Huawei Watch 2

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Huawei Watch 2 smart Watch integrates cutting-edge technology with the look of a Classic sports Watch

Designed to work in harmony with your smartphone or standalone, new features include: standalone GPS navigation, professional running Coach, offline music storage, wear OS by Google/Android wear and various apps.

  • Built-in GPS and continuous heart rate: monitor your heart rate and track your workout routes without your phone
  • Scientific sleep tracking: HUAWEI TruSleep keeps track of light, deep and REM sleep stages to make your sleep truly restful
  • Workout Coach: get real-time guidance and workout data such as recovery time and Vo2 Max. Qualcomm MSM8909W, 1.1 GHz
  • NFC and Google assistant: make payments and have a personal voice assistant from your wrist
  • Music and power: download and listen to music with Google Play Music on your watch. You can optimize power consumption settings to get the most out of your device

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Huawei watch 2 Sport
Huawei watch 2 Sport. Comes with fast charger and the watch. Original box not included. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.
Genuine HUAWEI GT2e Smart Watch Fitness Tracker 16MB+ 4GB AMOLED GPS Bluetooth
WeightApproximately 43 g (without the strap) *Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual...
Huawei Watch GT2e 2020 (HECTOR-B19S) 46mm 50m Water Resistant New
Weight Approximately 43 g (without the strap)*Product size, product weight, and related specifications are theoretical values only. Actual measurements between individual products may vary. All specifications are subject to the actual...
Huawei Watch GT2 2020 (Latona-B19S) Sport Watch 46mm Black Water Resistant New!
REVOLUTIONARY POWER SOLUTIONAlways exploring the limits of a smartwatch battery life, it serves you day and night for up to 2 weeks. MINIMALISTIC AESTHETIC DESIGNIntegrates a high quality 3D glass face to create the bezel-less vision....
Huawei Watch GT2 2020 Brown Leather Strap 46mm 1.39" OLED Display Waterproof NEW
NETWORKTechnologyNo cellular connectivity2G bandsN/A3G bandsN/A4G bandsN/ASpeedNoGPRSNoEDGENoLAUNCHAnnounced2019, SeptemberStatusAvailable. Released 2019, OctoberBODYDimensions45.9 x 45.9 x 10.7 mm (1.81 x 1.81 x 0.42 in)Weight41 g (1.45...



Huawei Watch 2
released on March 23, 2017


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11 Reviews for Huawei Watch 2

  1. Michael

    I’ve had this watch a week now, and after a very rocky start I’m enjoying this watch. My previous watch was a Microsoft Band 2; a marvel of UI engineering combined with incredibly poor hardware reliability — the non-replaceable strap broke 4 times in a year and now its out of warranty). But anyway, I want to share my Huawei Watch 2 (HW2) experience to help others get to where they can enjoy this.I paired my HW2 with the Amazon branded Alcatel A30 — an amazing phone for the price! I’ve paired it from scratch twice now; the first pairing was seamless. Later after I reset my watch and paired again it would get fail on “copy your google account” with no useful error message; I found rebooting my wireless router fixed the problem (no idea why this helps, perhaps clearing the router DNS cache?).A second note about pairing, you really MUST install the “suggested” apps to your phone or your watch will not sync health data. In order these are Android Wear, Huawei Wear, Google Fit, snd Huawei Health.Important quick tip! the first time you ask “what’s my heartbeat” the HW2 will ask if you want to use the “Fit” or “Heartbeat” app, CHOOSE THE HEARTBEAT APP! Once you’ve picked you will NEVER be able to change to the other without resetting your watch, and the Google Fit’s heart measurement UI is lame (actually most of google fit is lame, but you need it to save health data from the other apps). As an aside, you are supposed to be able to change your mind about which app to launch, but the option is missing in the current AW2 (Android Wear 2.0) UI.Out of the box battery life sucks, usually less than a day with light usage. However, after disabling wifi on the watch I easily get over days. I’m now in the habit of manually enabling wifi as needed. Related to this there is a problem maintaining the bluetooth connection to my phone. After a while the phone reports it is connected to the watch, but the watch reports it is disconnected from the phone!? Interestingly the behave as they report, notifications from phone to watch happen reliably and immediately, but the watch to phone direction will fail with a “cannot connect” error; the only thing I’ve found to restablish the two way blue tooth connection is to reboot my phone (rebooting the watch doesn’t help).Replying to an incoming text message is never an issue, I can choose to use voice or keyboard, but a big dissappointment was I was unable to initiate a new text message from the phone. If I select message from the “contacts” it jumps to voice input (keyboard entry is not an option?!) and either loops asking “to whom” even though I just picked who I wanted, or even weirder it skips letting me specify a message body immediatly sends a message to my contact with their last name as the body. (Impossible to believe sombody in QA saw this and said yup, works for me, but whatever). The work-around for me was to install Google’s “Android Messages” app; using it I can initiate new texts from the watch.Two last complaint: Huawei email support seems to be non-existant, I got no response after filling out their web based form. And the HW2 doesn’t do sleep tracking. It really, really should.So after reading this you might wonder why I like this watch, I have two reasons. First, my problems seem to be endemic to Android Wear 2.0 as all the solutions I found are actually from the forums for OTHER brands of watches. More importantly, with the work-arounds mentioned the watch is doing exactly what I got it for, a fitness tracker I can wear 23 hours a day, that I can use to see and respond to messages and calls.Update 2/21/2018 I’m still wearing this watch daily. The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity related battery problems went away when I upgraded my phone to a Samsung S7 and re-paired the watch. Huawei added automatic sleep tracking and it seems to work well.

