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The Flowtime Headband is a Biosensing Meditation Device to help you Achieve Mindfulness

The Flowtime Meditation Headband helps you master meditation by combining heart rate and brain wave sensors. The two-channel EEG acquisition technology monitors brainwaves in real time and distinguishes brainwave energy from left to right-hemisphere, while the heart-rate sensor also tracks your heart constantly. It’s amazing to see how your body and brain are changing when meditating.

  • VISUALIZE YOUR MEDITATION PERFORMANCE. Supported by the biosensing technology, see how your brain and body are working when you are doing meditation. Real-time brainwaves, heart rate, HRV, relaxation, attention and pressure level tell you whether you are getting into meditation states.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED LESSONS of various topics in the app help you gain the basic techniques and accompany you to make progress every day (subscribers have access to all). More lessons are on the way. Veterans may enjoy the unguided mode.
  • A DETAILED BIODATA REPORT displaying your performance of every minute reminding you when you get into the meditation state and during which period you are doing great. Compare your performance with the last seven times to see your improvement.
  • SUPER LIGHT, COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE. 29g in weight. Easy to take it with you anywhere, whether you are at home, in the office or commuting.
  • FREE TO DOWNLOAD THE APP on the App Store or Google Play. Bluetooth connection. Once fully charged, the headband lasts about 8 hours to meditate. Customer support team standby to resolve any problem you meet.

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Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband (EEG, Brainwave Tracker)
Flowtime Biosensing Meditation Headband (EEG, Brainwave Tracker)


Introducing the Flowtime Headband for Meditation - the ultimate tool for any meditation practice! Designed to help you achieve a deeper state of relaxation and mental clarity, this headband provides a range of benefits that will take your mindfulness sessions to the next level. With its ergonomic, lightweight design, the Flowtime Headband fits comfortably on your head, allowing you to focus fully on your breath and inner thoughts. The deep, immersive soundscapes that play through the headband help to drown out external distractions and promote a heightened state of relaxation. Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just starting out, this is the perfect accessory to enhance your practice and help you achieve greater peace of mind. With the Flowtime Headband for Meditation, you can finally unlock the full potential of your inner self and experience a greater sense of calm and clarity in your everyday life.



The Flowtime Headband is a revolutionary device designed to enhance your meditation practice by providing real-time feedback on your brain activity. It measures your brainwaves through advanced EEG technology, and the information is transmitted to a mobile app. With this information, you can monitor your level of focus and adjust your meditation accordingly, helping you to achieve a deeper state of relaxation and mindfulness.

The headband is incredibly easy to use - simply adjust it to fit properly on your head, connect it to the app via Bluetooth, and start your meditation. Once you begin, the app will show you your brain activity in real-time through user-friendly charts and graphs. This feedback is particularly useful for both beginners and experienced meditators, allowing them to become more mindful of their thoughts and improve their overall meditation practice.

The Flowtime Headband is also incredibly customizable. You can choose different meditation programs designed for a variety of goals, such as reducing stress, improving sleep quality, and increasing focus. It even offers gamified exercises to further engage and challenge users. Overall, the Flowtime Headband is a unique and effective tool for anyone looking to deepen their meditation practice and achieve greater mindfulness.


Flowtime Headband for Meditation
released on November 28, 2019


Flowtime | Biosensing Meditation Headband

Flowtime tracks brainwaves and heart rate in real-time to dig deep inside your mind and body when meditating. Know your practice better?

Flowtime: Biosensing Meditation Headband | Indiegogo

Track brainwaves and heart rate in real time to dig deep inside your mind and body when meditating. | Check out 'Flowtime: Biosensing Meditation Headband' on Indiegogo.



8 Reviews for Flowtime Headband for Meditation

  1. Chuyao

    Originally I was looking at Muse 2, which is a little bit above my budget. I got to know this headband from a friend in my Yoga class. Why not take a try with a 30-day free return! After one week of use, I really love it! It is so light-weighted while giving the full functionalities I need for monitoring my meditation. The app is also great. It has a simple monitoring dashboard and provides free meditation classes. The only thing I don’t like is lacking color options (I would prefer a black one if there is). But no big deal.

