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Muse 2 Headband

Achieve deep, fulfilling meditation with real-time feedback.

Meditate with MUSE 2. Real-time feedback. Track progress. Compatible with IOS and Android.

- Improved meditation practice
- Real-time feedback
- Easy to use


- Expensive
- Requires Bluetooth connection

Muse 2 makes Meditation Easy

Muse 2 is a sensor for your brain, it tracks and monitors brain wave feedback to give you accurate heart, breath, and body activity tracking. Muse 2 is great for helping you achieve deeper and more fulfilling meditation. Muse helps make meditation easy, tangible, and enjoyable to learn by offering a simple and accessible ‘work out plan’ for your meditation practice, with incredible insights into your inner world.

  • MEDITATION MADE EASY: Stop guessing if you’re doing it right – use real-time feedback to guide you and keep you motivated
  • MUSE IS YOUR PERSONAL MEDITATION ASSISTANT: Muse makes meditation easy by giving you real-time feedback to help you recognize calm
  • FIND CALM & STAY FOCUSED: Research has shown that meditation helps people sleep better, stress less, and focus more
  • DIG DEEPER & GET PERSONAL: Choose what works for you – Muse will track your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to guide your total meditation experience. Use your headphones to hear the sound of your mind and body.
  • TRACK & MEASURE YOUR PROGRESS WITH EACH SESSION: Review your data, set goals, and build a rewarding meditation practice
  • TRAVEL SAFE: Muse 2 fits perfectly in the Official Muse 2: The Brain Sensing Headband Case. Durable hard case protects your Muse 2 from everyday bumps and bruises. Great for storage or travel – divider sleeve makes room for accessories and cords!
  • COMPATIBLE WITH iOS & ANDROID: Download the Muse app on your phone or tablet (Only Compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod on iOS 11 and higher, and Android phones and devices on 5 and Higher – Huawei devices are NOT supported)
  • INCLUDED IN BOX: Muse 2: Brain Sensing Headband, Quick Start Guide, USB Recharge Cable (Ear buds NOT Included)


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Muse 2 The Brain Sensing Headband - Gray
Muse 2 The Brain Sensing Headband - Gray
MUSE 2: The Brain Sensing Headband - Meditation
MUSE 2: The Brain Sensing Headband - Meditation
Muse S Gen 2 Brain Sensing Meditation Headband NIB Sealed Navy Headband
Muse S Gen 2 Brain Sensing Meditation Headband NIB Sealed Navy...


Improve mindfulness and meditation with the Muse 2 Headband. This innovative device is designed to help you achieve a relaxed, focused state during your meditation practice. With the Muse 2 Headband, you can easily track and monitor your brainwaves, heart rate, breathing, and body movements. This information helps you identify patterns and develop your own personal meditation practice. With the headset's real-time audio feedback, you can stay connected to your practice and make adjustments as necessary. The Muse 2 Headband is easy to use and comes with a free app that includes guided meditation exercises and other helpful tools. Plus, its sleek design and comfortable fit make it a joy to wear. Add the Muse 2 Headband to your meditation practice today and experience increased mindfulness, relaxation, and focus.

  • MEDITATION MADE EASY: Real-time feedback to guide and motivate
  • PERSONAL MEDITATION ASSISTANT: Real-time feedback to recognize calm
  • FIND CALM AND FOCUS: Boost sleep, reduce stress, improve focus
  • DIG DEEPER AND GET PERSONAL: Track brain activity, heart rate, breathing, body movement
  • TRACK AND MEASURE PROGRESS: Review data, set goals, build rewarding practice
  • TRAVEL SAFE: Durable case for storage and travel
  • INCLUDED IN BOX: Headband, guide, USB cable (Earbuds NOT included)


    DeliveryFast and Free
    Batteries1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
    Shipping Weight7.2 ounces
    ISBNDoes not apply
    ShippingFree US Shipping
    Product Dimensions2.4 x 4.8 x 6.1 inches
    Item model numberMU-03-GY-ML
    Muse 2 Headband
    released on October 29, 2018
    Is it as inaccurate as the first version? Having Muse and meditating with it I can almost fall asleep, no concentration at all, with no alarming sound

