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Cookoo Smart Watch
Cookoo Smart Watch
Cookoo Smart Watch
Cookoo Smart Watch
Cookoo Smart Watch


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  • All prices mentioned above are in United States dollar.
  • This product is available at eBay,, Newegg.
  • At you can purchase CooKoo the connected smart watch - works with iOS and Android devices for only $14.99, which is 84% less than the cost in ($95.55).
  • The lowest price of COOKOO Smart Bluetooth Connected Watch - White was obtained on May 20, 2020 2:41 pm.

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3 reviews for Cookoo Smart Watch

  1. Scrapp Huntington

    1. Customer service does not exist I have emailed them over and over with no reply because their app does not work properly for iOS and the watch sometimes will glitch up or drop is connection. There is no phone number or any other way to contact them to fix my issue. Customer support 24/7 with a person to talk to is mandatory for any electronics, in today’s world there is absolutely no excuse for anything less than that. 5 emails through there “support” portal on their website and no reply is beyond unacceptable.2. Connecting to my iPhone 5s was a two hour processes that included me watching a YouTube video on how to get it to pair, I literally had to disassemble my brand new 140 dollar (after tax and shipping) watch, use a paper clip to “short” it out to reset the device. Updating the firmware was even worse.3. The “backlight” is extremely dim. Unless it’s pitch black it’s almost useless4. If you can get past the pathetic give me your money and go away mentality of the company, the actual watch is nice, it is comfortable, a good size and the physical design is classy, I bought a black metal band to go with it and it improved the look 100 fold, all in all it’s a better watch than something you buy at sears or fossil but the makers of this watch dropped the ball, bad, on a simple design that could have been perfect.

  2. Bryan States

    I could not get it connected to my iPhone.. I sent it back.. That is the only reason.. the watch looked great

  3. rbernalch

    Not a good product

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Cookoo Smart Watch