  2. Yuxuan Li

    I purchased the headband for developing the meditation habit. This one is at slightly lower price compared with similar items. It comes with a headband, rubber bands of three sizes to choose, a three-month trial membership card, a charger line and a quick start tutorial. They got an app containing guided audible courses. It’s easy to connect and use.My favorite part is the report. The app generates journal displaying rhythms of different brainwaves which indicate stress and focus level. It’s fun to see the visualized waves curves within time elapse and I am looking forward to better controlling my mind flow with more practices.One thing they can improve is to explain and educate more about medical terms in the app. Hope they can keep updating the app and adding more courses!

  3. Redleaves

    I am one of the crowdfunders of this product and have been following this company since 2016. They have been engaged in high-tech products in brain wave technology, and I happen to be very interested in exploring my brain and body state. I bought two smart sleep masks(another product) from them. However, because eye masks can’t adapt well to my face, I haven’t had a good experience. But I really like the concept of using brain waves to monitor sleep. In 2019, I noticed that they were launching a brand-new brain wave monitoring product for meditation, and then I joined the crowdfunding. During the product development process, they have been communicating consistently with me, which made me feel very involved.I have received the product. To my surprise, the app(Flowtime) that come with the device worked quite well and it kept involving over time. The supporting team responded quickly to questions, and I’m so excited and looking forward to the new features that still under development. I have already purchased twice and planned to give it to one of my colleague. Since it is really a great idea to monitor the stress status nowadays, hope he can understand more about his body too.Some ideas to make this product better (maybe it is already there): 1 we can play some music when we do unguided meditations. 2 right now it is really hard to type in the code on gift card to redeem it, we can scan a QR code.

  4. Amy Carter

    It does not work with my phone. Said their app is malfunctioning so I waited. Still not working and 2 weeks later. They now ignore my emails. Do not buy unless you k ow it works with your phone. I’m trying for a refund…trying

  5. Frank K.

    I have been meditating on and off for the past year, always finding it difficult to hold myself accountable for a good sitting (especially during lockdown), so I thought I’d give myself a bit of extra motivation with this gadget.The app coming with it gives you pretty detailed records of your sitting time, heart rate and brain waves (might be even a tad too much for people who are not data nerds). It really helps that they interpret the metrics for you in terms of anxiety, focus etc., so overall very user-friendly and easy to track your progress with. Also a big plus for the sleek data visualization.They seem to want to be another one of those guided meditation apps, but it also comes with an unguided mode that works very well with my headspace app so no worries if you already have a meditation app / group.I think they could do a better job breaking down their algorithms behind those biometrics for me. Right now the documentation seems very scientific but needs a bit more love on the editorial side. Also I think a guide audio / video could really help people “find their calm” with the product itself given its relatively novel idea.Overall, a very cool gadget if you are up to leverage some data based track-record to really motivate you towards that self-care and mindfulness.Also their customer service responded to my initial concerns / confusions very promptly, so another plus there.

  6. Mallory

    Please DO NOT buy this product – it’s a great idea but underdeveloped design. The Flowtime app runs independently of this headband without issues. However, once the headband is connected to the app the product and app crash within seconds. I’ve attempted trouble shooting across multiple devices and brand new phones without success. Waste of time and money – more product engineering and testing should have occurred before making this available to the public.

  7. Zenforsaken

    Very frustrating to find out you need an update right out of the box which seems to require an iPhone as well… Considering I only have an Android, this renders the product useless and counter productive to my goal of reaching Nirvana… Very disappointed

  8. Bethany

    It works but you may have trouble updating the firmware on the headband using an android phone. They said until they get the bug fixed, you can borrow or use an iPhone to update the firmware for the headband and then it will work with an android after that. But I have no access to an iPhone. I used an old Samsung S5 phone to update the firmware and it worked!! So its now working just fine on my Samsung note 10. Its accurate and helpful, I really enjoy using it.

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