I have to hard reset the device and pair. I have to do this every time I want to use it. This is a higher pain on my asset than what I bought the PowerDot to fix.When it works it does it’s job.Update: Corresponded with developer and the developer said product wasn’t designed to have such a bad experience and it was probably my phone, My brand new $950 Flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, that is either the best or second best phone in the world. Yeh, right. Don’t think he vetted that by his public relations person. He later replied to return for an exchange. So I will.

  3. Justin Cocuzza

    Great when it works. Worked great for a week and ever since, it will no longer to connect. I’ve done all of the troubleshooting and nothing. Connectivity should be priority #1*update*I tried letting it charge for a few hours thinking maybe it was the battery. Still won’t connect. Clearly there is an issue here with connectivity.

  4. Karen Heitz

    I am still getting used to the unit. I have severe nerve damage in my feet and legs. I do not feel the sensation in my feet as they are numb from the nerve damage. I feel the sensation less in my calves as in my thigh and upper body. I worked my legs pretty good and I think they felt better than before the application. This unit was recommended by my pain management doctor, who also uses it. I think there will be some benefits from the use but time will tell.

  5. Alexa

    Perfect for sore muscles and recovery. I would recommend the powerdot to anyone that lives an active lifestyle. It has helped my recovery immensely since I purchased it! Well worth the price for quality and use.

  6. Charles

    Huge Shout Out to Nick Koumalatsos (check out his books online) for recommending and showing how the product works. We use to do medical auths for this yrs ago. (larger scale) But this is a nice personal set (the presentation box is abit too much in my taste) The carry case is real nice. I use it after work out or outside Splitting wood for a few hours. Yes, the pads are sticky and hold up even with my Black Irish Legs.

  7. Annoyed Customer

    Same problem as other users. When it worked it is amazing. Stopped being able to pair after Apple update and now useless. Tried their support who came back quickly but no solution aside from the soft reset you can see if you google. Also ordered new pads prior to it working so not best pleased. However their customer support is really good so I will change my review as basically when it works it is mindblowingly good.

  8. Kip Whinkel

    Does exactly what it is supposed to do. I have some hiccups in connectivity however it seems as long as your device and the PowerDot are decently charged the Bluetooth works without issue. Have found that when using it try to make sure other Bluetooth devices or other wireless item not being really close helps. This is probably the most difficult thing since bloody dam everything these days is wireless.

  9. James P. Miller

    Late June 2019, I had a significant grade 3 inversion sprain with my right ankle. After wearing an aircast boot for 3 weeks and wearing semi-hard lace-up ankle brace for 3-1/2 months, I was noticing that my ankle was feeling less stable and more pain daily.In January 2020 I saw my orthopedic surgeon. Physical therapy for 10 weeks. During the course of the physical therapy, I had the suggestion of a tens unit. Later that evening an ad for PowerDot 2.0 showed up on my social media.The first use I did a 15 min pain relief session on my ankle and a 20 minute session on my tibia. The unit is amazing (yes, I don’t use that word lightly, but it was A M A Z I N G!). You choose the amount of time for 15 min or more and the amount of intensity you desire (and can adjust throughout the session).Definitely considering a second unit & pads, so I can do more than one part at a time.

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