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LIFTiD tDCS Device for Improving Focus, Attention, Memory, and Productivity

The LIFTiD Applies a low level electric current through two electrodes to targeted areas of the brain as an alternative to chemical stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, and other performance enhancers.



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8 reviews for LIFTiD tDCS Brain Booster

  1. Francoman

    LIFTiD Neurostimulation Personal Brain Stimulator reduced my anxiety and improved my focus on the tasks within 2 hours of using the device. I am new to Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS), but I am becoming a supporter of the technology. Other devices offered a higher power setting up to 4 mA, but LIFTiD works fine at 1.5 mA. LIFTiD smoothly steps up to the 1.5 mA the steps down 20 minutes. This rig is simple and easy to use. Is it really helping me? If I miss a session, I get irritated with myself because I want to be as good as I can be. I haven’t really learned to explain it to others as it sounds kind of nutty to want to electrically stimulate your brain every day. I am a 72-year-old male.

  2. Glen

    I have been using daily (most days) for about a month. I have noticed positive results and would recommend this device. I cannot attest to long term benefits, but I can see real results in my retention of informatioon and ability to focus, during and following the sessions.

  3. Kayla

    The item was delivered and worked correctly. However, I got extremely dizzy after using as directed several times – the room was literally spinning. I also started seeing floaters (strings in your field of vision sometimes associated with cataracts/aging, which went away after I discontinued use of the device. Returned the item.

  4. Michael

    I have tried other tDCS devices and this one is the nicest looking and easiest to use. Other products either cost double or feel like they were made in someone’s garage and you’re strapping up to a car battery. The only down side is you can’t really customize the placements of the stimulation pads for different needs. Overall this works as expected and is a great value for the price.

  5. Paul

    I really like using this product. And when I received it 3 months ago the battery would last about 2 weeks. However 2 weeks is now down to 2 days. At this rate I suspected it will be a paperweight before I know it. I understand that batteries have a limited lifespan, but a quarter of a year is much to short.

  6. Rich

    I’ve only been using this device for a short while now but notice a difference while using it. I feel more alert. I have no way of telling whether or not it makes me more creative when I write. It’s a great item. Just get it.

  7. Danielle

    I disliked how my forehead broke out into zits shortly after I started using it. Not use if it was related, but I was unable to use it after.

  8. Aniuska

    En prueba

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LIFTiD tDCS Brain Booster