  2. Kelly Ryan

    The watch was a Christmas gift for my son. He loves how it looks & he’s very impressed with all the features which I am happy to report work perfect in Canada!!

  3. PhillyReader

    I hate doing this, I really do. I am now ‘that guy’ who has had a crappy experience and is coming straight to the review section yet had this not happened I wouldn’t have left any review at all. Actually, this one star review might even be more for the complete lack of response by the Huawei support staff to communicate what is going on with a support case I filed two months ago.After a month of use – wear everyday to office and back – the watch had a critical failure where a piece broke off of the watch that holds the band in place. This is not fixable by a new band, it was the watch face itself that had a failure (see picture). This occured while I was taking the watch off my wrist when I got home from work. I’m no extreme sporter or anything, this was normal use for a month.I was told by support that this was considered physical damage, therefore my warranty is void. I was floored. Luckily, they decided to take a “special look” at my case given the situation and see what they can do. Since then it’s been some back and forth, but mostly nothing at all from them. Broken promises, potential lies (I was told at one point that they were looking for a replacement for my part, then weeks later that they never got photos that I sent them so haven’t been able to look at the case).There are other accounts of this I’ve found on reddit and elsewhere so this is a flaw in their manufacturing that they are either too incompetent or deliberately choosing to disregard. This should have been a very simple send us the part and we’ll send you a new one if we determine fault.What I have now is a $250 pocket watch that sits in a drawer at home.

  4. John Reza

    Fast shipping! Very good high quality. I particularly like the sleep monitoring and the phone feature. You can receive the phone call or make a phone call from the watch easily. The sound is very clear and loud.

  5. Michael A

    This watch is awesome. It comes with android wear 2.0 and google play store so you can download any app on it. Just beautiful design and light. I already got asked two times what this watch is and where to buy it from and it’s only been 1 week. The watch comes with hybrid strap so that you can wear it in the gym and sweat will not destroy the leather at all.The only negative I can think of is that the bezel don’t rotate. But the touch screen is so responsive that you don’t really need it.

  6. Jeff O

    So, I bought this watch about 3 and a half months ago and yesterday the watch body broke (where the band connects, see picture) and fell off my wrist. I had not mistreated the watch or done anything physically stressful to it and it just dropped to the floor.OK, so it was clearly defective, so I called the Huawei service number. While the person who I talked to was very nice, she was asking me to pay US$380 to get the defective watch replaced. Um, this was a US$200 watch in the first place, and it was DEFECTIVE to the point that it fell off my wrist under no stress… FREE service was the acceptable answer.I see no reason to think that any of these are not similarly faulty, look for a higher quality device. The functionality was good, the Android WearOS was pretty darn good, but it’s unuseful hunk of silicon and plastic now. BUMMER

  7. TMar10

    Not worth the money. Worked alright for a little while. Strap started to disconnect and almost lost it a few times. After having it for a year the cheap plastic where the strap connects to the watch, snapped completely off. Tried to glue It back on but wont adhere. Huawei is garbage. Spend your money on a samsung or Garmin dont make the same mistake I did.

  8. Joseph

    So as someone who works in R&D at Huawei Canada, I’m fairly confident in our products, especially our hardware. I mainly got this to be able to do the cool things like Google Pay and see notifications without taking out my phone all the time, as well as be able to have a very convenient access to Google Assistant. This satisfies these requirements, so I’m pretty satisfied.

  9. DLS

    This is very disappointing that only barely month after use the lower half of the touch screen has stopped functioning. AMAZON PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE – the problem was resolved after draining battery completely and recharging it in restart mode. It appears to be bug in software which may have been resolved via updates released. Fortunately the problem was resolved and I just say that I love this watch despite the problem earlier

  10. Heather Paul

    I absolutely love this watch! I wear it every day and usually by the end of the day I have about 45% battery left. I use the stopwatch function multiple times and set multiple alarms. It has wifi which is awesome and the watch faces are very customizable with third party apps like facer. Overall I love it but I am considering buying a leather band so that I can dress it up a bit. I would also recommend getting a screen cover for it just in case. The box arrived in perfect condition and the watch was not damaged, it comes directly from China so it does take a while to arrive in Canada but it’s worth it.

  11. valerie lauzon

    Beautiful watch, great features and works perfectly (as one would expect) with my P20 pro. Has a bunch of features that I use daily, such as fitness tracker, heart monitor, step counter, media control and even the weather app. Only thing I didn’t like is that I got the black watch, yet it came with a white charger. Have since gotten a black charger so it fits more and use the white one as a backup/travel charger, and yes this is a really small thing.Battery works great but can drain really quickly depending on what you’re doing. If you are constantly using it, could drain within a few hours but with moderate use and smart use of display off I’ve had it last around 2-3 days between charges. Been wearing it for 8 hours today with moderate use and the screen constantly on and it’s still at 82%Well worth the buy

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