    Our apologies for your experience. Your brain changes from moment to moment and the one-minute calibration process is a required step to make sure Muse will provide accurate and responsive feedback. The results of a Muse session is dependent on the quality of the calibration. This stage is important as it provides Muse with a picture of your active brain to compare against during the session. Muse is a very sensitive device and so will pick up even the small electrical activity from muscles around the eyes, jaw clenches, and also the brainwaves from visual processing. Therefore it's best to keep your eyes closed lightly, sitting stationary in comfortable position during the calibration and meditation session for the most accurate possible results. If you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected] and we can assist you further. Have a nice day! Muse Customer Care

    Does the Muse 2 tell the user the measurements for the different waves by name: "alpha", "beta", "theta", "delta", "gamma"?

    The Muse 2 has the ability to track all five brainwaves. When paired with the core Muse App, you will not be able to gather data on the raw brainwaves, as you will see a graph showing Calm, Active and Neutral states. If you wish to gather raw EEG data, you can download our other app, Muse Direct. Keep in mind that this is not a visualization tool and allows for the export of raw EEG data. For more information, please visit our website.

    Can a person with glasses use Muse 2? The way this product is supposed to set on your head doesn’t seem conducive to using these.

    You would have to take the glasses off while meditating. If you need the glasses to read the instructions on the phone app, as I do, you have to put the temple arms on top of the Muse device. That works for me. Then I take the glasses off while I meditate. I will say this is a great device and really helps people who have a hard time meditating. After a few weeks use, I just spent 10 minutes out of 15 in the deepest meditative state and only 1 second in an active state. Nirvana here I come!

    Many bugs were mentioned in early reviews of Muse 2 (such as stability of Bluetooth connection). Have these bugs now been fixed?

    It has worked for me just fine. There was one time of mot connecting and I did what they suggested and cleaned it with water.

    Does it aid falling asleep? Can it be used alongside Bluetooth microphone earbuds whilst listening to binaural sounds?

    Within the Muse Guided Meditation Subscription, we have a number of meditations to help with falling asleep. However, we do not recommend wearing the Muse 2 to bed as it works best when you are sitting still in an upright position. Muse is meant to be used in conjunction with the Muse App.


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    The Muse 2 Headband is a cutting-edge brain-sensing device designed to help users achieve a deeper level of relaxation while meditating. Using advanced sensors to monitor brain activity, heart rate, breath, and body movements, the device guides users through personalized meditation sessions and provides real-time feedback on their progress. The Muse 2 Headband uses a range of auditory and visual cues to help users focus and deepen their meditation practice. These cues include ambient sounds, such as gentle rain or crashing waves, that change in response to the user's brain activity, as well as visual feedback that reflects the user's level of calm or distraction. The device comes with a range of guided meditations that help users clear their mind and reduce stress and anxiety, as well as tools to track and analyze their progress over time. The Muse 2 Headband is a highly effective, user-friendly tool for anyone looking to enhance their meditation practice and improve their mental and emotional well-being.


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    8 Reviews for Muse 2 Headband

    1. hank43

      It still does not work half the time even with version 2. They need to get it right. I purchased this device in 2016, 2017 and 2018 thinking that may improve and as a confirmation of my regular meditation. Now I know that being mindful, as much as possible every minute of your life and every so often sitting, standing or laying and listening to your body and mind works best. NO DEVICE NEEDED.!!!!!!!!

    2. harvey silverberg md

      My initial reaction was that the unit was very touchy and the first edition would be satisfactory.Muse has subsequently contacted me and sent me a new unit after he returned the first one. So first of all I think their customer service is excellent. Their meditation studio app is also excellent. Now for the muse2.They have really upped their game. The Bluetooth is much more solid. I like having the options of heart body and breathing, but my favorite is still the old school mind. Probably because I get a lot more birdies with that one then the others. But overall I think it is now a worthwhile option to upgrade.

    3. ZenMonkey

      I had been using the original Muse since June and was enjoying the improved state of calm. Then I saw the Muse 2, and their promotional materials that spoke to all new features and data. I figured it would provide better feedback on my meditation practice. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. First, the Muse 2 drops connections 2-4+ times during a 30 minute meditation session. Before it drops, it will either give lots of static/rain sound with no change as I focus my attention. Alternatively, it will give the impression that I’m perfectly present with only birds chirping. Reconnecting (Android) takes several attempts. Also, I have left my Muse charging over night but find that the battery indicator in the software shows less than a full charge. The app crashes upon opening about 30-50% of the time. But the biggest annoyance is that all of the additional sensors (heart rate, movement, breathing) can’t be used together with the brain sensors. In other words, where I would have expected to see my calm/neutral/active graph with the HR, movement and breathing lines overlaid, that’s not how it works. Instead, it appears that only one set of sensors is used at any one time, so you get movement OR heart rate OR breathing OR brain sensing. I wish I hadn’t spent the extra money on the Muse 2 and had stuck with my original Muse.

    4. John P. Griffin

      This device worked perfectly right out of the box. But when I tried to use it the next day (fully charged) it would not work at all. It would connect to the app but it would not pick up any signal. I tried all of the tricks that the app and website suggest but still nothing. I got an email regarding updating the app. So I did that and the headband updated as well. And still no consistent connection. I cannot even start a session – I can’t get past the initial connection screen! And if I am lucky enough to get past the initial connection, it fails in the calibration routine due to lost connection.I bought this to relax and now I am more stressed out about wasting my money!

    5. Bernardo

      In a prior review of Muse 2, I mentioned using Muse 1 for several weeks and decided to get the Muse 2, to check the added features. The heart monitor was interesting, with Native-American like drumming and bird-like sounds; the movement sensing program is very sensitive and will pick even a slight twitch; the breathing goes by a 4/6 inspiration/expiration ratio, which could feel too restrictive and rigid so some people; if you tend to have variability in your breathing. Neither program dovetails with the regular brain-biorhythm biofeedback program, at this time, but I have been told by a company representative that they are working on integrating, at the least, the heart monitor. It will be great if it can measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Currently, here is no way of correlating the results from the various modes; it will be difficult to see improvement with time if you are already in the optimal levels of heart rate and movement. The original brain bio-rhythm biofeedback program has been improved and the response is at least as good, or better, than Muse 1. The percentages of time at “calm” correspond to what is found with Muse 1. The issues with connectivity, battery charge appears to have been totally corrected. The Muse 2 is more nimble and lighter than Muse 2. I am looking forward to the upgrades; this is a very interesting and promising technology!

    6. Omega1

      Purchased the item in December and used until I was fed up with its function. Concept was fantastic, but did not work out well in practice.What I wanted the device to do was sense lapses in concentration before i noticed them, allowing me to return to a relaxed state sooner. However, even with assisting the brain sensors with water, the headset sensed lots of false lapses in concentration. These lapses translate to bad weather in the headset, which serves to distract the user further. So essentially, the device made meditation time more distracting instead of improving it.The brain, heart, and breathing sensors do not work simultaneously. So, there is no option to see if long periods in a relaxed brain state translate to lowered heart rate or breathing. Instead, each sensor has a completely separate mediation exercise.In summary, the device did not function well enough to warrant keeping it. Even if it had however, the lack of ability to use the devices sensors simultaneously would have made it a disappointing purchase.

    7. P & B Howell

      I can only assume that the positive reviews have come from people who want this thing to work rather than any kind of basis in reality. The EEG was showing I was calm as a cucumber when I was wide eyed or thinking as hard as I can about the most stressful things in life (I was hearing birds like it was dawn – no connection issues) The heart rate sensor was about 30bpm out from my actual heart rate. The soundscapes are clunky, distracting and annoying. What’s more they don’t appear to correlate in any way with my state of calmness when using the device. The headband isn’t even particularly comfortable behind the ears and is almost impossible to use alongside over ear headphones. All in all, this device is one very expensive gimmick that I have returned for a full refund. I suggest you invest that £200 in a couple of nights away, or perhaps a fancy spa, cause it’ll do your mental health a lot more good than the Muse 2 did for mine.

    8. Mike

      Was sceptical about how accurate it would be. Scepticism was justified.I expected for the price to have at least some degree of accuracy. But it seemed to be all over the place. Had a couple people try it and it was universal, there was close to no where near enough accuracy in the readings.Honestly feels like a well-marketed knock off gimmick than a proper device giving out real neuro-feedback.

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